Samsung Galaxy A33 full review

  This is Samsung’s new Galaxy A33 5G-  and compared to last year’s model, it brings plenty of upgrades this time around. So, 

Design and buil

The Galaxy A33 5G is a midranger that offers  plenty of bang for your buck, especially compared to Samsung’s cheaper A series phones. Notably, it comes in a single 5G flavor this year, instead of having both a 5G and a 4G version. The finish is smooth and matte, and besides the peach model- We also have one in black. The design is a bit different from last year, with a camera  bump that curves into the plastic back panel. The matte finish also covers the  slightly curved plastic frame and provides a decent amount of grip too.

Overall, the A33 5G is reasonably  sized and comfortable in the hand. One of the most notable improvements here  design-wise is ingress protection. Now there is IP67 rated water and dust resistance, which  before was reserved for the higher tier models. Another major difference from last year is the  audio. You lose out on a headphone jack this time around, but now you get a stereo speaker setup.

Stereo speakers, no headphone jack

It’s a hybrid one, with the earpiece doubling as the second speaker. The speakers  earned a good mark on our loudness test, and the quality is rich, with great  sounding highs and even a bit of bass.

Last year, you had to choose between the slower  4G model with a nice AMOLED screen, or get the faster 5G one, but with a downgraded display. This  year, you can get it all without the downsides.

The Galaxy A33 5G runs on Samsung's new Exynos  1280 chipset - the same one that premiered on this year’s Galaxy A53 5G.

Exynos 1280 performance

Performance  is excellent for the class- a significant improvement over both the Helio G80 of the Galaxy  A32, and the Dimensity 720 of the Galaxy A32 5G. GPU performance especially is much better  than before, and the thermals are great here too. So the A33 5G should serve you  well if you want to fire up some games. And together with that, you get a  competitive 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with a 1080p resolution, Gorilla glass  5 protection, and a 90Hz refresh rate.

Screen specs

The display is sharp, at 411 ppi- a major  improvement from the A32 5G’s 720p display. You get those deep blacks typical of an  AMOLED. Colors can be pretty accurate too, depending on the color settings you choose. There’s no HDR support here. But at least there is Widevine L1 DRM support, for 1080p  playback across popular streaming services. There are two refresh rate  options, standard at 60Hz, and high at 90- which smoothes out movements  like swiping and scrolling on screen. It’s not adaptive. The screen won’t dial  it down when you’re idling to save energy.

Unlike other budget Samsung phones like  the Galaxy A23, the A33 5G has an ambient light sensor to help control auto brightness. The brightness itself is good for this class. We measured around 400 nits maximum with the  manual slider, and this can boost to around 730 nits with the adaptive brightness mode on. And under the display sits an optical fingerprint scanner for your biometrics.

Under-display fingerprint reader

The sensor is large enough, fast and reliable. The Galaxy A33 5G has 128 or 256 GB of  storage onboard, and that’s expandable.

Storage options

But this year you don’t have  a dedicated microSD slot, so you’d have to choose between  a memory card or a second SIM. The Galaxy A33 5G is powered  by a large 5,000mAh battery.

Battery endurance and charging test

It managed to earn a score of 104  hours in our battery life tests- notably less than many other midrangers,  including last year’s models, but still okay. This year, the phone supports  up to 25 watt charging, but Samsung doesn’t include a charging adapter  in the box, in order to reduce waste. We tested the Galaxy A33 with  a Samsung 25 watt adapter and it was able to charge the phone  from 0 to 50% in half an hour.

The interface of the A33 5G is Samsung’s latest  OneUI 4.1 over Android 12. All of the essentials are here, but it does omit the occasional  feature here and there compared to the flagships.

Android 12 and UI

These include smart widgets and Samsung dex, and the more advanced object  eraser options in the photo editor.

One major selling point of Samsung midrangers  is the promise of extended software support, and with the A33 5G, you can expect 4 OS  upgrades and 5 years of security patches. You can find out more about  OneUI 4.1 in our dedicated video.

Now on to the cameras. The A33 5G has  a 48MP, optically stabilized main cam, an 8MP ultrawide, a 5MP macro  cam, and a depth sensor.

Camera specs

Daylight photo quality

12MP photos from the primary camera are  superb for the class. They are sharp and offer more than enough resolved detail, good  contrast, low noise and pleasant dynamic range. Our main nitpick is that you get  the typical Samsung rendition, and these punchy colors aren’t for everyone. Portraits are taken with the help of the  depth sensor, and they’re pretty good. Subjects are detailed and well exposed, and  the separation is decent for this price range.

8MP ultrawide photos are likable.   There’s a good amount of detail, low noise and the dynamic range is  decent. The colors are again quite punchy. Closeups from the macro cam are pretty decent. You get a higher resolution than most  competitors which have a 2MP unit. The detail is good, with nice contrast and  vibrant colors, but there is some visible noise.

Low-light photo quality

At night, the main camera saves some good looking  photos, especially for the class. They’re detailed and sharp, with low noise, saturated colors,  good exposure and praiseworthy dynamic range. Turning on night mode will get you a sharper and  less noisy result, and it exposes more detail in shadows. You get a brighter exposure  here, rather than a natural looking one.

Low light photos from the ultrawide  turned out okay. They have enough detail, and the exposure is not that bad.   There is plenty of noise though. The Night Mode does help a  lot by cleaning up that noise. You get more detail and sharpness too,  and the overall exposure is brighter.

Selfies and selfie video quality

Selfies can either come out in a wide  13MP frame, or a cropped 8MP one. The full sized selfies are good, with enough  detail, nice contrast, and decent dynamic range. And thanks to the new chipset, the A33 5G’s  selfie cam is capable of 4K video recording, too!

Video quality

The main rear camera can also shoot in  4K, and its videos are superb - there is plenty of resolved detail, good  sharpness, and no noise to speak of. The dynamic range is noticeably  wide, and the colors are punchy. There is no electronic stabilization on  this camera unless you dial down to 1080p. The ultrawide cam can only shoot in 1080p,  anyway. This footage is sharper than we expected, with excellent resolved detail,  low noise and great dynamic range. The colors don’t match those of the main  cam- they’re actually more realistic here. So, that’s the Galaxy A33 5G. Samsung has  really upgraded this model from budget tier quality to something quite competitive.


There’s  one variant- you don’t have to CHOOSE between a good chipset OR a nice screen- here you get  both, in one device. Plus you get waterproofing, stereo speakers, solid software support,  and some nice cameras for the price.

Really the only thing to complain about  is in comparison: last year’s Galaxy A52s was such a great deal, and right now, it’s  already down to the Galaxy A33’s price level. But if that’s not available, or  you’d rather get the latest model, the A33 5G is definitely worth recommending.   Thanks for watching and see you on the next one.

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