Infinix Note 30 Pro Unboxing and Review

 the infinix note 30 is the first budget  smartphone in my country to have wireless charging and reverse wireless charging with  its 15 watt wireless charging capability and its ability to charge 68 Watts wired infinix is  calling this Smartphone an all-round Wireless Flagship I mean it isn't a flagship device  it's a budget smartphone with some Flagship charging features but is it worth buying  how well does it perform and how good are the cameras we're going to find out but first  let's see what it comes with in the Box [Music] now the infinix note 30 Pro goes for 175 900  naira or 234 dollars and check this out it comes bundled with a 15 watt wireless charger  now other smartphone makers will sell you their wireless charger to make more money but  infinix is including it free of charge infinix now here's the smartphone it comes in two colors  variable gold which is the one I have here and Magic black it comes with an MTN free data card  a hard plastic case glass screen protector with cleaning kit 3.5 mm earphones a USB type-c cable  and a 68 Watts fast charger now moving to the build quality the infinix note

Price, Unboxing, and Accessories

Build Quality

30 Pro feels  well built it feels good in my hand the red is made from glass it has a plastic frame and  the front glass doesn't have Corning Gorilla glass protection and as you can see I already  have a scratch on it for the IP rating it's an ip53 dust and splash resistance smartphone it can  survive water splashing on it from all angles but I wouldn't advise you to dip the smartphone inside  water now moving to the external features it has a dual SIM card and memory card tray this Smartphone  is a 4G smartphone so no 5G here at the top it has an outlet for one of the speakers on the right  side is where the volume and power buttons are located the power button also serves as the  fingerprint scanner and as you can see it's fast to unlock the smartphone it has a tripod 0.5 mm  audio jack a microphone a USB type-c port and the main speaker the speakers are tuned by infinix and  JBL the stereo speakers on this Smartphone sound good moving to the red this Smartphone has three  cameras it also has an LED flashlight back to the front it comes with a 60 megapixel selfie camera  and a flash LED light now the haptics on the smartphone now all right they're not that powerful 

External Features

but it's what you expect from budget smartphone around this price range moving to the display  check out how thin the bezels are it comes with a 6.78 inch full HD Plus AMOLED panel with a refresh  rate of 120 hertz and a touch sampling rate of 360 Heads This displays vibrant smooth and very very  responsive the display is also color accurate as it shows 10 bit color depth


and it covers 100  DCI P3 color gamut if you're the type that uses your smartphone Outdoors you will be pleased to  note that it has a peak brightness of 908 so you can use this Smartphone under direct sunlight for  consuming content you're going to love using this display the size is right

the Dual zero speakers  sound good the display is also kind to your eyes it has Eye Care mode and it is certified by  TUV Wrangler as a low blue light display with no flickers now moving to the processor it comes  to The mediatek Helio g99 processor it's a six nanometer chipset that delivers great performance  and it is power efficient looking at their total score the infinix note 30 pro has a decent score  for a budget smartphone for contest here are two other smartphones within its price range the  Samsung Galaxy a24 has the same processor with the infinix note 30 Pro and the redmi note 12  Pro 4G comes with a Snapdragon 732 chipset and from the numbers the g99 processor is the faster  chipset moving to geekbench the note 30 pro has decent single and multi-core scores and again  for contest the g99 is the faster processor sorry Snapdragon fans now for gaming the infinix  note 30 Pro comes with the Mali g57 mc2 GPU and it runs pubg at HD graphics and high frame rates  the game Run well with no overheating partially thanks to the vapor chamber cooling system in the  smartphone with this smartphone you can play games for long hours and the temperature won't burn your  hands moving to Call of Duty it played the game at medium graphics and high frame rates it's not the  best graphic settings for smartphones around this price range but the gameplay was smooth gentian  impact run on the lowest Graphics settings you can increase the fps to make the gameplay smoother  but it did drop some frames afterwards mobile Legends bang bang ran at high refresh rate and  high graphics and the game played well with no heating playing games drains the battery of  your smartphone and charging while playing game would make your smartphone become hacked  now with the infinix note 30 Pro you can charge it and game at the same time it has a feature  called bypass charging where if you connect the original charger the power supply will bypass the  battery to power the smartphone it comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM that you can expand further to  16 gigabytes of RAM through memory Fusion even without expanding the storage this Smartphone is  Snappy and multitasking is good for the Android operating system infinix.30 Pro is running Android  13 that's the latest Android operating system and there's no news from infinix if it's going to get  further Android updates bloatware is also present on this Smartphone luckily you can disable them or  uninstall them and I recommend you do that because that way you're going to save yourself some space  now moving to the cameras the note 30 pro has a 60 megapixel front facing camera and in the dark  it does,


