No.1 Superfood For Women Health - Avoid Multiple Health Problems | Healthy Food | Sadhguru

 No.1 Superfood For Women Health - Avoid Multiple Health Problems | Healthy Food | Sadhguru

All of you the ladies of the world. I must tell you, The most female friendly cereal you can consume. This is fantastic. For women, it has the highest amount of calcium. also very high levels of iron. It's a very slow release cereal that is you. There will be no sugar spikes. It really is. Uh, it's glucose. part of it very very slowly. So particularly those who suffer from diabetes. That's a fantastic job. It gives you health, well-being and nourishment.


As Nations grow and become affluent, they are spending incredible amounts of money on health care. That's not how it should be because once the nation becomes affluent, it has both choices of nourishment and lifestyle. When you have choice of nourishment and lifestyle, you generally have no business to fall ill. you should be taking care of it. But unfortunately more affluent the Nations get, the more sick they're getting. Well, we've been using Millets right from our childhood, but now it's important that we bring it to the entire population, the whole world in some way, because this is very important in terms of large-scale human health, which has become a serious problem and the nutritional deficiencies due to single serial consumption and a massive diabetic pandemic happening all over the world, particularly in India.

The most important aspect is millet. cultivation is a far better thing to do for the soil regeneration than rice and wheat, which has become the most stable grain to be consumed all over the world. Millet will make a lot of difference. It is not a very thirsty crop unlike Paddy and wheat, and both of them are, uh, essentially Delta crops. They should have remained that way. Parish was only grown in Delta areas where there was naturally a certain amount of standing water and people made use of it and marshlands and stuff like that. but today we are irrigating the lands heavily to do this. This not only consumes water, this also destroys the soil in many different ways. Millet consumption, both for human health and soil health will make a a fantastic difference.

Ragi have very important cereal of subcontinent and particularly. You know, when we were growing up in Karnataka, it was very much a part of daily consumption everywhere, but somehow it got bad breaths that it is a a poor man's food and it doesn't give you social prestige, but it gives you health, well-being and nourishment. I must tell all of you the ladies of the world, I must tell you Ragi is the most female friendly cereal you can consume. This Millet is fantastic for women. It has the highest amount of calcium in among all the grains and also very high levels of iron which is an issue one is across the world. There is, uh, such a level of anemia all over the world, particularly for the female population. There is also a problem of porosity of Bones being high at certain stages in a woman's life, and ragi can make a tremendous difference for both foreign Cooks a little more, at least in this form. a little more than the rice, but it does a lot more. It's a very slow release cereal that is you. There will be no sugar spikes because of you. You're eating a Millet. It releases its glucose part of it very, very slowly. So particularly those who suffer from diabetes or whose life is threatened by diabetes.

Ragi and the other millets also does a fantastic job most of the cooking. I still believe unless you're eating only from food apps, I still believe home cooking largely still by women, and they must pick up these cereals and make sure everybody eats this. Not that it's not good for men, it's good for everybody. But I'm saying there are special advantages for a woman because certain lack of nourishment in certain areas of nourishment has been an issue because of single serial consumption, and not everybody is able to maintain other aspects of nutritional aspects very well. For all of them, ragi can make a tremendous difference today.

Uh, in India, the government of India has coined this word, which is a wonderful thing, picked up from the tradition, but bringing back into usage it's called Sri Annam. And here at the Isha Yoga Center at least five days in a week, everybody is consuming millets. and we're also encouraging the local farmers and the former producer organizations to produce milk ads. But this needs to happen across the country for a healthy population and across the world for a healthy Humanity. So these are the different types of Uh Millets which are grown in the local region. These are all the Tamil names that I am saying in every region they have their own name. So here's a package with six different kinds of millets and if you still don't know how to cook and make all these things, it can be just cooked like rice and eaten or it could. you could make a chapati out of it.

But there is another packet of what is called the Sanjivani which has 14 different ingredients of all these millets, various pulses and grams and also some nuts and stuff like that 14 different ingredients which makes it a complete diet by itself that can be just made into just boil it in water and you can drink it. or you can make it into Roti and eat it. or you can eat it in many different forms. So for those of you who want some rest something ready-made that is also there the idea of providing the Seas.

We have to bring back Millet into the world in a big way for large scale consumption if we really want to turn the soil around and also turn human help around in many ways. This is one reason why we are seeing how to push millets into everybody's diet and fundamental interest is that soil should be healthy. Right now, food is grown in one place, but they're eating it 5000 miles away. That's not how it should be. The basic food must be grown where people are. Millet is the answer for that because in any kind of conditions, soil conditions, and atmospheric conditions or climatic conditions, you can grow millets with very little water availability. Also, you can grow millets. so Millet is a solution for our health, for soil health, and for ensuring there are no famines in the world that nobody should die of hunger. Let's make it happen.

You can get Millets pack of six that Satguru mentioned from Isha Live store online. This Isha's Sri Unknown Millet Magic Hamper showcase the versatility and nourishing properties of Native Indian emulates. The Hamper features an informative booklet on millets with interesting recipes to help you make millets a part of your diet. Also, to know more about benefits of Sanjivani and how to prepare, click on the information card above or check out the link in the description of this video.


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