LG 32LK6200PLA Smart TV - REVIEW of the best 32" Led smart TV

 LG 32LK6200PLA Smart TV - REVIEW of the best 32" Led smart TV

Hi guys, welcome back to my youtube channel today! I'm going to do a short review of Lg Smart Tv. It's an 80 centimeters or 32 inch Smart Tv. The model It's uh 32 Lk 62 and more. exactly. If we look at the box here, it's uh 32 Lk 6200 P L A

It's the cheapest smart Tv from a premium brand like Lg and I want to see what is the quality of this Tv because I want to to give it to my parents to use it in their summer house. So let's see how the Tv looks like and what are the main functionalities. I already took the Tv out from the box so I'm not going to do an unboxing but in the box you can find the Tv. You can find the cable for charging the Tv and you can find also the remote control and some manuals and that's it.

This is how the Tv looks like when it's uh, plug it in as you can see it's white Here on top of it we have glossy white. The design, the design. I have to tell you I like it a lot. It looks premium. Very very premium. If you look from the front it's a very very nice Tv. Nothing to to to say about it. Also, as you can see here, you have to mount these two little legs. You just need to screw some uh small screws, one for each support and this is it. This is all you have to do. So you have to take out the Tv from the box, put those two legs and this is how the Tv looks like from the front. Again, a very very very premium looking Tv.

On the back of the Tv we have a small sticker with the model name. This is where you connect the power supply. Uh, what I like about it is the fact that the Power transformer. it's inside the Tv so you just have a cable outside. It's very nice because I saw on some new Samsung models that the charger comes outside and it's a big charger here. No, it's inside the Tv and it's very nice.

In terms of connection here, we have two Hdmi ports and we have the component connectors. Here we have the Internet connector, the optical digital audio connector, and here you have the satellite connector and the cable connector. As you can see in my case, I'm using the cable connector. On this side we have another Hdmi. We have two Usb ports and we have the Ci card slot and this is it again.

On the back, the plastic is not glossy, it's a matte plastic white, but still. you come on. You don't look at the back of the Tv, you look at the front. So uh. overall the design in front looks fine. in back, you don't care in terms of thickness, it's not very thin as you can see, so I think if you want to put it on the wall it will not be. uh very very. Let's say eye catch or eye friendly. I would say that this Tv stands very well on a little desk or on a little table like this one. but to put it on a wall it's a bit challenging because it's not very very thin.

The Tv also has a power button. It's here if you need it. you can use this power button which also works like like a mini joystick to set up some settings from the Tv and here you have some indication about how to use the button but I don't use it because I'm using the remote control. So let's have a look at the Tv, how the channel looks like and the remote control. This is the remote control. As you can see it's very compact, very small. It's a basic remote control. I like the fact that you have physical buttons and for my parents these are great. Even for me I prefer this kind of remote instead of a magic remote and something else that I like very much. Being a smart Tv, you have some dedicated buttons for Netflix for Amazon and here if you press the home button on the Tv and I will show you later uh it will open the smart menu where you can select from a lot of application Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, and so on and the Tv remote. It has all the basic functions so you have the channel numbers. Here you have the settings of the Tv, the input the power button, volume program button, and here to go through the menu and here you have the teletext buttons.

Coming back to the Tv, the quality of the programs, especially if you look at Hd programs. It's very very very good. Here we have an Hd program. It's crystal clear. The black, it's black, The Quad. I'm really impressed with the quality. I have to tell you. I have no comment and it's amazing how nice this Tv looks like and how nice the colors are rendered and the quality of the Hd programs. This is simply beautiful. For the price I paid for the Tv 200 Euro, I don't think you have a better choice. Again, this is a premium brand. It's an Lg. I'm not talking about Chinese brands, it's a smart Tv so the quality of the colors is great.

Let's see the volume [Music] Jupiter. The speakers are a bit soft, you don't have uh bus but it's loud so if you don't want to listen to the music with big bass the volume is just fine. but again the the mid and the height are quite pregnant so you don't have butts on this Tv. But overall the volume it's it's quite quite good.

Okay if I press now the button, let's see how fast it goes through the channels again. So it has a little bit of lag as you can see, but it's not something that uh it bothers me I'd say it's it's like in my other Samsung Tv. So now I press, I press, now I press now. no it's it's okay. it's a small lag. I'd say one second lag but it's fine. It's fine. So again you see the quality and the blacks are very very nice. So from the Tv perspective the Tv channels, you'll be very happy with it.