Antutu and Geek Bench Score

Gaming, PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact, Mobile Legend bang bang

Bypass Charging

RAM and Android OS


okay it also has a flash LED light and with that you can take pictures when there's no  light source now for this picture I was facing a window and it looks okay but how does it swear the  selfie camera shines the picture it captures look natural and not processed portrait pictures look  sharp and it captures plenty of details it doesn't handle the separation of the subjects from the  background as well but overall the picture looks fantastic what's up guys so here's a video from  the front facing camera of the infinix note 30 Pro it has a 16 megapixel front facing camera what  do you guys think about the video footage it's shooting in 2K 30fps and it doesn't look bad to  be honest it doesn't look bad at all what do you guys think about the video quality and the audio  quality let's see how well it's a handling dynamic range it's not handling that I'm doing too well 

but what do you guys think about the video quality and the audio quality shooting in 2K 30fps let me  know in the comment section below that's brownie over there looking at me I'm wondering what I'm  doing now the front facing camera has the video poker mode where it blows out everything in  the background it just leaves me in Focus now in this mode it shoots in 720p 30 FPS look at  Brandy over there she's blurt out so what do you guys think about it is something you're going  to use let me know in the comment section below now still on the front facing camera it has Ultra  steady mode where it stabilizes the footage if you're jogging or running and this mode it shoots  in 1080P 30 FPS so I'm going to stop talking right now and give you a sample of meat jogging and  let's see how well it stabilizes the footage now moving to the red it comes with a 108  megapixel rail camera for the main camera it takes good looking pictures Outdoors it  captures plenty of details the pictures it takes don't look over processed

and I like them  you can also activate the 108 megapixel camera mode and when I compared it with the paint  picture they kind of look the same taking portrait pictures of my dog they look fantastic  and have plenty of details the camera knows when you're about to take a picture of a flower and it  enhances the color now capturing a human subject the picture doesn't look bad Potter pictures  look good and sharp you can also capture micro shots with this Smartphone and it just looks  there to be honest Sky shop is available on this Smartphone and with it you can change  this guy and add a moon if you want to now moving to videos capturing footage where there's  not enough light this Smartphone handles it well the video watching right now was shot using  the 108 megapixel rear camera on the infinix Note 30 Pro it shoots in 2K 30 FPS so no 4k  on the smartphone what do you guys think about the audio quality and the video quality  let me know in the comment section below this is the Dual video mode where you can  use the front and rear camera to record at the same time what do you guys think about the  video quality and the object quality obviously the rear camera video should be better I should  look better

but hey I can just switch it around and anyways what you guys think about the  video quality and the audio quality and it is something you're going to use let me  know in the comment section below now this is the video poker mode on the infinix Note  30 Pro in this mode it shoots in 720p 30 FPS so the quality is not that great but what you  guys think about the bokeh effect prices are pretending myself from the background let me  know in the comment section below

[Applause] the notative pro comes with a 5000 milliamp  battery and because it has an AMOLED display and a power efficient processor it will last  the entire day for the charging time using the 68 Watts fast charger to charge this Smartphone  here's the breakdown from my test it got to 77 in 30 minutes and it was fully charged in 46  minutes now fast charging on this Smartphone is totally safe it has up to 63 different  charging protection covering scenarios like unstable voltage extreme temperature dust  humidity and lightning strikes Now using the wireless charger to charge up this Smartphone  took a while and that's because it's a 15 watts wireless charger now you're not going to  see any other video on YouTube where the wireless charging test was carried out because it  takes a lot of time so please like this video And subscribe if you appreciate the time and effort  that we're putting to make this video the note 30 Pro also has reverse wireless charging and  I was able to charge all my smartphones that have wireless charging but somehow it didn't  work for my earbuds this Smartphone supports common charging protocols like PD 3.0 2.0 and  PPS and with that you can use the smartphone as a power bank and charge your laptop if you want to  with this smartphone you can keep the charger of your laptop Smartwatch and other devices at  home and use the note 30 Pro to charge them wide or wirelessly that's incredible now after  using this Smartphone I think the infinix note 30,


Battery Charging time (wired and Wireless), Reverse Wireless Charging

Use Note 30 Pro to charge your Laptop


Pro is impressive it's the first budget  smartphone here in Nigeria to have wireless charging and reverse wireless charging it has  a great AMOLED display good performance for its price a solid battery and decent cameras so  what do you guys think about the infinix note 30 Pro let me know in the comment section below  thanks for watching my review subscribe and like this video if you found it to be useful  that's it from me Balor reviews signing out foreign

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