How To Draw Funny Cupcakes

 How To Draw Funny Cupcakes

Hey our friends, welcome back to another live draw along! Are you excited? Yeah, we haven't drawn we've You guys could over there you are a little closer to it. We haven't done one of these in a while have we? Are you excited? I already asked you. I hope our friends are excited too and we want to give a huge shout out to everybody that's participated in our live stream. They've already been leaving a ton of comments and I wanted to already give a shout out to Caitlin. She said, i love you guys so much! You guys make awesome lesson videos! Thank you so much Caitlyn And thanks to everyone who's participated and we're going to try to keep an eye on the live chat during the lesson. It's a little difficult during the step-by-steps but during the coloring we're going to try to get to a lot of your comments, do some shout outs, and even answer some of your questions.

What are we drawing today? Cupcakes. Yeah, we're drawing a lot of cupcakes. Three cupcakes. and but before we do that, we got to do What? What do we have? Yeah, we always Spotlight Awesome art friends and we got three to spotlight today. They're all part of the same family. Haley, Harlow and Hannah Hannah. They all start with H's kind of like your name Hadley Hadley Haley is 10 years old look and what was the challenge actually to draw all the Incredibles? Yeah, since we drew the whole family, we finished. uh, Mr. Incredible Yesterday the the challenge was to draw the whole family on one piece of paper and they all three of them did the challenge And they did Amazing! Haley! I love Haley's background. She's got really cool like looks like fireworks and then Harlow did this really cool green background and and then Hannah. You know, what's so cool about all of them, and especially with Hannah's is that they use overlapping to get all of the characters on one piece of paper. Isn't that awesome? Yeah, overlapping means that there's some characters in front of some of the other. You know, some of the characters behind and so it looks super 3d. and what? what? What Was one of your favorite things that you said you liked about their drawings? Elastic girls holding Jack Jack on Haley's drawing. I like that too. They all did a great job and in fact all of our art friends that entered the challenge did amazing. I could tell they spent a lot of time and it was so cool looking through everybody's drawings.

We try to do a really good job of answering and leaving comments on your guys's posts. Sometimes we miss a few but we try to get all of them. So congratulations to everybody that participated in the challenge. You guys did great. Now the overlapping. We're going to talk about that a little bit later in the lesson and it's going to have a lot to do with the challenge at the very end, so be sure to stay to check that out.

Okay, all right, you ready to start? Yeah, you got your marker paper, marker paper color colors. Yeah! so you can pause this. even though it's live. you can still pause the video, get your art supplies together, and then join along with us. Okay, you ready to start?

We're drawing cupcakes and they're going to be really simple. We're going to draw cartoon, cute, funny cupcakes. It's going to be fun, all right. We're first going to draw a cupcake over here in the top left and we're going to draw the top of our cupcake first. This one's going to be the most, the easiest, the simplest. So we're going to draw an upside down u for the top of our cupcake. We're going to go up over and back down. Okay, [Music] [Laughter] Okay, now let's draw. Let's draw the bottom of the frosting. So we're gonna draw a bumpy, messy line. I'm gonna draw small bumps, big bumps, little bumps, big bumps, and then one little one over here.

Oh my gosh, I love reading all of your guys's live comments. It's so cool to get feedback from you guys. Hey, and I want to know. I'm going to ask you guys right off the bat. what's your favorite dessert? Do you like cupcakes? And if you like cupcakes, what's your favorite? Chocolate. vanilla, strawberry confetti. That's like all the different colors. I think it's called confetti. You got a very confusing look. Let's draw the bottom of our cupcake. So I want to know our friends what their favorite flavor of cupcake is or what their favorite dessert is. What's your favorite dessert? Okay, we're gonna draw two lines that are coming down diagonal while you're thinking: Strawberry Cheesecake? Strawberry Cheesecake. That's my favorite. It really is. I'm not lying. Yes, Strawberry Cheesecake. Okay, now at the bottom. I love it. Your cupcake looks a little skinny and a little tall. and it's perfect. Even though they're different, it's okay, right? Okay, now at the very bottom, we're going to connect these two lines. but we want to make sure that we don't connect it with a straight line. We want to connect it with a curved line.

