Clueless White Boy Busts out Perfect Chinese in the Market, Shocks Locals (Spicy Street Food Tour!)

 Clueless White Boy Busts out Perfect Chinese in the Market, Shocks Locals (Spicy Street Food Tour!)


All right, check it out guys. it's Trevor James. Just got into Chengdu, China Sichuan Province spicy Chinese food Capital. Haven't been here in four years and I am so pumped. Look at this guys. We're in the morning Market bright and early. just like old times. We're revisiting all the classic spots. We're gonna make a lot of fun videos for you guys and I am pumped. Look at this morning Market action. There's a lot of stuff here in this market. Look at all the chickens and the live crayfish. But I think we found what we're looking for right here.

Finding Ding Ding Candy

Oh look at this look. This is classic Sichuan Street Food. It's like a maltose sugar ding ding Tong. UE Wow sugar. Oh good for the throw. Okay, nah will I? uh uh. let's get 40. Oh look at this. look at this. He's cracking it. He's cracking it. Wow. Chicka sound. Mature chicken sandwich. [Applause] Okay so this red one, you have to put it in some hot water, but the white one you can eat straight. Bahama. It's so good to be back in China eating Sichuan food. Bangla [Music] Oh look at that scale. Wow. And then this is the real Sichuan street food here guys. This white one here. The maltose candy. Foreign Ding ding dong. Oh yeah. foreign. Wow. this is gonna be good. [Applause] [Music] [applause] [music] Thai Bangla Look at this Market guys. Full action here. Oh he's gonna. He's gonna the white powder on it. Oh rice flour rice flour. He's a master of this ding ding Tong ding ding candy. And you can hear him making the ding ding noise. [music] Oh here it is. [Music] Wow guys, it's been like five years since I had this ding ding Kong. Now guys, [Music] Oh, it's like a little citrusy. underwear. Um, it's good for the throat. Wow. It's really Taffy like. hence yeah, it's a little lemony. A little vanilla too. It's like a little lemony and Vanilli. It's like a maltose Rock Sugar with lemon and vanilla in there. Really delicious.

Chicken feet for breakfast

Let's go see what we can find for, uh, a breakfast or a snack. First things first, maybe some chicken feed. We got chilies, we got radish, pickles, and actually quite a few varieties of chicken feet. Let's start off with some chicken feet for breakfast and some cold salad. Full action here. You just take some of this. Start off with pig ear I think that's a duck intestine there and then let's get some of this. This looks like a Lotus root potato. What are your mushroom? Cauliflower salad that looks good? Oh and tofu. Oh yeah, look at that with seaweed. So what you do is you give her your custom salad selection and then she's gonna add more chili oil, more garlic, fresh chilies in and make it upgraded spicy. This is the magic station here. She's putting it into this Sichuan salad bowl, chopping it up. So we got the pig ear. We got the duck intestine and the Sichuan salad. Oh garlic. Big leeks, chili, more fresh garlic onion. oh peanut salt, Msg vinegar. That's a sesame oil. Oh and then peppercorn. Sichuan peppercorn, soy sauce. It's all in there and this is the magic. Look at that Sichuan chili oil.

and let's get some of this chicken feed too. These are pickle chicken feet. So they're going to be sour and spicy and citrusy. You can see lemon in there. There's radish, pickled carrot. Look at that. All different types of pickled chilies here. It is deep in the local Morning Market. Starting off the day, we've got the pig ear salad with Sichuan spice. We've got peanut. We've got all that Sichuan peppercorn oil. Tofu looks really good. Let's just try it. Oh it's really good. It is spicy, aromatic, seasoned well. It's a very Savory spicy numbing here. it is. Guys next for breakfast we gotta go in with pickled chicken feet. This is another Sichuan specialty. You know the secret with chicken feet is this gelatin like collagen part. Oh um wow. Well it's good. actually. wow. It's another dimension of Sichuan food. It's spicy, but it's not the Mala type of spicy. It's like a sour spicy. It's like a Tongao flavor. It's numbing we Sichuan peppercorn oil.

This is the first place King and I shot a market tour in China and it went viral. It got like a few million views and we only had maybe 10 000 Subs. Oh look at this.

Spicy Sichuan silken tofu

Anyhow, Ohama. This is tofu and you can get chili oil on it. Oh look at this. This is Doha guys. Sichuan Silken Tofu. Oh look at those giant cubes of Doha. Oh, loading up the chili oil, broad bean paste waging classic and onions. Look at that. She's added on Chili, broad bean paste, and Msg. Wow. She's just rocking out each portion individually. Thank you! Wow! It's really aromatic. Wow. And that silken tofu is just so soft and silky. And of course it's got that Msg to bring out the flavor and the broad bean paste. This is just amazing guys to be back! Super delicious street food and Chengdu [Music] Um, it's really delicious. Let's keep seeing what we can find. Look at all the classic Sichuan ingredients in here Guys, We've got Sichuan peppercorn. We've got dried chilies of all different varieties. We've got all the medicinal Chinese herbs here. Look at all these chilies here guys. and this is where you grind up the chilies into dried chili paste. Oh, look at that. He's gonna upgrade Karima. That's Sichuan peppercorn powder. Wow. Onto my Doha. Oh and some chili. Wow. Let's try it out. Upgraded Doha.

