Sony X82L 4K HDR TV In-Depth Review⚡️ Best 4K TV 2023 ⚡️A Comprehensive Overview

 Sony X82L 4K HDR TV In-Depth Review⚡️ Best 4K TV 2023 ⚡️A Comprehensive Overview

Today, I have brought an in-depth review of Sony's newly-launched Bravia X1 4k TV X82L for you. Currently, this model is available in 55 and 65 inches, but the 75 inches variant will also be available in the market soon. Apart from the size, the specifications of all these variants are almost similar, so the picture quality of all these models is also the same. However, I must tell you that with an increase in screen size, more details become visible, which enhances the picture quality and makes it more attractive. If you have a specific size requirement, you can go for that size, and the purchase links for all the variants are given in the description box below the video.

I have had this TV with me for the past 12 days, and during this time, I have rigorously tested it before bringing this review to you. Many people complain to me that they face difficulty in watching the screen due to subtitles. So, let me tell you that subtitles are optional for those who don't understand Hindi. If you don't want subtitles, there is a "CC" option available at the top right corner of the video. As soon as you touch it, the captions will disappear.

Now, let's start this video with the quick unboxing of this TV. This is the 65 inches Bravia Sony X82L 4k TV. Inside the box, along with the TV, you get a power cord, two pieces of metallic table-top stands, a remote, two triple-A batteries, an instruction manual, 2 clips for cable management, 4 VESA mount adapters, and a warranty card. The remote is constructed with high-grade plastic and has a black brushed metallic finish. In terms of form factor, the remote has been designed to be slim and sleek, yet it contains buttons for almost all the functions. The remote also includes a button for Google Assistant, and you will also find direct buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney Hotstar, Bravia Core, and SonyLiv.

Speaking of build quality and design, the TV features a narrow black flush surface bezel. The TV appears almost bezel-less from three sides, and the bottom bezel is also quite slim, with Sony branding in the centre. The T-shaped wedge design of the TV's legs adds a stylish touch, and they are constructed with metal. The built quality of both legs perfectly matches the bezel and they are made quite heavy to bear the weight of the TV. To fit the stand on the TV, no screws are required; you simply need to click the two pieces into the designated spaces beneath the TV. The speakers are placed beneath the TV, and there is a button in the center that allows you to switch the TV's built-in microphone on/off. This TV comes with a hands-free voice command feature.

The back of the TV is made of high-grade ABS black plastic material and has a grid pattern. The Bravia branding is also present on the back. Additionally, vents are provided on the top for proper ventilation. The ports are located on the right side, with the power cord port on the left side. To assist with cable management, two clips are provided with the TV, which can be used to hide the wires by clipping them to the legs. The side profile of this TV is also ultra-slim. Overall, the TV has a premium and stylish look that can enhance the aesthetics of any room.

In terms of connectivity, the TV offers four HDMI ports with HDCP version 2.3. It comes with HDMI 2.1 support. It also includes two USB ports, an Ethernet port, one RF input port, a digital audio out port, a headphone jack, and a composite video in port. The TV supports HDMI ARC, HDMI eARC, and CEC. Auto Low Latency Mode is provided in HDMI 3 and 4. It also features dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.2. You can wirelessly connect keyboards, mice, and soundbars to this TV. However, wireless connection will only provide stereo audio support.

Now, let's talk about the company-provided specifications. This TV comes with DLED backlighting and a 4K processor X1. It has a refresh rate of 50 Hz and features frame dimming. Sony has included MotionFlow XR200 in this TV, which, according to the company, boosts the native 50 Hz refresh rate up to 200 Hz. In addition, this TV supports high dynamic range and is compatible with HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. For wide color gamut, it features LIVE Color Technology and Triluminos Pro, which allow you to experience over a billion colors on the TV. To enhance picture clarity, the TV is equipped with 4K X-Reality Pro technology, which upscales low-resolution videos to near 4K quality. It also includes Dynamic Contrast Enhancer and Object-based HDR Remaster to enhance contrast. For audio, the TV is equipped with two full-range Bass Reflex X-Balanced speakers with 10+10 Watts of power. It also features two sound-positioning tweeters.

