EXTREMELY SATISFYING Crab Tour of Sri Lanka - GIANT Crab Claw LOLLIPOPS + BEST Seafood in Sri Lanka!

 EXTREMELY SATISFYING Crab Tour of Sri Lanka - GIANT Crab Claw LOLLIPOPS + BEST Seafood in Sri Lanka!


Check it out guys! it's Trevor James. We are bright and early at the Negombo Lagoon and today there's a super special occasion because we are gonna be having a full-on crab and fish. Let's check it out. Get ready for some of the most delicious crabs you'll never see coz today we're going in deep and super local for some of the best crabs in Srilanka. Bringing you to eat at four different locations to try different crabs with us. All cook different styles and all super delicious. You're gonna love this video so make sure to watch all the way until the end to enjoy all of these delicious crabs with us. Let's eat! So the plan today guys is we're gonna eat a bunch of crabs.

Crab Tour

Starting first here at the seafood market. We're gonna take a look here and then go to the lagoon and pick up a giant hopefully a good-sized Lagoon crab. Let's see what we got here first though. Tuna Tuna. Oh big chunks of tuna. Look at these baby tuna. Oh look at these. Wow. Big prawn. Colorful good. very tasty Lagoon Lagoon Prawn? Yeah! And on our way to the mud crab nest area we got invited by a local fisherman to hold his fishing rod. Why not? This is just such a beautiful location here. bright and early. all the fishing boats. it's truly stunning. Looking for para para Oh down here in the bank Also this is the Para Oh wow and what a beautiful seeing this is so many fishermen here fishing for pata fish and we are gonna make our way to the lagoon and try and get a big clump mud crab. Let's check it out.

Awesome guys and we just made our way to a little neighborhood outside of the fish market and we're going to a local mud crab nest. This is gonna be amazing. We're bringing these mud crabs to the nest where they feed them, get them nice and plump and then sell them and it's just right here. Every house here has their own nest so we got lucky today. We've got a local family that's bringing us to their own nest and we can see how it's done. This is it. We are at the nest. The mud crab nest. Oh and here they are. Look at these. you can see my trap. They actually just live right in the mud. Look at that. Wow. it's full. So many. That's where they get big and plump. Oh [Music] and here it is. Big one. Wow. just amazing to watch here. We just took a crap from the nest. We're tying it up. We're gonna personally bring it over to one of the local seafood restaurants here and try it. and then in the afternoon we're going for more crab. We've got a crab filled day. we're getting another.

Oh there it is. Look at that Nice nice mud crab here. It's tasty, tasty, big, big meat, big made. awesome. We're gonna go bring these to a restaurant and they also have buckets full of oysters. Oyster All right. they're tasty. Ahh okay we're just gonna scale these. 0.9 kg and 1.85 so almost 2 kg for two crabs here. Thank you! Okay okay we're going right up here to old tell us one of the oldest restaurants in the gumbo for local style. We're gonna get these cooking a gumbo style mud crab? okay and we're gonna go take a look at the kitchen. Hey we can make the gumbo style I think almost out spicy but awesome.


I love spicy. Yeah! this is honestly the coolest, most amazing local style kitchen in the gumbo. So we got coriander, pandan leaves, curry leaves, garlic and onion. Then we're gonna put some curry paste, some tomato. Oh just amazing. Oh and here's the Ceylon Ceylon Cinnamon. You know, cinnamon and cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon. Pure gold, Pure Ceylon. It's going in. Oh that's the base for our new gumbo crabs. And you can really smell the pandan, the curry leaves and the garlic. We're gonna add those big plump crops in chili. Oh-ho look at the colour there. that's gonna give it so much kick. Curry powder. Oh and tons of curry powder in there. Here come the crabs. These are our big huge The Gumbo Mud crabs. Wow. Look at those big very big pool and we're just gonna put some coconut milk in there. This is the most beautiful sight you'll ever lay your eyes on here. The Gumbo style mud crab. You can smell that creamy coconut, that chili that pandan, leave those curry leaves, the onions and tomatoes, it's all in here. Oh and we're just adding in some local spices there. Wow. it's getting so thick that is so thick. Beautiful plump crab claws. This is so beautiful. Very hungry.

