Itel P40 Plus Review - 7000mAh | 8GB RAM | Android 13

Itel P40 Plus Review - 7000mAh | 8GB RAM | Android 13

Would you believe me if I told you this is an Itel smartphone? This is the newly launched Itel P40 Plus, and it's far better than the Itel P40 at few extra costs. The P40 Plus is a game changer for the Itel brand because it packs more value for its price. It has a monstrous 7000 mAh battery capacity, which is the first from Hightail, a super smooth 90s screen refresh rate surprisingly with the modern Center or punch Notch design which is also the first from Itel, a side mounted fingerprint sensor another first from Itel, the latest Usb Type-c port with 18 watt fast charging. another force from Itil, the latest Android 13 software, yet another force from Itel.

up to 8 gigabytes of extended RAM memory and a massive 128 gigabyte fast Ufs 2.2 storage which is another force from Itel.

With all these amazing top features, the Itel P40 Plus is definitely a big upgrade from the older Itel B 38 Pro. Itel is now chilling with the big boys, but are there any compromises or red flags with the Itel P40 Plus? Well, let's find out.

For the cameras, it has a 13 megapixel dual camera at the back and an 8 megapixel selfie camera. Although the Itel P40 Plus was not made for the camera lovers, but from my test, the cameras are actually okay. Itel was kind enough to include all major accessories in the Box.

Itel really did a good job in designing the smartphone. It doesn't feel cheap at all. The dual tone, color, and texture gives the P40 Plus a premium look and finish.

The Itel P40 Plus is surprisingly lighter and thinner than expected. At the right side are the volume and power button that doubles as a side fingerprint sensor. The left side houses the usual triple cut three slots. There's nothing at the top, while the bottom side has a mono speaker type C Port microphone and the legendary headphone jack. I would like to add that the single firing speaker is also quite good. with Punchy base and clever vocals. Itel is really stepping up. Devil went further to give us a form of water resistance as you can see from the Red Rubber seal in the Sim tray.

Moving on to the display, it's good to see Itel upgrade to the modern Center oil punch Notch design which is usually seen in flagships. This gives the Itel P40 Plus a bigger advantage over the competition. At this price point, you also get an immersive 6.8 inches Hd Plus Ips Lcd display with really good Hd quality, Sharp Images, Punchy colors, good contrast, and good viewing angles. The faster and smoother 90s screen refresh rate is also an important upgrade from the P38 Pro. I always prefer leaving it at 90 Hertz even though it consumes more battery power because the massive 7000 mAh battery has got me covered.

The Blazers are not two bogus. They are quite slim for the price point. The only issue I have with the display is the absence of an auto brightness level adjuster. You will have to keep adjusting the brightness of the display manually, which can be tedious of course us.

With all these top features that the P40 Plus comes with, Itel still retain the unit, so Tc sources Octa-core processor, which is a very capable budget chipset. At this price point, it's a better processor than the likes of the Elio G37 and Snapdragon 439. Itel used a faster 4 gigabyte Lp Ddr4 Ram with the option to extend it up to 8 gigabyte RAM through memory Fusion, which is really amazing for this price point. Itel went all in with the upgrade to a massive 128 gigabyte storage capacity which is more than enough to store your photos, videos, and games. Itel is really not smiling. I guess they want to chase the big boys out of the market because my experience with the P40 Plus has been surprisingly good. Multitasking has also been good as you can expect two to three halves to retain in the background without refreshing, and I can easily switch between hubs with little or no lags. The Gig Bench and Antutu benchmark scores are actually very good at this price point. Here's my Call of Duty gameplay at medium graphics and iframe rate. I didn't experience any form of eating issues during my gameplay. My gameplay on this Smartphone was pretty fast and smooth thanks to the minimal lags, higher 90s refresh rate, large cinematic display, gold speaker, and longer battery life.

Speaking about battery life, the mighty 7000 image battery capacity in this Smartphone can last for days depending on your usage. It is a tough battery to kill in one day if you are an average user, but I am a heavy user and was able to squeeze out about 13 hours of screen on time on a single charge. This test was done with key factors like 90s refresh rate, maximum brightness level, browsing with 4G mobile data, and watching Instagram reels at Max speaker volume. You can easily get more than 18 hours of screen on time, or 3 days battery time by switching to the battery efficient 68 refresh rate.

The Itel P40 Plus is really a battery Beast. Thank God we don't have to spend all day charging because the P40 Plus supports 18 watt fast charge which is able to reduce the large 7000mah battery back up in 2 hours 40 minutes. There's also support for Otg reverse charging at 2 Watts which is quite slow, but still useful for emergency situations.

It is nice to see items stepping up their game in the camera Department. The images taken by the 13 megapixel camera are quite okay, but not the sharpest I have seen in this price point. The images are also clear with good Hdr, but not so good Color accuracy and images can be a little Overexposed sometimes depending on the direction of light. The 8 megapixel selfie camera on the other hand is also surprisingly good, but it's not that sharp and the colors look a little washed out. It's also nice to see the super night mode on this Smartphone and it does a good job in enhancing the images taken at night.

Hello guys! This is a front video camera test of the Itel P40 Plus [Applause] difference per seconds. I'm not really expecting much when the camera has been the price point, but this year is not so okay. But it's fair, Let me know what you guys think about the audio and video quality. The rear camera can shoot up to 1080p 30 frames per second, but as expected, the quality of the video is not the best as you can see that it struggles with exposure depending on the subject in Focus.

Surprisingly, the Itel P40 Plus is the first Itel smartphone to come out of the box with the latest Android 13 software and the new Itel Os version 13 has been impressive with lots of features and customizations to make your experience good and fun. The user interface is fast, smooth, well designed and intuitive although there are few bloatware but so far not disturbance from hearts and I hope it stays that way. Also, I am impressed with the system-wide optic feedback. It's not too strong, but still good. It also has multiple users accounts for those who have many personalities and don't want any foreign person spying on them. I've only got one update so far. I hope Itel continues giving us updates. Not sure we will be getting Android 14 on here but I take can surprise us again. The item P40 Plus is a real game changer for the Itel brand and coming at a price of 72 400 naira or 100, the Itl P40 Plus is one of the best value for money smartphone you can buy. I can't wait to see what other surprises Itel has for us this year and Beyond.

Let me know what you think about the Itl P40 Plus in the comment section below. Would you be getting one? Thanks so much for watching! Stay Safe! Bye.

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