This TV comes with Sony's acoustic multi-audio technology, which makes the sound feel like it's coming from the exact place on the screen where it originates. It supports Dolby audio and Dolby Atmos decoding, and also includes DTS digital surround sound support. The TV comes with a sound optimization feature that optimizes the sound based on your room's positioning, providing you with the best audio experience. It is an Android TV with Google TV UI. The TV offers 32GB of storage and includes Google PlayStore. Additionally, you can sideload apps from external sources. It provides an option to install a camera for video calls. The TV includes a light sensor that adjusts the picture brightness according to the intensity of the room's lighting. This TV supports Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay, and Apple Home. For gaming, it features an HDMI 2.1 port, ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), low input lag, HDR tone mapping, and auto Genre Picture Mode. It comes with X-Protection PRO, which enhances the TV's durability by protecting it against dust, lightning, voltage fluctuations, and humidity. So these were the company-given specifications.

Now let's talk about the real performance of this TV.

Sony has launched several new series of TVs this year. Some of these series have genuinely good models. Compared to last year's models, this year's Sony TVs have seen significant upgrades. The Sony Bravia X82L series is also among these good and reasonably priced models. So let's discuss it in detail.

The Sony X82L is a 4K TV that features an IPS-type panel, which can also be an ADS panel. Even last year's models had an ADS panel. ADS panel is a variation of the IPS panel, which also offers a good viewing angle just like IPS. Research suggests that ADS panel can achieve a higher contrast ratio than IPS. This TV offers excellent grey uniformity, and in my unit, there is negligible darkness in the corners, so you won't notice any dirty screen effect on the entire screen. In terms of contrast, it may not have an excellent contrast ratio due to the IPS panel, but it can be considered quite good according to IPS standards. The black uniformity in this TV's IPS panels can also be good.

Last year, I wasn't very happy with the brightness of the X80k model, which was priced at around 1 lakh. I felt that the company should have provided slightly higher brightness in this range of TVs.

The 55-inch variant of the X80L series, priced around 1 lakh, has superb picture quality! This TV comes with Calman's auto calibration, which provides a great out-of-the-box picture quality. Speaking of brightness, it may not be as good as the X90 series, but it's the first Sony TV under 1 lakh that provides sufficient brightness for HDR content. The measured peak brightness of the TV is 413 nits on a 100% window. The best thing about this TV is that it displays dark scenes of Dolby Vision and HDR content with excellent detail clarity. This TV beautifully plays not only SDR content but also Dolby Vision and HDR contents. You will enjoy Netflix, Disney Hotstar, and Amazon Prime's HDR, Dolby Vision, and HDR10+ content on this TV.

When it comes to colors, this TV features wide color gamut and Triluminos technology along with 3D color algorithm processing, which together make the colors as vibrant as QLED. The punchy bright colors on this TV appear even more attractive than on a QLED TV due to the amazing picture clarity.

Speaking of blacks, they may not be as deep as VA panel but are considered quite good compared to an IPS panel. In an illuminated room, blacks appear deeper than in a dark room. However, this TV's dark room performance is also quite good. The TV has a black level adjustment feature, which allows you to make blacks somewhat deeper for dark room viewing. The TV has almost negligible banding, whether it's a light blue sky or a stretched grey, you won't see any banding issues causing problems. The pictures appear clear, sharp, and fine. There is no issue with digital noise on this TV; the p ictures look clean. 4K videos exhibit a 3D depth, making it feel like you are looking at things outside your window with the naked eye. The colors become more vibrant, enhancing the attractiveness of the scenes. Due to the wide color gamut, this TV has the capability to reproduce almost every shade of different colors, resulting in excellent color accuracy. The dark room performance of this TV is also quite good. The viewing angle of this TV is excellent, making it suitable for installation even in large illuminated halls. It is fully appropriate for wide seating arrangements.

