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Look at this guys, We just found the ultimate Bangladeshi fish paradise. We've got these big red snappers covered in a turmeric curry powder to paste and you can get them grilled over the coals right here. I check it out guys! This Trevor James We just got into Old Dhaka magical Old Dhaka and I am so pumped because today we're going for a full-on Street food adventure. Let's check it out. Get ready to go deep into the core of Old Daka for some of the best food in the world because today we're bringing you in for some incredible Bangladeshi food that you're gonna love. So make sure to watch all the way until the end because we're bringing you for the most amazing home-cooked Bengali meal, True fish heaven and one of the most insane desert alleyways you'll ever witness.

Let's eat and just look at this guys. We are going for food all day and right here. Oh we found a little roki nan joint. Look at this guy's mama coming at you. Well so this is Roti Paratha. Oh so we're making paratha here. Right on the grill fried in oil and you can just see back here it's packed with locals. This is a local breakfast joint in Osaka. We're gonna go see what they got coming at you coming at you on that? it's Nun Nun soup soup. Chicken soup. Oh chicken soup. This is amazing what peer action this is and we're just gonna sit for some breakfast. Tasty! Thank you thank you My old Kaka. It's just full of history. Oh thank you Chicken Soup! Oh and here's the top. Thank you. Just a local breakfast here in deep old Daka Look? Oh yeah, oh that's spicy and wholesome. Global. Oh come on. Oh, that's one of the most partyĆ­s spiciest dogs I've ever had. - wha? It's just pure pure joy and you can really feel the energy in there hovering. that delicious bread with your dog. Spicy, wholesome vegetarian delight.

And this is just one, if not hundreds or thousands of stalls here in Osaka and we got so much more coming today. There's so much history and culture in the streets here, it really would take months if not years to explore and we are just starting out. Friendly people get any better than that guys. And before heading over to our friends your mom's home for a huge fan galley lunch, we kept exploring deeper into Old Dacha for one more delicious breakfast. Awesome guys and we are gonna keep going here.

Local Bazaar

We're going to the local bazaar, get some more food. my mom taught the bazaar. Ok, let's go, we're going. Thank you mama, thank you and there's just so much food here guys right up here. I think there's more breakfast deep in Old Naka. Here we go. Hey mama comin' atcha mama! Wow! look at this guy's a pecky Obagi budgie mix vegetable. So we've got a mixed vegetable doll here. This is the Bhaji. Oh good, good, good Baloo. So this is the mixed vegetable and then this is the doll is the halwa. So it's a semolina pudding. thank you mama and we just got the mixed vegetables and the hog war here. Guys, look at this beef in the streets of old Daka. This is amazing. We've got beautiful dal and mix veg together and then how will semolina pudding and it should be mixed with a bit of cinnamon as well and some paratha. Let's just take a chunk of that paratha some of that mix vegetable. We got dal, we got lentil, we got vegetable with potato and oh you can see all the spices in there. There's cumin seed, simple and spicy. Tasty. Oh it's just perfectly smooth and you can taste. is there Zerah? Zerah? Zerah? Yeah, you can taste the Jeera yeah the cheer of the cumin. that's going for this.

However, this is just the joy of life here guys, trying out new foods and meeting friendly people. Oh wow, the huh blah sweet. mmm Dada. Halwa is so sweet it almost tastes like there's some Rose syrup or some saffron cinnamon. Real smooth spicy goodness. One, we're just bringing in a fresh batch of the mix veg. Fresh fresh. Oh look at that fresh vegetables you'll see. Oh, take a seat doughnut, Take a seat. Holodeck didn't backed up at 400 1804. I give the change. Thank you thank you putting me to work here And after that amazing second breakfast, our friend Sherman is bringing us for an incredible home-cooked Bengali meal at his home. Hey Sherman, how you doing man!