Yeah, Why do we want to curve the line so it looks like it's 3d? Yeah, so it looks 3d. It looks round. If we drew it straight, it would look flat. Our cupcake looks perfect and yours looks amazing. And it's okay if our our friends cupcakes look a little skinny too, right? Yes, Because the most important thing is to have food. Yeah, Have fun. What's our cupcake missing? Um, the face? Funny face. Okay, let's draw one up here at the top. We're gonna keep this one simple and then we can change the other ones. If our art friends want to use their imagination and change the cupcakes, they can do that too.

Change: You can add more details We're going to change. draw some different ones smaller smaller circles inside for the highlight, and then let's see if we can answer some of our art friends comments. Well, while you're finishing up your little cupcake face.

Okay, so the Atom Amazing says brownie. They love brownies. I love brownies too. Rafael Rafael Lopez says i love cupcakes and uh, rainbow pew rainbow poop said uh, put a face on her cupcake We just did And uh. Wilkins says Oreo ice cream cake. Oh my goodness, is that your new favorite? I haven't tried it, You haven't tried that. Hey and Damien Ramos just donated 1.99 Thank you so much Damian! You guys are super! You're super awesome! We love getting donations. Derek Whitney says ice cream and uh, Angelica says Angelica Dominguez says vanilla uh Chip's ahoy cake. I've never had a chips ahoy cake draw back to the future. Oh, I love cupcakes. Someone said i love cupcakes. Oh Madison Fraser says red violet but I think they meant red velvet. Red velvet cake is so good. It's really soft and it's delicious. Okay, now we need to draw a party hat on top of our cupcake. Let's do a few more. Let's do our next cupcake and then we'll get to more of our art friends comments. Now I'm going to draw some stripes on my party hat. It could also be a unicorn cupcake.

Okay, now let's draw our next one. Now this one. We're going to draw the frosting a little bit different and we're going to draw it about the same size. We're going to draw it over here and we're going to draw right here. We're going to draw the bottom of our frosting. So I'm going to draw a curve. It kind of looks like two C like a frontward C and a backwards c And it's connected at the bottom. Or like a skinny C or something. Oh, and J. Rio just donated a dollar. Ninety Nine Two. Thank you so much Jay

And then somebody asked, I missed it but somebody asked what's her favorite ice cream? Oh uh. Patel says frozen yogurt. what's your favorite ice cream? Hadley. Okay, while you're thinking about that, let's try two more bumps on this side and let's draw one bump on this side. What's your favorite ice cream? Um, like the Oreo Oreo ice Cream. Oreo ice Cream. Mmm. I love that one. Okay, then right here, we're gonna curve it up. so it's got that little little spike at the top, the whipped cream. and then we're gonna curve back down and connect to the bottom. What are you thinking? It looks like the poop emoji. Yep, [Laughter] It's not. It's frosting. and we're going to color it different than we're going to color it purple. Okay, let's draw the cupcake coming down on each side. No, no, it does look like that. That's whipped cream. It's it's not poop. Okay. and then one on the other side too. And then we're going to connect the bottom. and we want to make sure that we're connecting the bottom with a what curved line or a straight line curve.

Yes, we're going to do the same thing. We're going to curve it so it looks 3d and then we're going to repeat the same steps for the bottom of the cupcake, the wrapper. So we're going to draw two lines and at the bottom, they're coming in closer together. they're tapering. All right. Good job. Now let's connect to the bottom. You can make that a little taller so it's not so short. It'd be a short cupcake, shortcake, cake, strawberry shortcake. Then we're going to draw the curve at the bottom. Now this one. because, uh, we don't have as much room at the top. We could draw the face down here, in the bottom, the wrapper down here. So I'm going to draw two circles. and I know sometimes we go a little fast, especially when we're repeating a lot of the same steps. So you guys remember, you can pause the video too during the lesson if you need extra time. All right.

Oh, I love your face and I love that you changed it. I'm going to draw a little kissy lips so I'm going to draw a three. Oh come on, it's cute. And then I'm gonna draw eyelashes just like you did. You drew eyelashes on your other one too. All right now. if you want, you could add sprinkles. You can add all kinds of details to this one. I'm going to add a few sprinkles, you add a couple more details, and then I'm gonna answer more comments. and then we'll draw our last cupcake.

