Oppo Reno 8t 5g Tips Tricks and Hidden Features

Oppo Reno 8t 5g Tips Tricks and Hidden Features

So first of all I'm gonna start from the app lock, app hide as well as approach. So first of all go to your settings so settings and I'm gonna scroll down to find the option Password Security Just tap over here and you can see an option called privacy password so you can set to either numeric, alphanumeric or pattern. So currently I'm sitting as a pattern so this is my pattern for the moment. So it's done and formats. You can have any of the security questions. So I am just writing a restaurant so let me write it as X and it's done

And now you can see three options. that first one is Adblock, then you have app hide and then the private safe. So let me start from the app lock. So just tap on the App Lock and turn on this one. That's the app lock and now select the apps which you want to lock. So currently I'm tapping on the Chrome and it would be asking use face or fingerprint for this app. So I am just tap use and now what happens is now the next time while I open the Chrome. So where is the Chrome? Yes you can see either I can unlock with my fingerprints or next time again unlock with my face so that's ease but you can see an option called when the next time I open the Chrome you can see it is automatically opened. You can see it is not asking for my already called password or fingerprint or pin. So all you need to go to again Settings Password Security

Again go to the Privacy password and draw your pattern or whatever it is and then again go to the app Lock and tap on this icon over here that's the settings icon and you can see how it's called Lock App when so it is currently on locking the screen. You should do it as exiting the app. Now all you need to do is so see Chrome Face Unlock with face Again close tab again opening See Each and every time when you exit the app it would be automatically you get locked. So that's the app lock. Now let's go to the app hide. So again go to the processing security and the Privacy password. Draw your pattern here, draw the pattern and then you can see app Hide Just tap over here and select the app which you untied. So currently I am selecting Chrome itself so I am so it want to access an access code for now so jam just typing settings. So the thing is before and after your password you should type hash. So if my password is one one one one so it would start like hash One one one one my pin again

Hash Okay now I am going to the dialer and I am dialing my pin is one one one one. So before I am driving hash and typing my bin one one one one one and I'm driving hash you can see your hidden Chrome is here so that's uh so is. So next is app Clara so or a develop So type open the apps and you can see app cloner and you can see all the apps which Support app clone would be listed over here. So I'm paying the first application that's a Facebook and you can see create appcon just tap over here you can see Facebook clone is created so now you can have Facebook one as well as Facebook too. Okay so that's it and now along with that one more thing is uh adding so again go to the password.

Security can have one more option. That's a secure World option. So let me draw my pattern and you can see private safe. It's called secure world where you can store your images, audios, documents and other files just. you can tap images and videos if you want to hide and you can have a plus icon over here and it will be directly going to Gallery. So if I'm gonna hide a few up see this photo and I will set as private. So now you can see this. a photo is completely set to look private and now it won't be shown in your normal gallery. and whenever you need to unhide just tap over here and you can just set as public and save your virtual location you need and just back. See It's really simple and in the same way you can hide audio, documents and other files.

Okay so now let's move to some interesting features. So let's go to settings and you can see an option called addition Settings you can see Just Tap over here, use the Rings and let's start from the Ssd board as Steve Ball is like a steel touch as you see on the iPhones for just Easy back home and on. So just turn on this and you can have two set of operations. One is gesture operation. That means where you can just tap you can see a ball over here. this is like a ball. You can see this board so if you just double tap it can have other functions at all and along with that you can just reassign to tab menu. What happens is when you tap you can have about five functions and you can either reassign them too. So just tap over here. you can just reassign but it is very limited. The reason is I will show you later because of the Smart Sidebar which is available which is on the special features. You can have an option called Smart Sidebar.

So once you turn on this what happens is it would have an icon like this and even suit up. All the applications would be here. you can just tap for adding more you can just edit over tap just edit button and you can see all the applications you can just add over Here you can see okay again just click done and at any menu. Suppose if you are in Play store and you just give a sidebar like this and you can see or at any time you can access them and just tap photos it can be also appeared as this small pop-up window. I don't so this is really convenient.

Okay so let's go back to your same location itself. just go back to settings and then edit settings. So this is the adjustable which I told so. actually I wouldn't recommend because the screenshot is very easy. I would show you so how to set up the screenshot so it is on the gestures and motions. So the screenshot is just simple as this just three fingers Ips for the screenshot. Got it? And if you need a password screenshot that means you need to share only this portion. Just press and hold your three fingers like this and you can have a drag roll area. drag the area which you need and that's it. Click save or if you want to write something or uh over there just tap over here and just write importance in B that's it and just click save all you need to go, You are good to go. Okay and so that's it. So that's really convenient and along with that we have some screen of gestures. So let me turn on the screen of scissors and it have few other features like draw or to open camera. Got it and double tap to turn on or offer screen. is there V to turn on flashlight.

Okay so I am drawing. Oh first of all I am drawing all over here. So drawn Arrow so directly. move to the camera and you can have three more options. Draw Up Arrow, Draw M, and Draw W. So first of all you need to turn on this one. Both of them see three of them. Let me turn on and if you draw a parallel just tap over here. Currently it is set to calculator. You can reassign to various applications So currently I am setting it to for manage and then draw M. Let me assign it to some photos and draw WTO settings and let me lock the phone. I am drawing the W w you can see. Let me type my pin. Okay so draw W automatically went to the settings and again locked and I'm drawing M. Let me type. Okay so it went to the gallery and draw up Arrow. It would be going to another application control app. Arrow type one, two three four and you can see it automatically. Went to the phone manager so everything is here. it's way can it is very convenient is so let's again go back to the settings and the next thing again with the decision motions so that we have covered this much.

And next is the air gestures which we can answer our mute calls and all along with that you can do scroll up and scroll down with the pump and along with that you can also use make use of play and pause with your palm.

Okay and then we have the race to it. That means when your phone is just lying down here like this and just when you instantly picks up automatically uh turns on the phone and lift to Ea to answer call settings. Whenever you are um racing in chemical, just lift your phone up to the ear automatically it will answer the call and then Auto receiver again pick up the phone to your ear. it will be switched from speaker to earpiece and flip to mute income calls when you are receiving incoming call in the normal mode so it would be having the sound anode and just flip the phone instantly it would be goes to the silent mode or mute the code. Okay so that's it regarding the justice and motions. Okay and then we have one handed mode also so just turn on this and you can have a small swipe to the bottom like this so instantly the 100 mode will be up here so that's it require in the one-handed mode and next is to run the special features which we have already covered the smart slide, sidebar and along with that we have split screen which make use of opening two ups at the same time so let me open uh Play Store and I am giving a three string swipe up and opening the next tabs such as mixer you just so you can see You can have the messages along with you can have the Play Store over here so it's really convenient.

Okay and so that's it. Regarding the split screen and then we have the flexible Windows which you can have a small window and you can just drag it over here that is also available. Then we have a quick return option is also available for quickly going to the app just by tapping and then we have a quick launch. That's one of my favorite feature. That means even after you your fingerprint is unlocked you can just leave your finger over here for opening any of the five apps. So just tap over here. So let me just you can have to assign to any of the functions or apps so let me randomly assign to few of the applications. Okay and now I will show you so phone is locked and I'm just you can see even if my finger is unlocked you can have see If I leave my finger on this application it would be automatically goes to the nodes so that's really convenient.

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