6 Healthy Food SWAPS // SNACKS - Eat This, Not That

 6 Healthy Food SWAPS // SNACKS - Eat This, Not That


Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! So I have six healthy Swaps for you. You've been loving these series of like taking some of your favorite snack foods and healthifying them. but this is not about like swapping your favorite candy for grapes. No, I'm giving you real swaps you can buy at the store for some of your favorite snacks and the ones I'm showing you today are actually ones that like I used to love like you know where you open it and it'd be nice if you could have like a serving size but you end up eating the entire bag. Yes that is what these ones are today and I feel like especially during my pregnancy all of a sudden. I don't know if it's just like nostalgic thinking about your own childhood foods that I've not thought about for like 10 years, haven't even crossed my mind or care to like find healthy swaps for all of a sudden I'm like oh I want that but I don't want it. so all the ones I'm going to show you today are better for you ingredients.

I always look at the nutrition label on anything I buy. we're not worrying about calories. For me, it's really about the quality of the ingredients. Sugar is definitely a big one there. and then I also like to look at things like protein and your fiber too.

If you guys like these videos and seeing just like Healthier swaps, hit that thumbs up and comment down below. Let me know like which types of snacks and things you want me to swap for the next one But for now, let's dig into the first swap. Oh by the way, one of the snacks I'm going to show you guys today has 72 grams of sugar in it. so you're gonna want to see this swap. First up, Freaking Flaming Hot Cheetos.


I love spicy. And you guys in high school I used to buy a bag of flaming hot Cheetos for my lunch. It's horrible. Like thinking back like so crazy. But I was like trying to dye it. but I wanted something. I needed something so I figured if I didn't eat other things, I could just have a bag of these and it would be great and I would lose weight, right? Um, they're so bad for you. So first of all, just looking at the ingredients. It's tiny because there are so many ingredients in here that they have to make the writing so small to fit everything in. First thing is like enrich cornmeal with a bunch of random possible ingredients. I love the different brands I put vegetable oil and then they list possible ones that they use. I don't even know exactly which one might be in here. Maybe it's a mix of a bunch of things. different artificial colors, powders, just too much. It's too much, you guys. So a serving size is about 21 pieces. It's probably about like a half a cup, maybe I would think. which is not very much if you love a spicy cheeto. you know?

um, and that is 11 grams of fat. There's only one gram of protein.


Carbs? 15? whatever. Um, there's zero fiber, zero fiber. and there's no sugar. Like cool, but it's just puffed. Random nastiness, better for you option. There's actually a lot of different brands now that have like flaming hot kind of puff cheeto. Things I love this. I mean the brand is lesser evil, so if that tells you anything about what they're putting into it, it should. But these are their power curls. Fiery hot. They're grain free. Six grams of protein per serving. and on these again. Zero grams of sugar. There's less than a gram of fiber, so not much there. But it's just going back to the ingredients.


These are real clean ingredients. They use avocado oil, which is my favorite. If you can use an avocado oil or something in your baked goods, coconut oil. that is the way to go. so not very many ingredients in here. They have cassava flour, egg whites, avocado oil, some seasoning. Clean, simple, and delicious. You'll still get that yummy crunch, the cheesiness, and then the fiery spice. but you know you're doing something better for your body. Sour Patch kids. I am a sour candy girl.


until the day Like I just love freaking sour candy. Chocolate? Whatever. Like, I like chocolate. but if I had to choose between the two, I would go for some type of sour something. and I used to love Sour Patch Kids. You know when you eat them and it would like tear up the roof of your mouth because you had so many of them? That was me. that was me as a child.

Um, great. They're delicious. They're sour. They're yummy. First ingredient sugar no surprise there. invert sugar, corn syrup, modified star corn starch. um, a couple other things artificial flavors and a bunch of different dyes. Again, ingredients not great. This one bag also has 44 grams of sugar. It's a cute little bag. I mean, it's only half full also. So we're talking about like maybe two tablespoons quarter of a gup. But the most and 44 grams of sugar. That is almost double the recommended daily max of 24 grams. So that's a bummer. this tiny little pack. But don't worry, there's a better for you option. Um, I freaking love love love the smart sweets. They are so good. But this is the best part about them.