Liam the pro skater says hi, I love your videos, I'm from Kenya. Wow, Please give me a shout out. That's so cool that we have friends in Kenya that's awesome and all over the world all over the world. Daily Mamo says can you give me a shout out and Beauty Samar says they want a shout out too. Oh Ashley Field says I love confetti. Uh, confetti cake is so good It's it's really delicious. Okay, if you don't I I can tell you haven't had it recently enough to know what it is. So we need to have some confetti cake. It kind of sounds disgusting. No, it's delicious. Confetti cake. Oh, the comments are going crazy. Look at all the comments. Um, Zach Connor says hi, I'm from England. Hi Zach, That's so cool that you're drawing with us from England. I bet it's like around nine o'clock There at night, we're staying up kind of late. Okay, we did.

Oh draw sharks. Someone just said Miles Morgan says draw shark. We have a really cool shark lesson you'll have to check out. Okay, let's draw one last cupcake. Did you say you were going to sneeze? Don't do it. Okay, Are you good to go? All right? Maybe if we focus on drawing our third cupcake, the sneeze will go away.

Okay, this one we're going to draw. We're going to draw a cherry on the top. Okay, so we're just first start by drawing a circle. I'm drawing it right in the middle, but I'm drawing a little high so that we have room for the cupcake below it. There we go. Now, we're going to draw the curve. So we're going to draw this U shape, but we're going to draw it going behind this the cherry so that it looks 3d also. So I'm going to draw one curve over here, imagining it going behind the cherry and then coming out the other side. Over here. There we go. We got we got that upside down u Now let's draw. The little topic is this: you still get this donated something. Donate again and I missed it on the screen. Oh no, I missed it. We'll see. Oh it's from Jrio again. Thank you so much Jay, That means a lot. I'm glad you got it. I'm glad you saw it. Okay, all right here we go. Let's draw the topping on on this one. You know what? The sides of the cupcake could probably come down just a little bit further and then it's got a tall top and we're going to draw. I'm going to draw icing melting. Look at this. We draw.

a wavy line that goes all the way over on the other side. Oh I like the sound effects. Sounds disgusting. Actually, I'm going to draw little sprinkles on this one. Look little rectangles just like you. I want. I saw that. All right. I need to do the same thing. Okay, so changed the direction so it looks natural. So got sprinkles all over the place. Oh Lily, Ma Mata says, uh, please. draw the screen slaver from Incredibles. We gotta draw. We're gonna draw Frozone and also, um. Edna and we should draw this green slaver. That would be cool. All right. What's your cupcake missing? The bottom? the bottom, and the face, the bottom, and the face. So I'm going to draw another curved line to connect the bottom. make sure it looks 3d and I'm going to draw two lines coming down. Oh, I'm kind of running out of room down here.

At the bottom. There, it just popped up. Was that another one? or did it just finally pop up? Did Jay just donate it? Oh they did he. They just donated a third time. Thank you so much. That's so cool. I'm gonna connect at the bottom. That means a lot. It makes our day when we get donations. Okay, what are we missing? What can you say? hello to Arwen and Aurora? Two dollars from Tyler Roberts. thank you so much and hello. Say hello to Arwen! Hi and Aurora. You guys are awesome! We love drawing with you all right now. Let's so I'm Oh, you got eyelashes on that one too. I'm drawing sideways vs. so it looks like this cupcake's eyes are closed. That's so cool. Hey and Nathan Muller Mulherin says, can you all draw the old Wwf roster That would be awesome. They donated five dollars. Oh my gosh and J Rio just donated again. it's going crazy. I know it's going nuts. Yes, I think that would be way fun to draw that old Wwf. My cousin was really into it when I was younger. I didn't get into it so much. but I did have a few of the toys. I had the Hulk Hogan and I had Andre the Giant and there's some other ones like Jake the Snake. Some cool I'm trying to remember. I have a horrible memory.

now. I'm going to draw a little baby tooth and then also a tongue in this one. This one's celebrating. that one is just happy and that one's like this one's party and this one's going over the top. Had way too much sugar. Thanks! I just want to say thank you again to everybody that donated. It's really it really means a lot that you guys do that. Thank you All right Kate! Now what do we still need to do to our cupcakes to make them look even better? Yeah, we need to color our cupcakes and we're going to try to get to a few more. A lot more of our art friends live comments while we're coloring. so we got a bunch of colored pencils right here, right? Are you? You're going to use your imagination, creativity, and color your cupcakes any way you want? Okay Hadley, you know what we could also do over here? I forgot, we could even put stripes. Ooh, should we put stripes on this one? Yeah, we're going to add some lines coming down that way we can make. You can add as many details to your cupcakes as you want so you can change it. Don't don't draw it just exactly the same as us.

