Sony | 2023 Sony BRAVIA® XR TV Lineup – Lineup Overview

Sony | 2023 Sony BRAVIA® XR TV Lineup – Lineup Overview

[music] What's up everybody? It's your boy Larry with Sony here to talk to you about another incredible product or products. That's right, it's that time of year where I finally get the opportunity to share with you some details about our brand new lineup of 2023 Sony Bravia Xr televisions, So let's Jump Right In. Thank you!

So let's start with the features that are shared by most of the models and now stop me if you've heard this before. But when it comes to television, Sony likes to focus on the most important part and that's picture quality. And this is achieved with state-of-the-art Technologies and advanced picture processing, namely the powerful cognitive processor Xr. And this year we can get some updated features. first of which is Xr Clear Image, which partners with Xr4k upscaling to improve picture Clarity and it also reduces noise when upscaling from lower resolution content. Xr Clear Image reduces random noise, mosquito noise and jaggies and I bet you didn't know that that was called mosquito noise and jaggies, all of which plagues today's lower than 4K content, digital broadcast, and your streaming content. The depth control algorithm has also been enhanced and this gives you a more immersive experience while you're watching your content. This, as well as the latest and greatest picture formats like Dolby Vision, Netflix, Adaptive Calibrated Mode, Bravia Core Calibrated Mode, and Imax enhanced all means that you're in for a real treat during your next movie night.

And speaking of that, your 2023 Sony Bravia Xrtv also comes with the Bravia Core app, which is a great place to find 4K Hdr movies and it has recently been updated to support Dolby Atmos and this is where I want to let you in on a little secret. You see newly purchased 2023 Xr televisions even come with movie credits already in the app. And just like all Sony Bravia Xr Tvs, these also get Seamless Control Ui which gives you control for Sony compatible sound systems right on the screen. No need for separate remotes to change things like rear speaker volume or sub level. It can all be found right on the Tv's Quick Settings menu. The Xr lineup also comes with acoustic Center sync. This allows your Tv to become the center channel for your compatible Sony Soundbar or Sony Av receiver. You can also add an optional Bravia Cam and get more control over your ambient settings. Plus, it serves as a high quality webcam. This allows you to take meetings or just keep up with the family.

and Sony didn't forget about your Gamers out there. With Hdmi 2.1 you'll get 4k, 120 Vrr and Alm support. You'll also get the Perfect for Playstation 5 features like Auto Hdr, tone mapping and auto Genre picture mode. This is to optimize the picture quality while gaming and streaming.

Okay, so I hear you. I hear you all you want to know what else is new? Well, this year on our 2023 Bravia Xr televisions, we're introducing a brand new game menu. You heard that correctly, You spoke. We listened all your gaming controls are found in one place. You get control for Vrr settings and motion blur reduction. You can also adjust the black equalizer which will allow you to brighten dark areas like Shadows so you can see your target easier. There are even multiple Crosshair options that stay on the screen so you know exactly where you're aiming at all times. This allows you to shoot from the hip without waiting for the game's targeting system to pop up. And yo, I love that feature.

Okay, but that's not all. So let's just say hypothetically speaking, your primary gaming Tv is the brand new 85 inch X90l. Now for some Gamers, that's a challenging screen size to play a game on. What if you could shrink the Tv down to a normal monitor size? Let's say 27 inches? Well, that's exactly what you can do. You can now adjust the size of the screen to something that's more comfortable to game on, and when you're watching movies, you can just go back to the Cinematic screen size you love so much. Now there are more gaming features to come, so hang tight. But first, I want to talk to you about another Sony Obsession and that's saving the planet. With that in mind, Sony created the Eco Dashboard. It allows you to change the Tv settings that affect the power consumption all in one place. As you adjust the settings, the tree in the background either grows leaves or loses them, giving you a visual representation of your environmental impact and Planet lovers. That's not all. This year, Sony is using even more sauroplast than we did last year, reducing overall virgin plastic use greatly.

Okay, just two more new items and then we'll get to the specific models. First is our updated remote and by the way, it's easier to clean. Also, we've added six quick launch buttons so you can easily get to the streaming apps you're looking for and we all know how important it is to access Youtube. And if you like Fast, well, you'll be excited to hear that Google Fast Pair is now! come to the 2023 lineup of Sony Bravia Xr Television. So no longer is it complicated to connect your wireless device to your Tv. All you have to do is put your device into pairing mode and you'll see a notification pop up on the screen and it's that easy.

And now, as promised, the good stuff. And we're going to start off with the successor to the award-winning A95k and that would be the Sony Bravia Xr A95l Qd Oled.