You guys in this serving size about 17 pieces, so roughly the same serving size, give or take like four pieces. Which you know, they're just like little guys. There is only two grams of sugar, two 44 or two grams of sugar, and these are still sour. They're the gummy like you get everything. They are such a good match. They're called sour Blast Buddies. So like Sour Patch Kids, Sour Blast Buddies Same same, but they're just really good. Simple, clean. Uh. they also have four grams of fiber which is great. Like why not? They use vegetable, fruits and vegetables for coloring. They use stevia so you're not getting sugar. You actually have a natural zero calorie sweetener in the stevia.

Yes I love these and it's a nice big bag which is great but again, like serving size is about the same. So being mindful of that no matter what is awesome. Again with some of these snacks. If I could have a normal serving size like sometimes not the end of the world but also the ingredients. Like we're talking about, things that make you break out. especially when it comes to chips with those crazy oils and things in them. We don't want it. But if you want that candy fix, this is such a good alternative.

Cheez-its I mean this is just one of those ones that is so good. It's salty, It's cheesy, It's crunchy. I'm a like salty savory girl when it comes to just snacking and foods in general like I want salted chips. I want salty everything. Um, but especially during this pregnancy like that has been where I want to go. I just want like curvy salty things. So with the cheez-its looking at the ingredients. They have Three grams of protein. 17 carbs. Whatever. Like again, we don't care about that.


There's no sugar so I mean there shouldn't be. It's a cheesy cracker, but it's enriched flour. uh with a bunch of random additional ingredients. Vegetable oil? Again, palm oil, Canola oil. These are things that make you break out some skim milk, some other ingredients. You're just not going to have the same quality as some of these alternatives. And I actually have two different alternatives for you if you want that cheesy, crunchy, salty cheez-it vibe, but you want to be doing something better for your body. Two choices and there's probably more. but these are just two of my favorite. So these are: Almond flour crackers. They're farmhouse cheddar, so you're still getting that cheddar in there. The ingredients on the side are so simple, so easy to read.


They're actually made with almond, sunflower seeds and flax, some tapioca starch and cassava flour, organic cheddar cheese. Um, sea salt, onion, garlic. Like. simple, clean. You know exactly what's in them and you still get that crunchy like match for match. Like for like cheese, it cracker vibe. Um, without all the other stuff.

three grams of protein. You have a little bit of fiber in these. So again, if you look at calories alone and like those, maybe a similar comparable, like actual calories. Yeah, pretty comfortable. However, the ingredients and what it's going to do once it's inside your body. How it'll impact your body? Completely different.

The other one. For those of you that are maybe trying to be a little bit more mindful of how many carbs you're getting in a day, or you're getting your carbs elsewhere and you're like, I don't want to have that. Also, my crackers and get a bunch because they're They're pretty high. and those, right? Um, these little parm crisps are such a good option.


And these are cheddar flavored parmesan so it's just literally cheddar cheese, aged parmesan cheese, and some cassava flour. They make little cheesy, crunchy crisps. They're still salty. It's not like a cracker, but this is a really good option too if you are trying to. Maybe either go a little bit lower carb or just be really mindful of how many carbs you're getting in a day. You get some good healthy fats here, which we know are great for our hormones and they're delicious so these are good options.


They're really good on salads too, which is nice. And again, you get that yummy cheez-it flavor.