Now let's color it now while we're coloring. I'm going to answer some of our comments so let's see if we can.

Uh oh, let's see. I missed the comments. There was one I was going to answer. I forgot what it was. Oh, somebody said draw back to the future J S Productions Back to the future. That would be really cool to draw cartoon versions of Marty and also a doc and even the Delorean. That would be way cool. It's one of my favorite movies. [Laughter] Oh and uh, Elaine Mendes says, are you watching the World Cup? I've been watching just a few things here and there, but I haven't been paying too much attention. I've been just so busy I want to watch it. It's really fun.

Um, drop breakfast. Crazy Cat says drop breakfast. Gisella Chubb says, are you a cupcake lover? Yes, we are. We love cupcakes, don't we? There's a place close to us that makes the best cupcakes ever. So good, aren't they? And they're They're like gourmet cupcakes. They put like candy bars in them and cookies in them and all kinds of stuff. now. Um oh I love your little party hat. I'm gonna see if I could get some coloring in too. Purple icing please! Dj Z girl Gucci says purple icing. I'm gonna put purple on this one. What color are you gonna do on that one? [Music] So many colors. Now if you guys are wondering what kind of colored pencils we're using, or we have prismacolor colored pencils. These are my favorite because they're super soft, the lead is really soft a soft and you have to be careful because it breaks super easy. But um, the reason why we like them so much is that when you color it looks solid and it. and they're super bright. And what else do you like about them blending? How they blend? Oh yeah, yeah, they blend really well.

And I have links below this video where you can check out where to purchase them. So it links to Amazon where you can buy the same colored pencils that we use. We love them. You could also use oil pastels though too if you want to. All right. Oh look, Haley Mp says it's it's Hannah and Haley Harlow. Hey you guys! we just had fun spotlighting you guys at the beginning of the lesson. Hope you hope you didn't miss it. Hope you saw it. You guys did an awesome job. should they? Oh my goodness. I don't know if they did. No, I don't think so. I thought they did. You guys did so awesome on it. No. Oh it did. just pop. Wait it popped up a couple times. Oh my goodness. I think it's Oh and Nathan just donated. Uh donated another five dollars. Oh man, it's going so crazy. Please Draw Hulk Hogan, The And Sting. and uh. Trey, Trey, Ray Mysterio. Wow. I don't remember him. Uh, Mysterio? Yes I will. I'm gonna put that on our list. That would be a lot of fun to draw the the old school Wwf wrestlers. That would be way cool, especially cartoon versions. Look, Daphne in Peace just donated 4.99 Thanks for thanks from the H Train!

Thank you guys! Oh thank you! It's so much fun! We love doing this, don't we? Because we have the best friends in the world, don't we? Yeah, yes we do. All right. Are you almost done with your first cupcake? Yes, it's getting hot in our studio, isn't it? [Laughter] My hand. I know I'm getting sweaty too. I feel like my cupcakes are melting. Don't quote that. my cupcakes are melting. Oh like, All right, let's answer some more comments. Um, let's see Draw Harry Potter characters That's from Kitty Cat. Oh what's that? Oh Mrs. Hubs just told us that we missed that. Jay Rio donated. Two other times they donated. We missed two other times that they donated. Thank you Mrs. Hubs. She's not here down in the room but she ran downstairs because uh, it was an emergency. We needed to make sure that we told Jay she's not there anymore. That's what you did. I know that's what I was doing and let's see. Okay, so Kitty Cat was saying draw Harry Potter characters we've got and Hannah Um, Hannah also said that we do. We have some awesome Harry Potter characters. So you have to do a search on our channel to find those characters and they'll pop up.

Need a color in the mouth? The color in the mouth? You know what? I think.

Another: We just got another donation. Let me check. I gotta switch. I gotta switch over to her. [Music] Wow. I I'm not sure if we did. Well, let's see. yeah. Rio donated. Okay, I think we're caught up. Oh there it is. It popped up. Oh Jr donated 9.99 Oh my goodness. So awesome. Thank you very much. Oh my gosh. And then okay, here's a big comment from Stephanie. Uh, let's see. Uh. Ella Rose from Florida loves you. Can you please give her a shout out since she is missing her nap time? Tell her it's time for bed Young Lady Ella Rosa, You need to go to bed. Go to bed even though we want you to stay up. And well actually she should just stay up, stay up and keep drawing with us. Sorry mom. Drawing's more important than sleep isn't it? [Laughter] Her mom's not gonna like that. No, you should go to, you should go to sleep. [Laughter] It's time for nap nap time. It's to be time for, uh, a nap for me after this lesson because I'm going to pass out from heat exhaustion. Let's see.

