EXTREME Thai Street Food Food Tour of Bangkok, Thailand with


EXTREME Thai Street Food Food Tour of Bangkok, Thailand with @BrunaSilvaSaoBrazil !

All right, check it out guys! it's Trevor James. Hope you're doing well. Hope you're super excited for this video because today we're in Bangkok super hungry and we're bringing you for a full on street food Adventure. Let's go check it out guys and you guys are going to want to watch this whole video because we're bringing you for a lot of delicious food and we're meeting up with our local friend here, Bruna who lives in Bangkok. She's an amazing local and we're going to eat a lot of good food with her all day long. Let's go check it out guys.

Look at that Starting out Breakfast Pork Tales. This is what we're doing for breakfast here. They are going in. It's a roast pork tail marinated in their signature secret spices. Maybe we can try a tail with some Also regular. Oh yeah. like this. Nice, all right, looks all right. Oh, he's putting it in. so we got the pork belly. It's gonna turn into like a shower. Oh crispy crackling roast pork. And then we got the pork tail in there as well. Okay, and that's gonna roast. Look at the marinated chicken here. Nice. What did he put on there? Yeah, he said there is a coconut milk, salt and Sesame Sesame. Look at that. Wow. Thai roast chicken in the Big Urn with coal. It's gonna have a natural Aroma. Oh and there's another version here. Hi Herbs. Look at the spice mix on there so there's lemongrass. What else did he say? Lemongrass, Pepper pepper, Cumin, Herbs, Herbs and what a beautiful table it is here.

Okay, so we got the pork tail. A couple different sauces. This one is the this is the seafood sauce. spicy seafood sauce right? And this is The Tamarind sauce which is usually you have it with roasted chicken. Oh okay in Thailand so we put that by the chicken. Yes! so let's just take a pork tail. We'll get a juicy one. Look at those. Should we dip it in the seafood? Yeah. let's go. Oh nice, look at the layers of fat there. Cheers! Cheers! Mmm whoa. Who else? Wow. That's the same. That's totally like upgraded pork belly it is. It's so fatty and crispy, it's just amazing. The sauce is sweet and spicy and it goes perfectly well with the fattiness. It brings down the fattiness of it, right? Yeah, we're gonna keep eating. And then Bruno and I are going to a floating Market. We're gonna see what we can find them all right? Mac? Thank you? Yeah. Go to the floating Market Full on day of eating. Let's go. I think we're here. Nice floating Market. Okay, okay and here we are. Floating Market? Yeah, let's go see what we can find. You haven't been to this one? Yeah, me neither. Wow. Look at the giant fish here. Look at this fish. Wow. And I think there's a specialty pancake up here. Look at this. It's along the water. but before we get to the water, there's all these stalls. Yeah and uh, there's so many unique Thai Street Foods. Oh yeah, look at this. Whoa. Thai Street Pancakes. Wow. So what's this batter here? Is this like a taro? Yeah, yeah. And then what are these? Is this like a bean? Wow. So this is where it starts. There's this, uh, Brown sticky rice, right? Yeah. Flowers. and they get steamed and then it gets these beans on top, right? These are like yellow beans? Yes. And then they get scooped up. Look at that. there's a fold right there. and then look at this. They get placed right on top of these beans. Yellow beans? right? Exactly. Wow. Looks all right.

So let's order one of those. Looks so good. Yeah, Oh wow. Looking good. She's just loading them on. Yeah. and then I think what he's gonna do is wrap them or make sure they're fully coated and then put them into these. It looks wow, Looks delicious. Okay here we go. Here's the he's plating it now. let's get one of these. They're made really quickly. Like probably about just 30 seconds each one and you can see. Look at that. and there's a floating the boats in the back and then we're gonna go find a kapow. Okay, hopefully it'll be fine. Yeah, I really want to find a boat with a walk, you know? Oh yeah. hopefully we get it. There it is. Let's try it out. Yeah here we are. Look at that. Those are like, uh, little yellow peas. Or these little yellow beans Little like the nuts? Yeah, let's try it out. Let's try it out. Um oh. it's not sweet at all. It's very beanie and beanie. It's like eating a mouthful of beans. Really? Yeah. Protein. It needs the sugar. Mmm. The texture is interesting. It's quite dry. you keep exploring. Nice mung bean, rice, crab. Lots of Specialties here. Yes, it's insane. Like I don't know where even where to look look at this. Just selling limes.