So these are all the mashed Bangladeshi dishes the board does because our home a daughter both. Mango, Coconut Mango Pickle this is the sweet one and that is the sour. Ah, this is amazing. So this is the English English fry in mustard. Oh and the onion and chili on top. Try that out, take a bit of that onion. Should I go for the chili - everyone would know about the chili first. Okay wait hmm oh whoa. Hold that is it. Really tasty. I love how it's slightly crispy yeah and slightly mustardy and the onions give it a real fragrance - what? mmm and the soft inside that is really good. We're gonna try some Boar - next Mrs. Ellis Porta: Yeah, so this is the same fish sitting in a bow in a porta. both of my strengths with onion and chilli. There's so much delicious food here. Mmm Oh Postmaster D. And really Mushroom? Your family recipe? Yeah, family recipe. Oh here it's Martin Martin and we call it Kashi Munna - Munna. Yeah. Spicy spicy video. Oh look at this. This is amazing. We've got the Bengali kashi bruna here. Wow. You can really smell cinnamon. Yeah, lots of cinnamon in there. Mmm oh well. looks like a little spicy and cinnamony. smooth, tender. Mmm. This is some of the best food I've ever had right here.

Bengali Food

good to see you! Thanks for having us. Thank you for having us! Yeah, good morning Hey thank you thank you for having us. My wife nice to meet you and my mother nice to meet you. Thank you for having us. And as soon as we stepped in we were invited into the kitchen watch the pure magic of Bengali cuisine being prepared. So we're gonna make a board that yeah, so what are we making here? Pumpkin! Oh so we've got pumpkin and chili and onion and salt nice and oh this is the mustard. Oho so this is part of Bangladeshi cuisine here, so usually you add in onion and chili and mustard oil and salt. I mean and it smells so amazing. Wow! and it's going into all of the Bartha's Ms. Sherman's wonderful family prepared a huge spread of Bengali Bortas for lunch. with a potato Boertie, an Alberta, a bean Boertie, a baby shrimp Porter with coriander and mustard, a smoky eggplant Boertie, and an Ultimate National Bank Dali Fish Boertie, the Illest fish Porter, the most flavorful fish.

I realized not only how incredible Bengali cuisine truly is, but also how amazing the hospitality is as well. These dishes combined with a homemade pulao rice and fried pumpkin flour and fried fish, fish and mustard oil we were set for an incredibly delicious meal.

Here we go. So this is the English Fish, Exactly from the river. Somebody look love them all right in the mustard oil that is so aromatic. Believer this country there are lots of rivers. We have Five big you, a bigger one and the one is Bubba English we Turner from Bubba is the best one. Okay, this is the king right here. King right? That's finished the land of fish. Yes, Fish heaven here in Bangladesh. And mustard and spice. And after frying up some shallots and fresh green chilli to garnish the fish, our huge Bengali feast was ready. Thank you so much! Wow!

English Food

so I could try this on! Yeah Wow and we look awesome right now. Thank you Martin Kosher! Yeah, it's just amazing and we are all looking so handsome now Kurt does yeah. Comic Punjabi Panjabi? Yes Wow! And what do we have here today? These these are the fresh items Englishmatt Ilish Fish Fish fish. Yeah and it's in a master master Yeah Mustard sauce, mustard sauce. so we put chilli and garlic paste receptor. then this is pop. the fish. Pop the fish. Yeah River River river and this is also in mustard in mustard. Wow and Bangladesh just has so much fish. Yeah here and this is koi fish, Koi fish quick, another river fish, another river fish and this is a peas and other ingredients like king onion, garlic and you can see it. This is a beautiful and then chicken over here again you can get Karey and this is the Mutton Pune or Mutton Kasha Mutton Kosha Martin Tuna Martin Runa. This is a very famous thing in Bangladesh that is the English right? English right? And that's what we saw in the kitchen there in the mustard oil with the onions and the garlic on top and that is got ski I skip una una esquina. It's a fish with cilantro, cilantro, green chilli, red spicy, just spicy. Yeah right. And then we've also got all the Bortas here right? right?

Dear Mom, Do you know this packet is Me? Thank you! And after eating this meal, I'm convinced that there's nothing in this world quite like a home-cooked bangali meal with all the super delicious mustard and chili and garlic and super smooth spices. and a huge spread of Bengali desserts to finish like rice pudding, Mishti balls with Rose syrup, homemade chana dal, a B, sweet curd, malai cream, and a barfi cake. Coming to eat as a guest at a home in Bangladesh is truly an unforgettable experience. And next up for an early dinner, we're bringing you for the ultimate than galley fish heaven.