Christina's best says can you draw the green arrow? Oh that would be way cool. Can you draw Mrs. Hubs? Yes we are. We're gonna draw Mrs. Hub. She's the last person we need to draw in our family and we need to because she's She's one of the, uh, most valuable players in our family isn't she? Yeah, yeah, I said one of she is the most valuable player. She gets the Mvp award every year when we pass out our awards You? okay you stretching arm's getting a little tired. I'm like let's see Isaac and and Esl video says hello. Isaac and Esley are watching the lessons. Thanks for teaching them how to draw. Oh you're so welcome or you're so glad you like drawing with us. My first cupcake there. Yes, I could sweep your first cupcake and just sweep it. Sweet like oh that feels good. It is like 120 degrees. The shavings are getting in your eyes. It's it's over 100 degrees here in Utah. It's so hot and we also turn off the Ac so it's quieter in our studio. So we're just cooking and Miles Morgan says, are you doing a giveaway? We're not doing a giveaway right now, but we are doing spotlights each lesson. So be sure to ask your parents to post a photo of your artwork. When you're all done. at the end, post it on Instagram so that we can see. It's possible we'll pick you as a lucky art friend to spotlight. Nathan just donated five dollars.

You all draw the rugrats. Next, you taught me how to draw a man. Thanks! I'm from Louisiana. That's so cool.

The rugrats. That would be fun. Draw all of the characters from the rugrats. Are they even still on Tv? Do they? Do? You still see? Do you know who the rugrats are? Yep, I think that was before your time before you were born. [Laughter] Can you drop Roblox? Hope you guys recognize me. I'm your biggest fan. Uh, that's from Shayla. Uh, R1 wants a spotlight? I love dogs? Do you? Hey, that's from Simone? Do you love dogs? Hadley? Yes. but we can't get one. Well, we're allergic, aren't we? Mom is. Yeah, this is hugs. This hub's allergic to that. But so every chance you get when you see a puppy though, you want to go putt? Yeah. And then I want to pay. you go hug it. And so pretty much every dog we see I feel like we own because you love it so much. What's your favorite dog? Hadley? Um, Sheepdog? I know I misses out. Says J Rio donated a 9.99 and we did. I think she missed it when we were talking about it. Didn't we say J Rio donated 9.99 Yeah, we did. No, did we miss it? Hey yeah. they donated ten dollars. I thought we said it. She says we missed it. Yeah. My favorite dog. Sheep Dog. Draw.

He-man Someone just said Dracu Man, I love He-man He's got all the muscles we were watching. I showed Hadley the first He-man on Netflix and we were laughing Our heads off, weren't we? He's like the guys following them. they fall in the mud. Yeah, they're trying to take over. Grayskull Skeletor is my favorite though, even though he was the bad guy. Um, did you know that? Yeah, I knew he's the bad guy. but did you know he's my favorite? No, I'm gonna draw the wrapper on this one.

Blue, Lily, Carter and Christian want a spotlight that's from Janelle Williams? Hey, we'll give you a shout out but be sure to take a picture of their of their art and then post it on Instagram so that we can see their art. and then hopefully we can pick them for the spotlight. But yeah, can't promise because we. It's always so difficult to pick the spotlights. We try to do our best to mix it up, but we get so many entries it's hard to get them all in and they're all good. Yeah, they're all amazing. Everybody is so amazing. But we do want to give you guys a shout out. We love drawing with you guys. Let's see. Um, have you been to New York? I have been but a long time ago? You: I don't think you've ever been to New York, have you? No, But we've been to Washington.

Someone says please draw the solar system. That would be cool. We should do that. Definitely When school starts back up that would be fun for teachers to draw the solar system with their classrooms. Yeah, that's from Eva. Wolfley says please Dr. Planets or the Solar System. I love you guys. Please recognize me. You have commented on me I love you guys. Can you please have a shout out? Thank you Eva for the awesome request to draw a solar system that would be really cool.

Uh, Kayla says bye. That's okay if you got to take off. We're going to post this lesson later today. so if you miss it or you can't stay for the whole thing, be sure to check back later.

Oh wow, that's from Nathan Mulherin. Thank you again!