Cinnamon Toast crunch. Who doesn't like cinnamon toast crunch? Honestly, it's so good. Here's the thing though. I have vivid memories after I got dumped in college and cheated on and all of that, um, eating cinnamon toast Crunch. Like for dinner. it's kind of the same thing as the Cheetos where I was like, oh, i'll just have this instead and then it'll all even out. Um, but I would eat the whole box and it was the thing where you like pour a bowl, you have it and then you're like let's have a little more. let's have a little more, because obviously you're not getting full because you don't have any healthy proteins or fats or anything else really in there to help fill you up. It's just sugar and carbs and it is not great. Um when you look at it, there's two grams of protein in it serving which isn't nothing obviously but like not much 12 grams of sugar which is pretty high like I like with my cereals to try to try to stay under six grams of sugar per cup ideally.


but again it goes back to a lot of the ingredients where you're just like okay, you have the wheat, the sugars like fructose, all those things that we don't want in our bodies that are are going to impact our energy levels, our hormone levels, acne, skin, everything. So I have two options on this one for you guys too that are both really really good. They're just a little bit different. My favorite swap is the three wishes, but they're kind of like a cheerio shape so obviously like that. Makes a little bit different than the actual like square of a cinnamon toast crunch but the flavor is still there.


Comparing to cinnamon toast crunch, this has eight grams of protein. so per serving you're getting eight grams of protein.


It only has three grams of sugar versus the 12 which is awesome. I don't know if we looked at that or not, but whatever And then the ingredients are just chickpea, tapioca, pea protein, some organic cane sugar. so there is sugar in there, but it's real organic cane sugar, cinnamon salt, monk fruit. Simple, simple and clean. and getting that protein will help you feel fuller if you're going to be eating or snacking on cereal too, which is always a great benefit. And I always talk about how most of us are so much lower in our protein each day than we actually need, which is why I like Love So Fitness. Plant proteins are so great because you can add those into your day, but if you can also be getting extra little small even amounts of protein in your snack foods, that is ideal. So eight grams is great and then the second swap. This is actually like a keto one which you guys know I feel like you know, not keto.


But like the good thing when you hear or see keto foods is that in general they're really really clean ingredients. So this is Catalina Crunch. This one actually is more shaped like cinnamon toast crunch. It has zero grams of sugar and 11 grams of protein, so less sugar even than the three wishes and more protein.


Um again they have pea protein, some corn fiber, tapioca flour, just a couple like monk fruits and sea salt. That kind of stuff. So again, really simple, clean ingredients if you want like that cinnamon toast crunch, square vibe and everything else and you want even more protein and even less sugar, this one is a really good option. And here's the thing I have to say about the Cinnamon toast Crunch. that blew my mind. You guys! Okay, this one I think is like nine dollars. It is pretty pricey for cereal obviously so premium. Three wishes was like six bucks, which I thought was expensive for cereal because you're like it's cereal. The cinnamon toast crunch was almost seven dollars. I was shocked just that Albertson's almost seven dollars. So this, if you're like choosing between thinking about quality of ingredients and price, this is a way way better option. Um, because apparently it's cheaper than this one. anyway. Okay, are you a cool ranch or a nacho cheese person?


Because I'm a die-hard cool ranch Dorito fan all the way. But I feel like people are either like it's like polarizing you. Either like love it or you're like not about it. I freaking love it. Um, I haven't had Doritos. I don't even know. Like literally, probably 10 years. There's just so many of those foods that I removed from my diet. Again, not because like oh, they're bad for you or whatever I mean they're not great for you, but more just because the quality of the ingredients and everything else like I knew was impacting my body, especially with hypothyroidism, but just in general impacts all of us. So those were big changes that I made. And as you start eating different foods, your tastes really do change. I feel like I'm like on the counter your taste really does change. So anyway with the Doritos the back, same thing you look at the ingredients. Corn, Vegetable oil. again a mix of a bunch of oils and I just it drives me crazy. It's not like these are the ones in it, it's like this or this or this. It could be any of them.

cornstarch, some whey, which you guys have. like. Watched a lot of my videos for a while. You know that wave really does make me break out in particular, so it probably makes a lot of people break out.

corn syrup, solids, artificial flavors, artificial colors. There's some spice in there, so that's cool. Hopefully some real spices. Yeah, just a list of lots of sugar, all sorts of things, so I don't think it's any like shock to anyone that doritos are not good for our body. But if you love a Dorito, there are definitely some good options. and these are my favorite. So siete. I love all of their chips, but these are their grain free dairy free ranch which again is just nice if you have any type of allergens that you have something that is great for you too.