Whoa. Look at that. That's the most beautiful thing you'll ever set your eyes on. Wow And just look how thick that sauce is comes. the sauce that is no gumbo style sauce. Look at how thick that is. No gumbo style. Look at that. Oh it smells so rich and potent. Oh thank you! Oh, look at the color here. Sri Lankan Specialties Stunning. Thank you. Just look at the color here. We've got these Negombo style mud crabs. Oh look at those plump massive claws in the gumbo style. They put so much of their secret dark spice mix in at the end and these Moringa leaves. and then look at all of this beautiful selection. To go with our crab. we've got the local herb, garlic and chili and all of this can go with the string hoppers. Here we have a beautiful beautiful dal lentil dal. This can go perfectly with the string hoppers and we've got some local salted dried fish. And then over here we've got some beautiful fried cuttlefish. Beautiful poppadom Fried poppadom. We've got a bread through curry. Then we have a pole sambal which is coconut dried Maldives fish, chilies.

Oh and all of this can go so well with these string hoppers here. But first thing we got to do, you know what we got to do here. Look at this. Oh look at how plump those claws are. Higher. Wow. Covered in the gumbo sauce. Look at how dark and thick that is. Where's the claw? and they covered it in Moringa leaves as well. Let's just break that claw. Oh there it is. Look at that. Oh there's the flash. Look at that. You gotta get messy with this. This just go right in. Mmm that is ultra delicious. That is just like all of this. Oh that was the best flavor you'll ever taste. Oh look at that. Oh oh that is a perfect perfect.

The Gumbo: Crab Popsicle: Oh and you can just cover that perfect crab popsicle. You can taste the cardamom, you can taste the cloves, It's earthy, so rich. Oh, you can just break that in half and that just slurping that is gonna be pure heaven. Only right here in the gumbo can you taste a flavor that deep and that complex. And look at all the flesh in there. And next up, we're just gonna take some tall. a little doll. A touch of that lentil dal, a bit of this breadfruit curry. Just a touch. Oh Sri Lanka, my mouth is just on fire as soon as you eat this. You feel the spices and you feel the love that people put into their cooking. here. We're just gonna top that off with the best, most spiciest, rich, deep, complex sauce. There is so much complexity in everything here. that doll. so hearty. and this bread cookery. so smooth. And then this beautiful mud crab. so rich and you can pile all those together. Their brilliance. Nothing better than that. Thank you very much. that was so delicious. Very tasty. We'll see you next time. Thank you!

Oh that was just incredible guys and we are gonna be having so much crap today. And next up we're going for another different style of crab.

Chilli Crab

the chili crab. Hey OOP Ally's right here. Okay and we are going into the kitchen now guys. we just got permission. we're gonna order up a big Lagoon crabs romantic style. Oh this is gonna be so good. we're gonna watch how they make it. We should Got old fish head curry, fish head curry. just a huge head and we just threw the lagoon crab in the wok and we're gonna fry it up in tons of chili. Oh oh chili paste. Oh there we go. Look at that red. That is what dreams are made of right there. Go home. I have on good good. Go home a divan. Oh here we go. We're gonna put an egg in. oh that's gonna thicken it up. Look at that walk full of good plump huge crab claws and look at that actually egg. hey it's all in there that looks delicious. Oh okay, to get messy, To get messy, this is gonna be good. Beautiful. Oh look at the color. look at this full-on colorful Sri Lankan lunch we've got here. We've got chilli crab cooked in Jaffna style spices. We wash them, make that in the kitchen that is so aromatic and look at these claws. Oh that looks beautiful. We got four beautiful crab claws. They're lagoon clap cooked in Jaffna style spices, chilli crab, and then look at this guy's awesome Sri Lankan mutton curry. Look at those nice chunks of mutton, and then here we have a coconut sambal. This is made with dried Maldives fish, onion, tomato. Oh and you can really smell the fish aroma and the coconut. Then we got a beautiful doll here and just look at the color on this banana leaf. Oh when you open it up there, you can just smell that potent mix of spices.