Oh can you draw a picture of my daughter? If I send it to me, me and her, that would be amazing. You know what I'm I'm gonna challenge you to actually draw her. I think it would be awesome. You can use a lot of the same steps. You know? when we drew our family, we use a lot of the same steps. We do the same shape for the head, the eye cartoon eyes and then you can actually drop for your daughter. I think that would be really cool. but go ahead and send me a picture I would love to. We could. that might be something fun we could do. Huh? Oh yeah, I think that's so cool. Thank you so much Nathan for the donation. It means it really does mean a lot. Uh, let's see. Uh, draw Walmart Inkly inkling girl says draw Walmart. That would be fun. We love going to Walmart and the dollar store. it's right next to it. All right. I'm going to leave this frosting white and then I'm going to color all the sprinkles different colors. I'm going to mix up the sprinkle colors on this one.

Please draw a dinosaur. You know what we're going to do. Uh, we're going to draw a blue. I love dark souls. I know you do. You love lizards and snakes and stuff. and dragons and dragons. We're going to draw a blue. So the the Raptor from uh. Jurassic World. We're gonna draw it because I gotta go see that movie too. I'm so excited and we need to draw. We need to draw. the Chris Pratt character too. Yeah the main guy. I can't remember his name but uh, it's Chris Pratt. He's so awesome. We're so we need to draw them. What else do we need to draw? Teen Titans are coming out that movie? Are you excited for that new movie coming out? Yeah! I love the trailer. The trailer is so funny. We got to draw the Hive. We've drawn all the other characters.

draw a hockey player that's from Emma, Draw a boxer uh boxer dog. That would be really cool. The Battle Bus from Fortnite Draw Group B A baby group we have. We've drawn a cute baby group.

You can do a search so some of some of you guys that leave comments sweet, um or requests be sure to check our channel. You can search all of Youtube. You could just type in at the top of Youtube. Uh, just be sure to include Art for Kids Hub. So if you say how to draw, um, what was something that we're drawn Harry Potter. So if you type in Harry Potter Art for Kids hub, our lessons will show up or you can go to Artforkidshub and then on our channel page there's a magnifying glass and you can click on that magnifying glass and just search anything you want to do. and it's on our channel, just our channel. It won't show any anything else and that's a little easier to find our lessons. But it's also pretty easy just because we have a red table. huh? Yeah, so all of our thumbnails have red tables.

Draw slime. Janelle Williams wants us to draw slime. You've been asking for us to draw slime for a long time, haven't you? Oh yeah, You know what else I want to say is to all of our art friends that might just be joining us. If you miss the beginning of the lesson, don't panic. Don't worry. you can always rewind. You know what? I'm going to add Little red cheeks on this one. You cannot. Even though this is live right now, you can rewind it. Plus we're gonna. We're also gonna repost this lesson later today so you'll be able to watch the whole thing all over again.

I love my cupcakes. I love your cupcakes. I love your cupcakes. Your cupcakes are cute, yours are cute. Thank you! I'm sure our friends cupcakes are looking awesome too. Okay, I'm almost done. I'm going to go around the outside of my cupcakes one last time with that thick line just to make them look really cool, like they're gonna pop right off the paper. We'll answer a few more comments and then we're gonna give our art friends the challenge. Today's challenge. Are you excited? Yeah. All right. Do you remember what it is, what the challenge is going to be? Can you draw a cherry smoothie? Try Dragon Breathing Fire? Oh Yeah, we haven't drawn a dragon breathing fire, but we have a really super cool lesson on how to draw a dragon. So you gotta do a search. go to our channel and search for it. It's one. It's actually still one of my favorite lessons we've ever done. It's got a lot of cool shading on it. Yeah! my favorite lesson is the draw Frozone Draw your logo. Can you draw a wolf? The horse? Yeah. The cute cartoon horse. She should draw a cute older, a cute otter. Yeah, we should wait. We have giant otter but we like kind of stuff. Yes, we we turned it into a cut out project.

Can you draw another unicorn? We should. We should draw another cute unicorn. just in a different way shouldn't we? Oh yeah, that was one of our favorite lessons too.

You draw Wonder Woman? We uh guru uh. asked if we could draw Wonder Woman. We have a really cool cute cartoon Wonder Woman drawing you can check out and I drew it. I think yeah.