So it's Cassava flour, avocado oil again yes. coconut flour, nutritional yeast, some coconut milk powder, chia seed, garlic powder. Um, sea salt parsley like some seasonings. That's it. all. Real things, all real food that your body knows how to process and deal with. And you can still get that yummy ranch chip without all the other garbage.

These are still like a one two. I know that's a Pringle thing, like once you pop, you can't stop. but like at least you'll feel better about it if you're gonna go down like the snack moment, you know I don't. I love these. They're so good. And our sixth and final snack swap. This one is just like my childhood root beer, but not just root beer. I've been thinking about root beer floats and my mom used to always make them on the last day of school so I feel like that kind of just has like popped into my head recently.


But really, this is about like soda in general and I know I've talked about swapping sodas for like flavored waters or for kombucha which is obviously a great option. but there are now so many more brands creating like healthier versions of sodas that are better for you. So like if you like certain flavors Coke, Pepsi, root beer, whatever it is, you can get them in like a version that you can feel good about. So let's just talk about this. Rupert. I actually wrote down because I'm comparing to a 12 ounce can of a better for you version, I wrote down what a 12 ounce can of root beer actually has in it. because this is a 20 ounce bottle, I just couldn't find a can. Okay so like ingredients wise, carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, sodium, something artificial flavors. The end. Cool. Um, but let's talk about what a 12 ounce can of this has. because soda doesn't really have anything besides like sugar and sodium. It's basically all it is. Um so in a 12 ounce can, there are 44 grams of sugar in a 12 ounce can in this bottle. If you want 20 ounces in the bottle, that's the only option of a single serve that I found at the grocery store. There are 72 grams of sugar.

You guys That's insane And people just drink this like it's no big deal. I was such a coke person. I was a root beer like I would just drink soda all the time. I used to get like the 44 ounce Big Gulps I don't even want to know. oh my gosh, like doing the math. Um so even in a 12 ounce can, 44 grams of sugar is crazy and again earlier. Remember when I said like 24 grams is like the max really of recommended added sugars per day we're doing my added sugar. That's nuts. This is not okay, it's not okay. So I do have a better for you option and talking about like root beer floats. I've done that video for you guys of like the ice cream taste test. That Rebel one that was in that video is the best. Like my favorite vanilla ice cream. So pair it with the swap of the root beer I'm going to give you and it'll be heavenly. So this is the Lollipop Root Beer. Um I love Lollipop Poppy. Those are all brands.


Those two brands that are like really doing such a good job with clean healthy ingredients but giving you like yummy flavors. So this root beer only has 35 calories. But the beautiful part about it is only has two grams of sugar, 44 grams of sugar or two grams of sugar. So this is only two grams of sugar. The ingredients are actual like real ingredients. um a bunch of like natural things like um, Jerusalem artichoke, Inolyn, you have some cactus. There's kudzu root, whatever that is, but sounds cool. marshmallow roots, slippery elm bark, cassava root syrup, apple juice, organic natural root beer flavor, lemon juice? whatever. You get the idea. Clean, real ingredients and you only have two grams of sugar and this tastes just as good. The same equal to the Aw or any other brand of root beer that has 44 grams of sugar in the same size.

Okay, I'll show you because I have it in my fridge because I was like ready to make my root beer float. So this is the Rebel Ice Cream. So do this with the lollipop root beer and you will have a way better for you root beer float! I'm making this today because it's so hot outside and super excited, but it's just like such a good healthy swap. So those are like the six things that have just been top of mind for me that I've been craving, especially during this pregnancy. But I know that they're snacks that a lot of you girls eat regularly and are always looking for better alternatives. so hopefully you love those swaps If you did, hit the thumbs up! And also don't forget to comment down below and let me know what kind of swaps you guys want me to do next Because when you tell me those ideas I like, go after it and I will find a better for you swap that is easy and convenient. Anyway, I love you guys so much I will see you soon! Bye [Music]

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