LG 32LQ63 2022 TV picture settings

 LG 32LQ63 2022 TV picture settings


Hey guys, this is Darko in this video. I'll share with you picture settings that I obtained after calibrating and testing Picture Processor of Lg's Lq63 series. This is 2022 full Hd Tv that supports Hdr. In this video, I'll show you Sdr and Agr settings for movies and Tv shows and also for gaming content. So let's start [Music] First for Sdr, I'll press settings button on the remote and go to all settings.

SDR settings

Now First I'll start with this expert bright room. So for movies and so on you see different pre presets are available and now if I select this one first we have aspect ratio. I recommend user selection 16x9 and just scan on to avoid overscan because auto settings sometimes might not give you one to one pixel mapping. So keep this option on and let's continue to advance settings.

Brightness: Now this Tv cannot reach high peak luminance. Maximum I measured is around 230 nits so you can. You will probably need to keep it close to the maximum in my case. I set it to 95 Adjust Contrast This is white level and it's set to 80. Black level set to 50 Auto Dynamic contrast is disabled Gamma I have it at 2.2 but maybe for darker environments you want to go with 2.4 or Bt.1886 Video Range Auto Motion Eye Care disabled in color menu Color Depth 50 tint 0 Color Gamut this is range of colors will display it set to auto detect fine tune menu it's disabled color adjustment and then in white balance color temperature

Warm 50 and for two points Method I have bright area adjusted red minus three, green, zero and blue twelfth and then if I go with low points so darker area we have red minus one green, zero and blue seven. So this is on my unit. It's very individual but you can give it to go and see how the picture will look like. I recommend black and white image that you see if there is any shade that is too red or two blue or two green

So you could go with the default zero zero, zero for all values and then apply these settings and see which will look uh, more natural, more neutral. Now let's go to clarity in this menu.

Adjust Sharpness 10 this is default sharpness super resolution off noise reduction Even though it's very effective, I keep it turned off. Same for impact noise reduction although it's not that effective but I keep it disabled.

Smooth Gradation only If you notice bending in image, you can enable it and real cinema. For correct display of 24p content, keep this option on and that's it. There is no true motion on this model, no motion interpolation here. You can apply adjustments to different inputs, reset everything to default if you don't like how image looks like and you also have this reduce blue light control that will further reduce blue component in the image. but if you have color temperature set to 150, that's already the most accurate. and this is maybe only if you are really sensitive to blue light. If it causes headaches or other issues that you enable this option. Now what I will also show you in general Menu: If you go to Ai service you have this option: Ai brightness settings

So if you have issues seeing details in dark parts of the image in shadows then you can enable this image and then using ambient light sensor Tv will adjust Gamma for dark area of the picture. Otherwise for more consistent result, keep it turned off. Now if we go to energy saving energy saving step is turned off. If you want Tv to automatically adjust its brightness so how bright overall picture is then you enable this option. Otherwise keep it turned off [Music] Now for gaming you need to select game optimizer mode and adjust it similar to what I showed before. Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Just scan is disabled in this mode, then advanced settings Brightness panel Brightness 95 but adjust it how you need it for your environment Contrast: 80 Black level 50 This option is disabled Gamma 2.2 Video range auto and motion I care disabled color Color Depth 55 Tint 0 Color gamut auto detect fine tune menu disabled and in white balance color temperature warm 40 and for two points Method: for bright area red minus two green, zero, blue zero and for low points red 0 Green 0 Blue 7

Now if we go to clarity, adjust sharpness 10 Super resolution off noise reduction off Amp noise reduction off smooth gradation off and real cinema is not available in this mode.

And then if you want more options for gaming you need to go to Game Dashboard. I'll show you it's in general and it's called Game Optimizer. So same as Picture Mode and you see this modern menu showing actual frame rate and here you can adjust it with more details and also enable Game Dashboard here.

HDR settings

for Hdr this Tv supports Hdr10 and Hlg so you can trigger Hdr mode by playing Youtube video that's in Hdr or play a movie on Netflix and here you will have different picture modes. So for watching movies and Tv shows and general content Cinema For gaming use Game Optimizer. Now I'll show you cinema here again. We see similar options: Aspect ratio: 16x9 just scan on advanced settings here. Panel brightness and adjust contrast will be at maximum. this is normal for Hdr Black level 50 Auto dynamic contrast off Dynamic tone mapping is option only available in Hdr. It will analyze Hdr10 and Hlg content with static metadata and adjust for each scene. the image to appear better but for me for most consistent display I turned off this control but of course you can test it on your unit and if you prefer it keep it turned on. Gamma is disabled and video range set to auto motion I care off.

Next we have color Menu Color depth: 50 tint 0 color gamut auto detect fine tune it's disabled and in white balance color temperature 150 for two points Method I adjusted bright area red minus 13, green minus 15 and blue zero and as you will see for low everything is at zero and next we have clarity with same controls as for Sdr and they are adjusted in the same way so we see only real cinema is enabled for movie content and finally for Hdr gaming we have aspect ratio user selection 16x9 with just scan disabled advanced settings panel brightness and adjust contrast at 100 black level is at 50. autodynamic contrast is disabled dynamic tone mapping here you have additional option which is Hgig so either use off or Hgig for gaming and then Gamma is not available and video range is set to auto motion I care disabled in color menu color depth is 55 tint is 0 color gamut auto detect fine tune is off any adjustment here and in white balance menu let's see what we have color temperature warm 45 in my case for two points method you see all low points are at zero and now let's see high values for high values red zero, green is at minus eight and Blue is at minus two and in clarity menu we have same adjustments like for Sdr gaming so everything turned off and adjusts sharpness at 10.. And here also you have game dashboard with additional options [Music]

Calman measurements and closing thoughts

[Applause] [Music] [Music] and this brings us to the end of this video. My review of this Tv is already published, so if you want more details abouat it, check the link in the description and if you want to learn more about Lg's Webos version 22 which is available on this model, then check my hands on video also linked in the description and that brings us to the end of this video.

Thank you very much for watching it. Let me know do these settings work good for you or have you done some other adjustments and that's it. Watch movies, play games, and relax with this Tv and I wish you a nice day. Bye 

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