Wow. When you eat one of these, it's like your mouth just tingles with electricity. but it's almost citrusy. In a way. This is the most numbing Sichuan peppercorn. It's bringing back memories. This guy we've seen like five years ago and he remembers us. We remember him. He's giving me discount. There it is. Sichuan Hua Sichuan Peppercorn. This challenge. [Music] It's extremely numbing. Yeah, a type of trunk. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten a peppercorn. It's been too long. I got weak. Seriously, I could barely breathe there. I think there's a street snack up here. Sichuan Street Snacks: Okay, Special Pork Blood. Let's try it out. Oh there it is. So it's a bowl of boiled pork blood. Oh soybean, green onion. But then the real secret I think was coming. Oh Jeremy, Fun Secret Chili Oil. Let's try it out guys.

Spicy boiled pork blood

Look at that. Let's get some of that pork blood. Chili chili oil changing. [Applause] Wow, Okay, how's your hand? The pork blood actually tastes like tofu in a way. It's just soft and full of flavor. And the best part about it? I think my favorite part is the chili oil. Combined with the crunchy soybeans, you got the soft pork blood which just takes on the flavor of the chili oil. And those crunchy soybeans. Almost like popcorn in a way. Bye-bye Let's keep going. And look what we found here guys.

Sichuan unique pancake (insanely delicious)

A little Sichuan Street pancake stall. Look at that. She's putting the fresh mold on the flame. Right now she's gonna oil the pan so she's got this sticky rice flour batter so it's like a fermented rice flour batter. Look at that and it says on there which means happiness and then gonna place it down. Okay here it goes. Look, this is rotating it to get the heat. Even here we go look at this. It's time to put the filling. Insane Aroma. It's like a fermented rice Aroma. Almost smells alcoholic. Almost smells like sour. fermented in a way. and toasty. So that's peanut, Sesame, soybean, and sugar. So that's going back on. And then let's see what happens next. Oh, and then she's adding more rice starch on top and look at how perfect she is. She barely misses a drop. So it's a rice pancake. literally, that's what it's called. and then it's gonna cow. it's gonna roast. Oh look at the golden. Wow. it's glowing. It's got a golden aura. Wow, Look at that happy cake. Let's just break it open. Oh, look at that steaming Delight. Still super hot. Wow. it's really delicious. It's like a fluffy fermented rice flour batter, almost alcoholic, sour in a way with a sweet peanut Sesame filling.

So she's trying to give them all away because we bought a whole pan, but we only want two. She's so friendly, she's giving them out to all the people. That's it. Jen. Oh, let's keep exploring guys. Wow! This is bringing back all the memories. Look at this. We just found a little Local Kitchen here making Liang Fen. Look at this starch jelly and it's gonna have Sichuan Chili Roll and I think let's see how it's done. Sichuan Huajama Garlic. Oh bean paste. shout out Green chili oh and then red chili oil. Oh and then some green onion on top. Hi how let's go try it out. It's like a Sichuan cold jelly noodle. Basically cold and spicy and refreshing. Actually goes together really well. Let's try it out. [Music] Um wow. it's really nutty from the Sesame. Oh and spicy and numbing everything in chili oil in Sichuan. It's delicious. Serious memories coming back here eating all this. Wow. We've got a lot of food in this market. let's keep exploring. I think we're going to go to Classic Noodle to finish off the tour one from the old memory books. Let's go guys!

Oh and here we are guys. [Music] Made it back to the one of the top noodle spots in Chengdu. Oh it's still bumping. Look at all the people eating here on the street. Oh my it's so busy. and look at this guys, this is the chili oil station and now we're gonna see the making of the chili oil base. Starting with a little starch, I think we got Weijing so Msg, Sichuan peppercorn, soy sauce and then garlic going in. Look at that Sesame going in and then Here Comes. Oh just the secret sauce. This looks nutty. It's looking like peanutty almost and then Chile. and then look, they just get some green onion. Look at this guys full noodle cauldron and all of this chili oil on the bottom and then the noodles go on top. And then here's the plating station. Look at this guys. that's the Fuego row. Twice cooked pork with chili, broad bean paste. Oh there's a few different variations, but definitely what you want to get is this one. Here Here we are guys. Look at that. You can just swirl up on one of these stools and enjoy your noodles.

So there's a lot in that chili oil. Usually it's chili oil. It's a little bit of Jijing chicken stock, a little bit of soy sauce, garlic, Sichuan. Oh pepper. Oh, you can smell the nuttiness. I definitely smell some Sesame paste in there as well. Let's take it down. Oh, this is an iconic bite. Let's try it out. Just look at that thick. It's absolutely coated with Sesame paste and chili. It's like a Nutty, spicy Aroma infused.

Cuego Row: twice cooked pork noodle is absolutely packed with flavor. If I could have any Bowl, this would be it any day. Hands down number one right here. Absolutely legendary Thai. How's your major logical way now? [music] That was Unreal guys. So much flavor. Okay guys and to finish up the day, we're gonna get some tea in this beautiful tea Park. Chengdu. One of my favorite memories from living in Chengdu, was actually just chilling in these Parks.

Tea in the tea park

They're so beautiful and you can just drink tea and you get into your Zen moment. You get into your Chill Zone and there we go guys just enjoying tea in the park.

Hope you enjoyed the video. Make sure to subscribe. if you haven't already, check out those old videos from like seven years eight years ago in Chengdu. I'm Gonna Leave a link to those in the description. Make sure to watch those. Those are the Og Food Ranger videos. Please leave me a comment I'd love to hear from you and thanks again! Thanks as always for watching! Thanks guys!


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