Drop Powerpuff Girls! Oh, that's from Rainbow Twist we have. We've drawn all three of them on one piece of paper. Yeah. and the first one. Yeah. And we drew the Mojo. The the bad guy Monkey Guy yeah, was it isn't that his name Mojo Mojo? Yeah, you love Powerpuff girls.

Can you draw flags? Draw Sharpie? Vivian uh Friezan says can you draw chuckers? We are uh Mrs. Hubs and Chuckers are the last. Well, Jack. He doesn't like to be called checkers anymore. In fact, he's probably getting upset at us right this minute. [Laughter] We called him checkers in the beginning when we first started just because I thought it was fun to give him a nickname instead of used his real name. But now that he's older, he likes just being called Jack. Um, so we gotta draw Jack and we also gotta draw Mrs. Hubs. They're the last two we gotta draw in our family.

This one's almost coming off the paper. Are you almost done Hadley? Yes, you're doing a great job. I love your cupcakes and you know what else? I'm going to add a little shading. Watch this. So I'm going to add a little shading underneath the frosting right here to make it look more 3d. Oh done, you're done. I love it. It looks so awesome. Okay, and I gotta add the shading right here. And look, I'm gonna add a little more shading on this one. Let's use. I'm gonna use a dark pink. Nope. I'm gonna use red. Nope, I'm gonna use brown. You can use use different colors to see which one's the right one. There we go. That's the color I want brown for. Little shadow underneath the frosting on this one. All right. We did it. Hadley, I finished mine. You finished yours. Look at that. You did such a great job. It looks so cute. Did you have fun? Yeah. let's straighten up your papers. Let's answer a few more comments and then we'll get to the challenge.

Uh, I put chalk chocolate syrup on my cupcake that's from Gracie.

Can you draw the Incredibles logo we've drawn? We drew the Incredibles logo almost on every single character we just didn't draw. Very big. Yeah, But check out those lessons because we have the steps in there.

El Ella Rose wants to know if you could draw a cartoon dancing avocado? That would be great. Okay, remember that one. Okay, Are you the avocado avocados from Mexico? Okay, so we got to remember we're going to draw a dancing avocado sometime soon. All right. And then Ollie's Roblox game says draw art supplies. That would be cool. We should do that. We should draw colored pencils and a sharpie.

Can you please draw Land of Stories characters? Um, because I love those characters that's from glittery geeks. I'm not sure who though. I'll have to look them up because I'm not familiar with them.

Drop Beanie Boo with the big eyes. Don't you love beanie boos? Oh yeah. like I love you guys so much. That's from Super Mario 3d. We love you too.

Uh, for the challenge, Can you do a background like those? Yes. Okay, let's get to the challenge and I want to say thank you. I know we didn't get to all of your comments, but thank you so much to everybody that participated in the live chat. It's fun talking to them, isn't it? Yes. Tell them they're awesome, You're awesome And tell them you love them. We love you. We love you guys so much. And Hadley your cupcakes. Seriously, they turned out so cute. Okay, now we're not completely done because we've got a lot of white space on our paper, right? So what time is it? It's challenge time. We're gonna challenge you guys to do what? Um, add more cupcakes? Add more cupcakes? Yes. And do you remember At the beginning of the lesson, we were talking about our spotlighted art friends. What did they do on their drawings? Overlapping. Yes. They used overlapping to add all of the the whole incredible family onto one paper. So this is what I want you to do. I want you guys to fill your papers so there's nothing white. There's no white paper left anywhere on your paper. You got to fill the whole thing. Use overlapping and fit as many cupcakes as you can. You can add lots of funny faces, lots of decorations, all kinds of party. You could even do balloons. You could add some other stuff in there too, but it's gotta. You gotta fill the whole paper.

Does that sound like a fun challenge? I hope you're gonna have fun with it. We should do it too. Okay, we're gonna do the challenge too. and then I'll post it on Instagram also. So when you're all done, ask your parents to take a photo and then post it to Instagram and use two tags at Art for Kids Hub. that notifies us and lets us know that they've posted something and then hashtag Afkh Jones Challenge Challenge Challenge and then that keeps all of the art together so that it's easy to find. and then we're gonna pick one lucky art friend to feature in our next lesson. Sound like fun? Yeah, we hope you guys had a lot of fun drawing with us. I know we had a lot of fun, especially answering all of your live chat comments. Thank you again and thank you for all of the donations. It really does mean a lot.

Should you say goodbye? Yes? Blow my kiss too? Maybe. Okay, maybe not. just say bye. See you later guys! Goodbye!

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