Okay so we saw how the Tv works. Let's test now the smart functions of this Tv. So and let's start with with Netflix. So I'm pressing the Netflix button now. as you can see it starts instantly. It's very very fast and here I will look. I will continue to play what my daughter is playing so it's a cartoon. Sorry for this. I just want to see the quality. You can see that the quality is very very good. The colors are very very vibrant overall. Uh, the the Netflix and and other other programs works pretty pretty well. So let's see what that what other programs we have. If we press the home button as you can see then we have the menu pop-up Here I can go to watch the Tv, Netflix and you have other applications here. I have to admit that I'm only using Netflix and Youtube. Let's test Youtube for the for the moment to see how it goes. So to navigate through the menu you just use the arrow keys and as you can see it's very very fast. The menu of this Lg works very very well. So this is Youtube let's take they said this is my daughter looking at all kind of movies. Let's choose one. let's choose this one. Of course we have a commercial. we are living out of commercial on Youtube Another commercial, let's increase the volume a little bit. Come on. And now it starts. It works very very very very well and it's very fast and if I want to exit I'm just pressing exit and the Tv goes back to the normal Tv programs in the smart menu.

here we have some other choices. So besides Youtube, Netflix, and so on we have also uh the Lg Content Store. So if we go to Lg Content store the Content Application store store will open and here we should find all kind of small games, all kind of applications you see and you can navigate with the remote control and as you can see there are some games there also some other movie application or Tv programs. but I'm not going to play games on the Tv. Let's try one to see how it looks like and how fast it moves. but we have to install it first and here you can see the size of the game. It's 45 megabytes it's downloading. You can see that the the storage capacity of this Tv, it's around 500 megs. Okay let's try it, let's launch it. This is a game for small keys. I think. okay play and now the game. It's uh, it's on and you can play with it with the remote control. Oops. I'm already dead so I have to run from the the little ghost let's see and this is how I jump.

Okay, so you see you have uh all kind of small small games. Let's go back. So I show you the content store. Let's go through the web browser. So here we have the web browser. As you can see it's quite fast. Let's choose a page. I don't know which one. Okay, in order to move the little hand, the joystick, you need to move with the arrows. So let's choose this website news website. Okay, and in order to move through the website again, you should use the arrows on the remote control. Let's move to an article. Let's choose one. It's a bit slow. Let's choose this one to see how it goes. So enter. I don't think someone will will use this Tv to browse the internet, but if you want you can do it. Okay, it's a bit slow, but you can do it.

What else do we have on the Smart Tv? So other options on the Smart Tv Tv Guide: This is user manual music. If you want to listen music, you can play music via Usb stick yes and then you can add it here and here you should be able to play the music. Let's go through the player. There are some pretty fine Lg sounds as you can see. Let's listen one. As I told you, the sound is not not exceptional. [Music] [applause] Yes, there is no bust. Let's go back. What else do we have? You can watch photos. If you have photos on the Usb stick, you can use this Tv as a photo player. Inside this is the internal memory. There are some predefined Lg wallpapers. I think. yeah again. the image quality on this Tv. It's it's it's splendid. Okay, very nice. So you can put a Usb stick with photos and you can use it as a photo player if you want.

And what else. Here you can record your Tv programs if you have an external hard drive or an Usb stick and here you can see all the all the recordings. I don't have any recordings so let's exit and what else. And you also have screen share so you can, uh, project your phone screen directly to the Tv. It's very nice. It's like a Chromecast and uh, here, what is this? Let's see. This is to connect. Okay to connect other devices to the Tv so you can connect another receiver, Blu-ray Dolby Cinema system, headphones, and so on. So this is where you access the connectivity area. Let's go back. And this is bluetooth audio so you can play on this Tv music directly from your phone or from the tablet. Okay, it's very nice so it's also bluetooth player. Let's exit. Yes, I think that's it. This is all you have some notification, some support call center and this is the accessibility menu. Let's see what it is. Oh, so this is the menu of the Tv. Okay guys, so this is the smart menu of the Tv. It's quite rich and again, for the price I pay for this Tv, it's absolutely amazing. So again guys, the quality of this Tv and how fast it moves and the price I pay for it, it makes it a Best Buy. This is the best Tv 32 inch Tv I saw in a while right now and it's very, very good. So what I can tell you is that personally I like it, I recommend it to you in terms of quality, design, how fast it moves on the smart Tv, It's very, very good. It's simply amazing.

and uh, before before we end this video, I want to show you the menu. Okay, so in order to access the menu, you need to go to settings here and here you have the menu on the right of the screen and you have some options here. These are quick options. You can change the image and the colors you see from the remote. It has some predefined mode. I put it too intense. Then if I go back with the remote control is the image format 16.9 I'll keep it like this. Then you have the sound mode and again you can choose between different sound modes music, sport, voice, cinema, standard, Then you have virtual surround. You have the audio, the audio input and the output you have here the clock. You can set it when when the Tv should should stop and if you want uh to to access the network settings the wireless you should go to this uh blue circle here or if you go here to the last button and you choose it you have all the settings displayed on the screen and as you can see you have a lot of settings to choose from from the image sound channels, network general like time, location, and so on.

I want to show you something on the network. You can connect it via Wi-fi or via cable and on Wi-fi Very very important and I like this aspect is that it. It also knows the Five Gigahertz network. so it's one of the few Tvs I saw knowing Five Gigahertz network. meaning that the smart Tv feature should be very very fast if it's connected to a Five Gigahertz network.

So guys, this is it. Uh, this is my short review of this Tv. I hope that you like it again. I'm really impressed with the Tv. The quality is great. I bought it for for my parents so they should be very very happy with it. and um nobody paid me for this video. So it's my honest opinion. If you like this video, please subscribe to my channels and hit the like but

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