Yeah, here we are. Look at these. Oh look at this pancakes. Oh My. God. Oh look at the egg yolks going right in here. Okay, here we go. Let's watch How It's Made Thai Street pancakes. So we've got a batter. It's like a it's like a wheat flour, rice flour, rice flour, roasted nuts and uh. sugar and sugar. Amazing. Oh okay. and then look at this. Here's the eggs. Oh look at those yolks. Oh and they're just loading them on. Oh and then here's palm sugar. Eggs and palm sugar. Yes, looks really good looks. So Roy. Look at that. Just mixing the palm sugar with the egg yolk. It's gonna be sweet and creamy. Yeah, Have you ever seen anything like this? No. it's so colorful. So colorful. Super like way of doing things. Yeah, okay. And then once these are crisped up here, look, they lowered it to the next station and let's see what goes on next. Oh okay. and then what do we have here? Duck Egg Yolk. Oh, she's loading it with duck egg yolk. Yeah, that's gonna be super creamy. Umami. Yeah. Duck egg. So it's like an ancient pancake, right? Yeah, that's what she said. I was like, what is this? It was like it's an ancient. This is ancient dessert.

Yeah, Oh wow. and you can see simultaneously making them here. She's putting the palm sugar on the ones in the back and then these ones. They have the duck egg yolk and that looks just like the hollowed out coconut flesh, right? Yeah. Super juicy and refreshing fresh coconut flesh. So the next one she's got. this is the coconut marinated. Yeah, this is coconut coconut flesh. Sweet coconut flesh. Yeah, look at that. Okay, and then she's also putting on fresh coconut Flesh on this one too. Yeah, look at that. She's loading it with coconut flesh as well. Oh, and then a little coriander. And then here they are. Look at that. Got a couple different varieties. Let's get one of each. Look at this. She's cutting it right now. Look at that. Yeah, Wow. So that's the duck yolk one, right? Yeah, Look at that. Look at that. guys. Should be good. Should we try it out? Let's go. I'm going for it. Whoa. Whoa. How's it going? Wow. That's really unique. Wow. I didn't expect that. that's really unique. Oh My. God. Oh my gosh. Really good. Really good. Oh My. God. It's like a sweet coconut with a fresh coriander and a crispy egg yolk pancake.

Let's try this one. This is the duck egg yolk, right? Yeah, it's like a it's like a Thai pizza slice. Almost. Yeah, it's sweet. sweet version. Um, I still have the other. Oh, that's nice as well. It's kind of like a grated egg yolk. almost creamy with a bit of a coconut. Very creamy actually. Let's finish these. Keep exploring the market. Let's go. let's go. let's go. All right. Mac Captain Cup: That was really good. Ancient pancake. Oh, keep exploring. Yeah, let's go.

Okay, next up, we're exploring the the waters here to see if we can get some Pad Thai or anything fried and a wok in the boat because at the floating Market, that's what you gotta find. Okay, let's go through the tunnels here under the bridge to find the boat food. Wow, it's amazing isn't it? This is really nice. All the locals selling the herbs look at this. Down here. there's a boat selling fried oyster omelette. Maybe. Oh look at this. We got fried mussels, fried noodles, and turnip cake. Oh cool. Maybe we should get Pad Thai. Yeah. Okay so we just found this floating Market with a bolt Pad Thai. Look here's the noodles. There we go. A little water. Here's the egg. Look at that right on the water. Little Tamarind sauce. Oh is it three eggs? Yeah. Wow. Okay, A little sugar tofu looking chives, bean sprouts, and fish sauce. Look at that and then she's gonna mix it in. I wonder how long she's been doing this for? She's been doing this for 10 years. 10 years. Wow. Oh look at the egg flip. There it is. Look at. she's putting the egg right on top of the noodle, serving a little bean sprout on top of green cup. Wow.