Local Food

All right guys. Next up, we made our way to the outskirts of Dhaka. We are at the Nila Market. It's like a local village market and there's tons of food around here. And look at this right up here. I think we just found fish Heaven Mama. Come on Nacho Mama, look at this. Yes, we just found the full-on fish heaven. We've got these big red snappers covered in a turmeric curry powder paste and you can get them grilled over the coals right here. Look at this. We've got delicious local crabs. We've got palm for it. Snap or look at the size of these snapper and then you can get it all grilled up right here over the coals.

Chicken Tikka. Oh this is just incredible and I think we're gonna get one of these big ones mama. Can I get Hector Hector? please?

Oh and there it is. Look at that. Oh, covering that really bright orange turmeric and curry powder. Fresh. Oh, it's fresh. And that's the local red snapper. Bangladeshi. And look at that. We're just gonna cover it in more of that dark orange sauce. Guys: turmeric curry powder, Oster sauce, soy sauce. It's all in there. Oh, that's Red Snapper. Local Bangladeshi Ocean. Tasty. Very tasty. Wow, look at that. We're just covering it. Whoa. Look at that. It really smells potent. Wow, there it is. Look at the size of that red snapper right on the grill with Tandoori chicken in the background and that is gonna smoke and grill and we're gonna have a delicious, delicious Bangladeshi fish meal. Oh, and we're just drizzling it in mustard oil. Guys, Mustard Oil. The soul of Bangladesh. Look at that. We're just covering it in super aromatic mustard oil. You can smell that it is so beautiful. That is just so beautiful. Number one, Number One Cubot. Oh yeah, We're so happy to be here in Bangladesh Guys! Beautiful country, amazing people and delicious food. And we're also going to get some real money.

Roti Row Molly Roti: Look at this guys so we've got dough. We're gonna flip it, look at that whoa that hit my nose and then look at this guy's it goes right on here and that's gonna pop up a bit and it's gonna be served. Oh and look at that Oh-ho and there it is. We got the beautiful coral fish and they gave us a little bit of extra decoration on there. I think that's a little bit of bonus extra special treatment. We got limes and onions and tomatoes and then we've got the roll.

Mali Roti: Thank you Beautiful! You can just break that flesh. Oh look at how steamy. Look at how steamy and good that is. Oh Oh that curry sauce. Oh it's a little tangy and citrusy, slightly spicy and the flesh itself has light spring to it is juicy. Wow. Oh and look at that. There's just huge chunks of flesh in there, no bones, tangy curry sauce. Bangladeshi curry from heaven. Thank you so much!

And to finish off the day, we're going just down the street to the most amazing dessert market you'll ever experience. Full of local Bengali desserts served super hot and super sweet and satisfying. This is so cool guys Village style markets and right up ahead you can just see this place is so busy and up here there is a big sweet section.

Bengali Desserts

We're going for Bangladeshi dessert delight. Oh come on not you my life guys. We got dessert heaven. Wow look at these unbelievable desserts. Oh and look at this guys. these are like super long gulab jamun made from milk solids and syrup. Oh and it's all super sweet here. Mama Ekta lime top So we're gonna get one of these. These are the lime Cha and you can see there's a huge selection here of desserts. Look at that beautiful selection. This is Raz gonna milk solids syrup. A lot of this has saffron, cardamom, Rose syrup and this is just packed and it's all in the super sweet syrup. Hot steaming goodness. Is it good? Tasty? Yeah. Tasty Bengali desserts? Yeah. Awesome. Oh thank you. So this is the Fonzie Responds: Ii just blow it. No don't don't no don't thank me. Okay, let's try it up. Oh just melting. Mmm I'm milky. It's very milky and sweet. It's like a milky soft hello with a rose. almost like a sweet syrup on there. Yeah yeah. what is amazing and I think maybe my MA exa please that's gonna be good. Look at those linty.

Oh this is amazing. You can just sample so many of these desserts. Mmm that is good. That is really good. Oh it just melts in your mouth. That is the ultimate syrup dessert. Amazing guys! And this is just a huge row of Bengali desserts deep in the outskirts of Dhaka.

I hope you guys loved this video. Please leave me a comment down below and click that little Bell notification button as well so you don't miss any of these videos. Thanks a lot for watching guys!

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