All right. So let's first talk about size. The A95l comes in 55 inch, 65 inch and new for this year 77 inch all with multi-position stands with the 77 having a three-way position stand. Don't believe me? Why don't you take a look [Music] Now I can imagine you're probably wondering if the A95l is using the latest and greatest of absolutely everything. Well, the short answer is yes, it's roughly twice as bright as last year. And keep in mind the A95k puts no slouch. maximum brightness, demands maximum color, and that's exactly what you get with Xr Trilominos Max. What about Dolby Vision Gaming? Yes! Does the A95l offer more gaming features in the rest of the lineup? Yes. It also gets the ability to do two screens at once, so you can gain from your Ps5 on one screen and have your favorite Youtuber explaining how to beat that game on another. You can choose the audio from either or both screens at the same time. There are even competitive game picture modes for real-time strategy games known as Rts gaming mode and another for first person shooters or Fps gaming mode. This optimizes the picture settings for these types of games, giving you that Competitive Edge you're looking for Now Parents, we didn't forget about you.

There's also calm mode that adjusts the Tv's picture so kids can settle down and maybe even get to bed easier. The Sony Bravia Xr A95l also comes with a premium backlit remote as well as Bravia cam. And uh, dare I say the A95l might just be the best movie gaming and Family Tv that Sony has ever made. Seeing it for myself Absolutely awe-inspiring.

Okay, so what about Mini Led? Well, Sony didn't forget about that either. The big difference is this year we're introducing not one but two models: the X95l which comes in an 85 inch and the X93l that comes in 65, 75, and 85 inch. Both of these models will absolutely rock your world in terms of color, brightness, and contrast you see.

Ever since we introduced Mini Led with Xr Backlight Master Drive, this has quickly become one of my favorite backlight Technologies. Now, if you're not really familiar with Xr Backlight Master Drive, it's actually Sony's best local dimming control system. We unveiled it at Ces Man many moons ago and we did so on a 10 000 nit Led display. What it does for many Led Backlight control is unlike anything I've ever seen. It promises to deliver Sony's brightest picture possible with great contrast and color with the help of Xr Triluminos Pro. All of this Tech makes Sony Bravia.

Xr Mini Leds great for the brightest of rooms to help with their quest for bright room dominance. They also feature Sony's X anti-reflection technology to help reduce glare and Reflections. Not to mention you get X-wide angle which increases how far to the sides you can sit while still maintaining that great picture quality. They also come equipped with a light sensor which adjusts the brightness of the Tv based upon your viewing environment. So during the day the Tv is brighter, but then it also has the ability to be dimmer when you need it.

Alright, so let's take a couple of seconds to talk about the differences between these two models. For starters, the X93l has an Xr contrast booster rating of 15. while the X95l has a rating of 20. In short, this means that the X95l will have better color and contrast performance. The X95l also gets acoustic multi-audio plus borrowing the frame tweeters from our Master Series Z9k 8K Tv, and improving overall sound quality. Other than that, they both have three-way stands, seamless Edge display, and a one slate design. All that means is you're going to get one of the best looking and highest performing Tvs that Sony makes, no matter which one you choose.

All right! So now let's talk OLED in the illustrious Sony Bravia Xr A80l. Not only will the Aadl get all of the new features that I mentioned earlier such as Xr clear image and the new depth control algorithm, it also will get the game menu as well as the Eco Dashboard. But wait, there's more. And when I mean more, I'm talking about available sizes 55 inch, 65 inch, 77, and new for this year 83 inch. So not only do you get all of the picture quality improvements over last year, now, you can enjoy them in more sizes.

Now if you want to talk about bang for your buck, Well, I got to tell you about the Sony Bravia Xr X90l. The X90l is sought after by both movie and gaming enthusiasts. This year it comes in even more sizes, including a 98 inch. It boasts our latest generation of the cognitive processor Xr Plus. It's equipped with full array with local dimming Led backlighting that has more zones and an even brighter image than last year's X90k. It also has Xr 4K upscaling and Xr motion Clarity. It maintains amazing picture quality and motion. To maximize color and brightness, you get Xr Triluminos Pro and Xr Contrast Booster 10 giving you amazing color and contrast. The X90l's local dimming algorithm has been updated with real world results from our mini Leds. This is allowed for tighter control of the backlight system which has resulted in better contrast. And just like last year, you get all of the game features that you would expect, but also the new game menu is here too. Also, Google Assistant built right into the Tv starts here and continues with most of the new Bravia Xr lineup.

You'll also get an updated look with the one slate design and a seamless Edge display just like the X93l, making this a gorgeous Tv on the outside with an even better personality.

As you can imagine, we're extremely excited about this 2023 lineup of Sony Bravia Xr televisions. I know I've already picked out my favorite, but I'd like to hear from you. Why don't you drop me a comment and let me know which Tv you're most interested in Now, should you have any additional questions or just want to speak to an expert like myself, click the link in the description where you can sign up for our one-on-one consultation program and as always it's your boy Larry with Sony and uh, I'll catch you next time. Foreign [Music]


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