[music] Let's go try it out. Yeah. Amazing lime. Get the peanut all over. Is that how it's done? Yeah. Oh yeah. there's some lime. So this is a Banana Blossom, right? Yes. Yeah. And then some chili. should we put chili on? Oh yeah, that's a good idea. Oh, this one is different than other Pad Thai I've seen. It's totally like pink noodles. Yes, yes, it's a it's got that pink Tamarind sauce, right? Yes, there it is. The pink Tamarind noodle Pad Thai made with love. Let's try it out. All right. Wow. In your life that was good. That's really good. It's a little sour from the lime, right from The Tamarind. The Tamarind? Yeah, yeah. and then sweet. a little sweet, a little spicy, not too much which is nice. fresh from the bean sprouts. So a street style spot in Thailand usually has these four condiments, right? So what is it? We've got the vinegar. Good chili, You got the fish sauce. you've got. What is that? What is that? That's a new one. Isn't it a pepper powder? Sorry, I have no idea. Ah yeah. Chili. Okay, that went right into my nose. Careful. I know it's gonna be spicy. Yeah, and uh. sugar. and sugar sugar. This one's gonna be like sour. It's sort of like the Thai vinegar right here. That's some good stuff. Thai vinegar with fresh chili. That's just fresh chilies? Yeah, Oh, it needs that. I feel like a lot of the street food in Thailand. It's designed to have that vinegar right.

You can adjust your own flavors with spice in the sour Exactly. You can adjust to your personal preference tastes right. It can enhance those flavors. Is it good? It brings it? Yeah. [Music] Bye-bye Well she's off to the next floating market for more awesome floating Market. Thanks for coming out Bruno! It's great to see you again. Thank you. I won't be able to join you guys on the next that sounds good. We're gonna go eat more fun. Thank you! You guys! gotta check out Bruno's channel in the description below. She's got an awesome channel base here in Bangkok. Thank you! Thanks so much! See you see you awesome! Have fun!

Okay and to finish up the night, we are with Ern, our friend and local helper here in Bangkok who's bringing us deep out into the outskirts here to finish up the day to a temple Market right Temple Market. So apparently it's like a a weekly thing that they set up for a week. and there's a bunch of street food at a local temple, right? Beautiful! And just look at this Greenery. we're almost there. Let's go check it out. Here we are. We made it to the local market guys. Local Temple Market. Look at this little salad bar here and you can get it. I think you can get it with noodles. Look at this, it's already Cup gym. Oh look at this guys. Wow. It looks good. All right. Okay, let's get one of these. I think that's a fish curry with fish balls and you can get it with rice noodles here. Uh uh. two. Please look at that. Oh yeah, so you get fish balls and this is with coconut milk. It's a fish curry with coconut milk. Wow, look at that. And then there's one here with no coconut milk. Two different varieties and you can just sit down at the salad bar and enjoy it. Wow, look at that pumpkin cup. Look at this guys full-on salad bar to go with your noodles.