Sony claims that this TV is equipped with MotionFlow XR200, which increases the 50 Hz refresh rate to 200 Hz. It is difficult to confirm whether it reaches 200 Hz or not. However, in the case of this particular TV, the company's claim seems somewhat accurate because even with a 50 Hz refresh rate, this TV manages to control motion blur. There is no notable issue of motion blur on this TV. It provides smoothness even in fast action scenes, enhancing the viewing experience.

Now, let's talk about picture upscaling. This 4K TV offers good picture upscaling. Both OTT content and content played through USB exhibit good picture upscaling. Even low-resolution content plays in good quality on this TV. You get several preset picture modes on the TV, such as Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Game, Photo, Graphics, Dolby Vision Bright, and Dolby Vision Dark. In addition to these, a custom mode is also available, allowing you to set picture settings according to your preference.

When it comes to the performance of set-top boxes, HD channels look good on this TV, but SD channels don't look as good. To be honest, SD channels won't look good on any real 4K TV because high-range 4K TVs are designed specifically for high-resolution content. SD channels look good on HD Ready or FHD TVs.

Now let's talk about the audio of this TV. Out of the box, the audio is loud, but it doesn't sound appealing. The highs and lows are not well-balanced, and the treble tends to overpower. The most annoying thing is the absence of preset audio modes, making it difficult for a common man to adjust the audio settings. The only workable alternative provided to enhance the sound is the equalizer, but setting it up is not easy. However, once you adjust the equalizer settings, the audio improves significantly. You can take note of these settings.

This TV features Sony's Surface Acoustic Audio technology, which, according to the company, makes the sound appear to originate from the same place as the screen. If you carefully observe the screen, you will notice this technology in action.

This TV supports Dolby Atmos, but if you think you will get the Dolby Atmos experience through the TV speakers alone, that won't be the case. To experience Dolby Atmos, you need a complete home theater setup, including ceiling speakers and rear speakers. This TV features HDMI eARC, and if you connect this TV to a good Dolby Atmos home theater system like the Sony A3000, you can enjoy a satisfying Dolby Atmos experience.

Now let's talk about the smart features of this TV. It is an Android TV that comes with the Google TV UI, which is very fluid. It runs on Android 10. On the Google TV UI, you get access to more than 10,000 apps and games, with new additions being made daily. Additionally, you get access to over 700,000 movies and shows on this TV. The Google TV UI provides a clean and convenient browsing experience. Keeping your browsing history in mind, the TV's home screen displays contents from your favorite genres, simplifying your browsing experience.

This TV is fully loaded and supports the latest features. It offers numerous features, and the more you explore the TV, the more new features you will discover.

Apart from the Bravia Cam, this TV also supports select Sony cameras and Logitech webcams. It is a great option if you make video calls on a large screen using Zoom and Google Duo. You can purchase the Bravia Cam or a Logitech camera separately to make video calls through them. With the Bravia Cam, you can even control the TV using gestures. The Bravia Cam also supports auto power-saving mode. When you are not in the room, the TV's brightness reduces significantly, saving power. In addition to the remote, you can also operate the TV directly using voice commands.

This TV is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. It has built-in Chromecast, allowing you to smoothly cast content from your Apple and Android devices to the TV's large screen. It also features the Living Decor app, which lets you turn your TV into a piece of art by displaying your photos or Google photos as a screensaver in ambient mode.

This TV comes with the Bravia Core app, which offers unlimited movies, including some IMAX Enhanced movies. Watching IMAX movies in high-quality full-screen is a thrilling experience. Bravia Core allows you to watch movies in the highest streaming quality, providing an immersive experience.

When it comes to gaming, even though this TV does not have a 120 Hz refresh rate or VRR, gaming is enjoyable on it. For gaming on PlayStation 5, it features HDMI 2.1, auto low latency mode, auto HDR tone mapping, and auto genre picture mode. During HDR gaming, the TV automatically switches to HDR mode, and if you start watching a movie in the middle of gaming, the TV automatically switches to movie mode. The graphics on this TV are impressive, and motion blur does not negatively affect the gaming experience. You can enjoy gaming on this TV. In conclusion, I would say that this TV is a very good option available at a reasonable price. You will enjoy watching movies and programs on it.

I hope you found this video helpful. See you in the next video, and until then, take care and stay safe.

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