7 Healthy Habits in Japan

 Hi. I'm Aki, a minimalist who is a school  teacher living in a small village in Japan. Today I would like to share seven  healthy Japanese habits with you because many of my foreign  friends asked me many times Why are Japanese people so  healthy and have long lifespans? From my point of view, I also was to recognize  that Japan has other various problems within its society and daily life such as natural disasters,  death by fatigue from overworking, and suicide. But there are also good traits  and habits of Japanese culture that contribute to the healthy  and long lifespan of its citizens. Here are seven healthy Japanese  habits that I can think of. So let’s get started.

Taking a bath daily

First, the habit of taking a bath daily. In Japan, there are more than 3000 hot spring  areas. Public baths are everywhere in the city, and bathtubs are basically  installed in every house. Japanese people love taking  baths, even the monkeys too. And I also love it too, and basically  I always enjoy lounging in the bath .

I think this habit of taking a bath is a big reason why Japanese people  can stay physically healthy. I think there are three main reasons. The first is that it warms your body, which  has the effect of helping your muscles relax. Second, water pressure within  the bath helps improve metabolism as well as excretes toxins within the body . Thirdly, because being in water allows  your body to float, the pressure on bones and muscles are reduced, which helps to  relieve back pain and stiff shoulders.

When I lived in Canada and  Australia, I only showered. So I know that even taking a shower  will warm and refresh your body. But after all, I feel that when I take a bath, my body is more warm, refreshed  and I feel less tired after that. Japan has an abundance of water,  so I can take a bath every day, but in many countries it may be  difficult to take a bath every day. But if you are able to, and if you are  interested in it, please give it a try.

Cleaning daily

Second, the habit of cleaning. Japanese people love cleaning.   Or rather, it's become a habit. I think it depends on the person, but  basically I clean my house every day. If we have time, I also clean my  neighborhood and public areas. Even Japanese soccer fans took their  trash home after the world cup match. I think the reason why Japanese  people clean so much is because it connects to an important concept  of Shintoism, which is cleanliness. Another reason may be because we have been  cleaning since early childhood at school. This cleaning habit keeps the environment  around you clean and hygienic. I think this hygienic environment is one of the reasons why Japanese  people can live a healthy lifestyle.

Special daily exercise

Third, the habit of special daily exercise. Have you ever heard the word radio calisthenics? This is a common exercise you  can see in the morning in Japan. It’s called Rajio Taiso, which is a composition of  many stretches and movements you do with a song. It seems that it is said to be "one of the reasons why Japan is considered to be a  country of longevity" from overseas. Originally it was made in 1928 to  improve the health of Japanese people.

When I actually do the  sequence, it looks like this. It's pretty tiring if you do it seriously. As many as 13 types of exercises are  combined within 3 minutes and 13 seconds. Since it moves the body continuously , it not only  has a cardio-like effect, but also has the effect of stretching like doing yoga. v Also, because it is easy to do, many age groups  can enjoy it, from children to the elderly. By the way, my workplace in Canada also  adopted this routine every morning.

Getting up early

Fourth, the habit of getting up early. Here is an interesting story about  Japanese people around 1900, which is written by Lafcadio Hearn from the United  States, who was an English teacher in Japan.

One morning, before the sun rose,  I heard a sound near my house. I wondered what it was, and when I looked outside, the villagers were chatting and gargling,  washing their faces using dich water. I was wondering what these people were doing, and as soon as the sun rose from the  mountain, they all turned to the sun. They said, " Thank you for always looking over  us" and prayed with a clap of their hands.

Until about 100 years ago, Japanese people used  to get up early every morning and worship the sun. Now, this habit only remains during the New Year,  but the old Japanese used to do that every day. The reason for worshiping the sun is that in  Shintoism, the sun is the supreme deity of Japan. Unfortunately, young people  today don’t have such a habit, but many of the older generations still get  up early and some people continue this habit. By getting up early, exposed to the  morning sun, your natural clock will reset and be in tune with the day's energy.

Fifth, the habit of eating Japanese food.

Eating Japanese food

The reason why Japanese food is  healthy is that it is said to be a healthy diet with a good nutritional balance. For one reason, it was registered as a healthy practice by UNESCO Intangible  Cultural Heritage in 2013.

A Japanese meal is usually composed  of one soup and three side dishes. Rice, the main dish, is high in carbohydrates. Fish or soy products are high in protein. You can get vitamins and minerals  from simmered and pickled vegetables. In addition, fermented foods such as miso  and natto will improve intestinal digestion. In this way, Japanese food is a well-balanced and healthy diet, so you can keep  your body youthful and healthy.

I love eating Japanese food. It's delicious and you can eat various kinds of  colorful ingredients, so it's very fun to eat. But honestly, I'm not good at making it. This is because there are many products  and seasonings you need to prepare, and it takes a lot of time and effort. So, if you are good at cooking, please  give it a try and make some Japanese food.

Drinking Matcha

Sixth, the habit of drinking matcha. In modern Japan, not so many people usually drink  matcha, but Japan has a habit of drinking matcha. The reason why matcha is healthy is that matcha  contains an abundant amount of nutrients. For example, it is rich in minerals  such as calcium and dietary fibers. It also contains many  antioxidants such as catechins. Moreover, since matcha is  made from tea leaves itself, it contains several times more  nutrients than ordinary tea. That's why I always drink matcha every morning. I feel that drinking matcha every  morning not only makes me healthier, but also makes me feel relaxed while  also boosting my work performance.

By the way, my great-grandmother  also drank matcha every morning. I don't know if it was  actually because of the matcha, but my grandma lived healthy until  she was nearly 100 years old.


Seventh, the habit of hiking mountains. There are many mountains in Japan, and many  people make it a habit to climb those mountains. I think hiking is also one of the  reasons why Japanese people are healthy. This is because it strengthens your legs  and feet, so your body does not weaken. In fact, my grandpa went up  the mountain almost every week. Even when he was over 70, he  was on his feet all the time and worked in the fields every day. He lived healthy until he was about 80 years old.


summary Today I shared seven healthy habits in Japan. What did you think of them? I'm sure some people might be surprised that it was completely different from  the customs of your country. But, if you are interested in any of these habits,  please try to incorporate habits into your life. And let's create a healthy life together! Stay safe, have fun and thank  you for watching as usual! I hope to see you in the next video!! Bye bye

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