So we got two varieties here. Look at this fish curry. Two varieties, one on this side. coconut milk beside no coconut milk. comes with a duck egg, a fish ball, and lots of that Curry broth. And then we've got all of these salads to choose from. This is really cool. We got some green beans, we got some cabbage, we got cucumbers. I think This is a Thai Basil, some pickled veg over here, and bean sprouts, dried chilies. We got some classic Thai condiments vinegar with pickled chili, dried chili flakes and sugar. But first thing first, let's go in for these noodles. Rice noodles with a fish curry. looks like a red curry. It's a fish curry. Let's try it out. Um oh that is a complex fish broth. It's very rich and smooth. that's delicious. And then what you can do is just take your freshly cut veg. Look. we got some cabbage, add some green beans in there, add some bean sprouts and then you got a healthy meal. Look at that. um so fresh. Let's try this one now. No coconut milk fish curry. Try it out. A little sour actually. I think there's some Tamarind in there. What do you think? Tasty. All right. Awesome food here.

guys. Look at the market. we're gonna finish eating this and then go explore see what else we can find. Amazing local market here. Captain Cup, Keep exploring. Oh look at this sorry cup. Wow. this is the local popsicle. I'll try a blue one please. Thank you. Let's keep exploring. Bye-bye thank you [Music] that's nice. Look what we found here. Sauerk up Pad Thai. Oh look at this. Wow. Here we go. We just walked in. we're gonna witness the making of pad thai. There's tofu in the middle. Here's the noodles. Look at that giant Pad Thai making. He's just dumped in bean sprouts tofu and look at this. Oh it's huge. Look at that mountain. So the noodles. I think they're soaked with a Tamarind sauce so they might be a little sweet. Look at that bean sprouts tofu mixing. and now look at this. He's separating them into clumps into sections. This is just amazing. Look at this pad Thai Mastery here guys. He's rocking the speed, rocking, the skill making individual Pad Thai portions. Here comes the oil. Oh, just getting it all. Oh, look at this eggs going down. Wow. Look at that. Okay, and then he's just adding the pad thai onto the eggs. There they are. Look at that. wow Looking good, ready to eat looking good. Amazing.

So not only is there Pad Thai, but there's also a muscle omelette. Let's see how that's done. Okay, here we go. This is it. The famous oyster omelette. Look at the mussels muscle omelet here Going into that starch batter. Wow. Yeah, Here we go look at this. He's gonna make a full a full Grill here. Look at the eggs going on at the same time. That is insane. Look at that. So there's starch. There's mussels, there's eggs, seasonings, and a big giant Grill. Oh, and he's gonna make another look at that. Oh, they're full of omelette Masters here. So fast. Here's the bean sprouts. Look at this. Oh yeah. And then now they're ready. And there's the oyster omelet. Look at that pumpkin cup. Let's try it out. Look at this. We got a street Pad Thai. It's like egg wrap. You can see the egg just. he makes a layer on the bottom and then puts the noodles on top. Wow. Sweet, some lime. There's also chili and sugar. Let's just try it. Oh, peanuts in there and take a look at these noodles. You can actually see their Orange from palm sugar and Tamarind, so it's going to be slightly Tangy and also maybe a little sweet or sugar if we wanted more sweet. But let's try it out. Hmm. [Music] All right. All right. Oh amazing. Simply Delicious, not too sweet. fresh bean sprouts in there, the egg and you can see he's just rocking it. He's making the muscle omelette right now.

the hotel Top Gun cop. Wow. Captain Cup, Look at that. Still super hot. Let's pour the sweet Thai chili sauce on the classic sweet Thai chili sauce. Oh yeah, look at that and then let's try it out. Wow, that's a sizzling Delight right there. We got mussels, We got classic sizzling Delight full of starch and egg and you can see they're just non-stop action here. Let's try it out. Oh Oh wow. All right Matt. Oh it's gooey. It's so gooey and crispy. Wow. Super aromatic, season very nicely. And then the sweet Thai chili sauce is very nice as well. of course sweet and spicy. Really Perfect combo. Captain Cup bye-bye bye-bye and it's truly been an amazing day Guys Super full! This Market is non-stop Look food all around. I'm a bit full though so I think that's going to be the end of the video.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Make sure you click, subscribe and leave me a comment down below. I would love to hear from you what an awesome day in Bangkok! Look at all this food Awesome! Thanks so much for watching guys.

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