We have a tapioca curry, we have an eggplant curry. We've got some cabbage leaves all gorgeous and then more of that coconut sambal over top of rice and he just served it with some gorgeous red rice as well.

What happened next was one of the most frustrating things. Fail after fail of opening the crab claws. Let's count the fails. Just crack that beauty. Oh sorry. Oh hell. it's so slippery I'm starting to lose it. There's gotta crack that beauty open. It's like oh thank you. Okay, now I can go in. It's all falling off, it's just all coming out like let me take this off. It's getting too messy and we're just gonna scoop that beautiful Juliet egg combo and slurp that to get the first flavor. Mm-hmm It actually tastes quite tomatoey, spicy, and a little sweet. It's definitely an intense chili, but it's a sweet, spicy chew. And after enjoying the beautiful and smooth tapioca curry and the spicy peppery mutton curry with rice. and before finishing off at night with some Street crabs, we're going for one more crab on the beach in Colombo. This is it guys.

Giant Crab Claw

We're going for crab Right on the beach. Wow, Look at that. Oh so this is Jaffna style. Sure that can jot this down. Oh, look at the claws on there that is giant. Oh look at those Japanese style colorful Lobster, lime, coconut and oyster sauce. Oh it's just bulging with flesh. Squeeze some lime and go in for that. That looks beautiful. Jumbo Jumbo Cab. It's giant. Look at the size of that 1.5 kilo. So what sort of spices do you put in here? Sri Lankan spices? Oh turmeric curry leaves, roasted curry powder. All of that is gorgeous. Oh oh Hot Butter Cuttlefish. So it's like a fried cuttlefish with butter and sweet. Oh, we're gonna have to go in for this giant claw. Look at that Messy so I can just crack it open. Oh look at that. That's a crab popsicle. So we're just gonna take some bread and dip it into the Sri Lankan curry. Just get it saturated beautiful and get some of that coconut sambal and put it on the bread. Oh yeah, we're just gonna slide that popsicle right off. Look at that and put it on the bread and that's the local way. Use hands.

Oh oh oh. perfect combo. Oh oh that curry. That gravy is absolutely perfect. It's a little peppery. you can taste the curry leaves. Oh it's a little spicy, not too spicy. and wow that is good. That is really good. That's beautiful. Okay, that's the hot butter cuttlefish. Mmm mmm that is delicious. Spicy, crispy, buttery. mmm. Little sweet is really enjoyable. These go over some Lobster. We're gonna try this lobster. look at that black coconut style. Mmm oh she tastes a little bit like coconut. Regional Sri Lankan. Mmm. It stops really just here. Oh it tastes kind of like a coconut with some spicy curry story powder. Mmm Delicious. Oh look at that. Whoa. that is the ultimate claw.

And to finish off the crab tour we went for some sunset crabs and shrimp cakes at Gulf Face and Colombo. Awesome guys and we are in Gulf Face here.

Gulf Face

There's all these little stalls and we are gonna get a couple snacks. Couple local specialties and I think right here there's a little spot. Oh yeah good, how are you? Wow look at all these specialties. The Soi? that? oh so. We got the prawn cake, the Esso wada Wow. We're just putting it in the oil there. Ella carry and I carry Alec hurry that is awesome. Tasty. Oh I'm just gonna cover it. that's a spicy chutney. Yeah spicy shopping that's beautiful and then a little bit of audience.

Onion Salad: So we just got the prawn cutlet. so it's a lentil gram flour, coconut flake and prawn cutlet. Mmm oh oh that is all about the lentil gram flour patty combined with the shrimp. with your crunchy alter country, you can actually just eat through the skin. Look at these. Mmm yes please! So one here's the crab. Beautiful and you just covered it. Also, a little lime, a little chili, carrot and onion. thank you. Oh - perfect. Mmm oh yeah. Beautiful. Look at that. They just cover the top in a lentil patty so you've got that spicy lentil gram flour goodness with the crispness of the crab body. Oh it's good. Mmm very thank you. Really nice. That was just amazing Guys Sri Lanka is crab heaven! And make sure you check out our other video right down here where we visit the Ministry of Crap and have some insanely juicy and succulent crabs and prawns. Thanks so much for watching guys!

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