Beetroot Juice Recipe Using Blender

 Beetroot Juice Recipe Using Blender

Today we're making fresh beetroot juice using a Vitamix blender. You don't even need a juicer, you can just use a high-powered blender to make fresh vegetable juice and I'm going to show you exactly how to do it.

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So as I mentioned, we're using fresh beets in this beet root juice recipe. and beets are naturally sweet, so they're perfect for a juice. and you don't need to cook the beets if you're going to use them in a juice. you just need to give them a nice scrub and then slice them into pieces and then they go perfectly in our fresh vegetable juice. We also have some other ingredients that will help brighten up and even sweeten the vegetable juice flavor even more. And the overall theme of this beetroot juice is like a detox juice. Beets are really known for supporting the body's natural detoxification system and we're going to use some other ingredients too, like parsley and lemon and ginger and all these ingredients come together into a delicious beetroot juice.

We're going to be using our blender and so you don't need any fancy equipment or a juicer. I mean, you do need a nice high speed blender for this recipe. but again, you don't need a juicer and I'll show you exactly how to do it. So first, we're going to get our ingredients prepped and ready to make the juice. And this is really the most time consuming part of making a vegetable juice. Whether you're using a blender or a juicer, you really have to prep the veggies. You have to scrub them and wash them and then cut them into pieces that will either fit inside your juicer or will be blended easier in our Vitamix blender, which is how we're going to make this juice.

So I'm starting off with my fresh vegetables that I'm using for this recipe. and to be honest, I have this recipe on my website and in that recipe I use some cucumber I think and celery. but we are still in the middle of this pandemic. I'm recording this in almost middle of December 2020 and I'm in California where there is a stay-at-home order, so I'm really not able to go shopping that much anymore. So when I want to make a recipe for you, I kind of have to work with what I've got. And I'm lucky. I do get a farm box delivery every two weeks. So I've had these beets in my refrigerator for a few weeks now and I really want to to use them up. and so I thought that you might be interested in this beet juice recipe.

First, we're going to prep our little piece of ginger. and you don't want to use too much ginger in a juice, but about a one inch piece is perfect. It really adds tanginess and it's just perfect in this recipe. Beets and ginger all just seem to go together really well, so I like to use a knife to just cut off the skin. I know some people even throw a piece of ginger into a juicer or vitamix hole, but I do like to peel off that skin. I don't want any bitterness or extra texture from the skin, so just cut it off carefully.

Next we'll prep our apple, just give it a quick rinse and then cut it into large chunks. You could use a red apple or a green apple. Um, just make sure that it's an apple that is fresh and that you really like the flavor of. And then next we'll use a fresh lemon or a lime. and again, I like to cut off the skin off of the lemon and then just cut it into large chunks.

Then we have a special ingredient, flat leaf parsley, which I think is a delicious ingredient. It really doesn't have a lot of flavor, but it has a lot of antioxidants. Some people say that flat leaf parsley is energizing and I even had someone somebody tell me in a juicing Facebook group that she won't have parsley at night because it is so energizing. She saves it for her morning juice. so for the parsley to prep it for the juice, I just like to give it a good rinse and then just pat it dry just gently and then cut the stems off and then I just use like the top two thirds of this big bunch of parsley and that's gonna go right into our juice. And then I have a bunch of carrots and these came from my farm box and there weren't too dirty so I don't really like to scrub the carrots, but I do give them a nice good rinse and kind of use my hands to wipe off any dirt and then I like to cut the ends off and then the bottoms off of the carrots so cut off both sides and then just cut them into large chunks and then that'll be great for a juice.

and then of course we have to prep our beets. And I like to do the beets last because they can be a little bit messy. They will turn your hands kind of a pink color. that's okay, but just be sure to scrub them really well because beads do tend to be dirty and then I cut off the top and the bottom. Some people get their beads with the beet grease greens on and you can use those beet greens for another purpose. I'm not going to put them in the juice because I find the greens to be a little bit bitter, but I like to just use the beet root itself. And beets actually come in a wide variety of colors You can get like orange beads, yellow. Um, there are these candy cane beads that are beautiful. But I just have these standard red beets today and I'm going to cut them into large chunks to go into the blender. So let's go ahead and move over to the blender and then I'll show you how to make beetroot juice in a blender.

All right guys, now that I have prepped all my veggies for the juice, I'm going to show you how to make it in my Vitamix blender. I'm using a Vitamix Explorian today. This is what I normally use for my smoothies and now today for making vegetable juice in a blender. This is a Vitamix refurbished Vitamix Explorian. I will link it in the description box below and so what we're going to do is pretty much just add our vegetables to the base of the blender, then we'll blend it up. We're going to need to add a little bit of water and I will show you exactly how much we're going to need to add. If we were using vegetables like cucumber, we may not need to use as much water, but the vegetables we're using today are pretty dense and so we're going to need to add a little bit more water than usual to help get everything to blend. So I'm going to see if we can do it all in one batch. We may need to divide it up into two, but let's just see how it goes.

So I've added some of the harder vegetables to the bottom, I added some of the parsley and I'm gonna add some of the carrots and um, the apple and everything in here. Um, so I'm just gonna try this about. I'm gonna do about half of the vegetables at a time. So in this case I'm going to start off with about a quarter cup of water and then if the juice doesn't blend, I'll add a little bit more. So let's go ahead and see. One of the nice things about using a Vitamix is that it does come with a tamper. I have my tamper here. I will go ahead and get it ready because I have a feeling I'm going to need to push these hard vegetables into the blade. So let's go ahead and try that.

Okay, so what I'm going to do is because the Vitamix is not nearly. It's not even close to being full is I'm going to add a little bit more water and then we'll add the rest of the vegetables. And so then when we make the juice, we can just do it all at one time. But I'm actually going to add I think another at least half cup to 3 4 cup of water again because these vegetables don't have a lot of natural water like a cucumber or celery might. So we do need to add a little bit more water to this juice recipe. Great! So it is all blended now. It is almost like a smoothie consistency and that's what we want because we want to make sure we have enough liquid in here because this is a juice. So um, we needed enough. We ended up using probably about two cups of water to help get these vegetables blended. So now the last step to making our vegetable juice using a blender is to filter our blended vegetables through a nut milk bag. Now I am actually using a clean nylon paint back. I think that's what it is. I will try to link to the exact one in the description box below, but this is kind of a budget friendly version of a nut milk bag. You can use whatever you like. This one is nice because it has some elastic around the top and then it fits over this pitcher so I can pour it in and we're just going to squeeze the liquid through the nut milk back.

Okay, so I transferred the Um juice and the bag here to a bowl and I'm just going to use my hands to squeeze the juice through the nut milk bag out of the pulp and I know this is like a very messy process. Beets are just notorious for being messy and for staining your hands, but that's okay. it's gonna be worth it because this juice is really delicious. Now of course, if you have a juicer, this would be a much less messy process, but I wanted to show you how to make the juice using the Vitamix and you can make any kind of flavor of juice this way. Of course you can make celery juice or, um, any kind of wide variety of vegetable juices are really delicious and I have a bunch of different fun combinations on my website

We're almost finished squeezing this out and then a lot of people ask me what can you do with the juice pulp, which is the kind of dried left over fiber that is left in the nut milk bag and people use the fiber for all different kinds of things. I don't usually save the leftover pulp, but again, of course you can. Okay, I think we've squeezed most of our juice out, so let's go ahead and get it into a jar and then we'll give it a taste. So that was a little bit of work to make the vegetable juice in the blender, but it is not actually not that hard once you get the hang of it and it is really worth it. Uh, let's make sure I'm gonna give this a taste. Oh my gosh, this might be one of my favorite combinations. The beet and the apple go so nicely together. you really can't even taste the parsley and then the ginger just gives a little bit of mild spiciness. so this is a really delicious combination.

This fresh beetroot juice made in a blender. You can also make it in a juicer, but I hope that you love this recipe. And if you are a fan of beets you should also check out my recipe for my strawberry beet smoothie which is inside of my video for how to make instant pot beets and I will link that on the screen and I will see you in the next video. Stay well everyone bye.


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