Street Food IFTAR in Karachi for RAMADAN

 Street Food IFTAR in Karachi for RAMADAN!!! EXTREME Chicken Chargha + IFTARI Street Food in Pakistan

All right, check it out guys! This Trevor James We just made our way into Karachi for Ramadan. The street energy here is off the hook and today we're going for a full-on Ramadan Street food adventure. Let's check it out. in this video we're bringing you in direct to Karachi for two nights just to show you how the locals eat during Ramadan and Pakistan. And for the first night we're picking up some insane street foods and breaking the fast with our friends churros and Elisa and a local restaurant. And for the second night which you're definitely gonna want to see, they're bringing us to a local spot where hundreds of people break the fast and bright under a bridge in Karachi. Let's eat and look what we just found here guys I said let me wake up coz they also have yeah you got chicken Chaga! Oh look at this guy's so we've got these little chicken putting into this rich oil here and you can actually smell the masala in that oil. and we've got all these chicken here covered in rich masala, tasty chicken chaga, chicken char. Go!

So we're gonna pick up a bunch of snacks today and then go break the fast with all the locals for Iftar, it's gonna be a lot of fun! Whoa! Bike can I have X Chicken char? Got these kick kick neck One one please. Yes please. Tick over. Oh and we're just gonna get one right here. Look at that. It goes right in the oil that is potent. Oh yeah, look at that right in the oil and the oil is read from all the masala that's been soaked into it and we're gonna bring that to break the fast with all the locals for iftar. Oh yeah, look at that whole chicken and it's just gonna go right over there and we're gonna cover it and even more.

Chaat Masala Chaat Masala Burns Road Chicken Targa [Music] This is great. It's good spicy oh and a little lemon. Mother died mother Thank you. Bye there we are guys. Thank you The chicken jaga. Thank you Pakistani Chicken Chukka! Okay guys we got one chicken Targa and we are on the busiest Street here in Karachi. looking for food. We're gonna pick up lots more. We're gonna cross the street see what else there is. This is absolutely magical here in Karachi and it is so good to be here for rums on. I've long dreamed of seeing what food there is and you can already see there's tons of unique stuff on the streets to keep going. Oh and we got more food here. Assalamualaikum! Oh yeah you got to keep it up. Oh sweet very sweet the heave it up and look at that guy's I said the he but uh or you can see the yogurt and the wheat puffs in there. This is a famous street food all across Pakistan but here for Ramadan you can see it's just brought to the next level.

Oh it's so thick and we're gonna get a bag of that to go and it's served with these little Krispies here. Oh thank you it's so thick. Can I get egg please? Ekta he but up honey. Okay okay we're gonna get one. Okay, no money really? Oh no I feel guilty. Thank you Bye Wow! I can't believe that guys. it's a he. But uh thank you Mike thank you very much. Well people are just amazing here and we're gonna keep going and get more food. Thank you Bye guys! Look at the streets all full of street food. So much action here. Everyone's picking up the snacks to go and we're gonna go see what else there is. This is unreal. This is like a street food dream. There's thousands of stalls here in Karachi. Oh-ho and look at this guy's we've got the fresh preparation Assalamu alaikum whoa yeah yeah. hey Oppa Kora vs Bakura. Oh so we got the Psp Oh Pakora which is the onion and then Palak Pakoras which is the spinach spinach pakora. This is unreal spicy. This is amazing guys and you can see we've just got a full row of fried goods here.

Samosa Samosa Aloo one time chicken chicken, chicken samosa and then spring roll. You can roll chicken roll okay bye can I get two samosa, two samosa and some SNMP as pakora? please or we're gonna get the P as Mccory and the chicken samosa through three. Three chicken samosa? Yes please thank you Bye just non-stop thank you. Oh and gulab them on on their cool app. Come on in the back. Famous Oh Angel A Bee! Oh we gotta go take a look in the back. Assalamualaikum Oh cool abdomen. Look at this guys. We've got this monster gulab jamun here on Burns wrote Hot Very hot. Oh yeah you can see it's still steaming. So these are the syrup soaked dough balls with saffron on real and we're making jalebi right over here. Let's go take a look so you can see here guys. We've got the jalebi being made right in the oil and those are gonna be soaked. you know, super sweet syrup. This is next. We'll have a whole amazing street food selection here. Let's get some cool up Jomon over there. My absolute favorite dessert of all time in the back.

No money, No money, No money No money. Wow. friendly, thank you bye. This is unreal. Oh c'mon Wow. Okay thank you hey money, no money Thank you Thank you Bye thank you so much. This is just amazing guys. We got our snacks, we're gonna go meet our buddies, your rose and the laser to break the fast. It's unreal. It's so good to be here and let's go see how the logos break the fast.

Okay, so this is a two-part fast breaking series. This is the first fast we're gonna break and in two more we're gonna do another one. Oh yeah, we've got the Tebow and this is that the He Barack The week mouse. Oh and the help thick bank yogurt is it's gonna overflow. Yeah that's amazing. Oh and this is that the crispy, the cracker yeah what do you call this? it's called poppy Poppy poppy. Yeah yeah. and we're just gonna top that with the local masala. Yeah it's a he but off wow that's full that you can see chili plate and there's the chicken which are Go! So this is the target. Yeah it's it's deep-fried old chicken all just marinated in the masala before we fry it and we can just cover it in that lime. Look at that deep fried. this is unreal. Look at that chicken there and can we dip it in there right that? Yeah, that's what you should do. what I used to do, yeah I'm just gonna take it here. Oh all with the masala and the line, it's really infused in the chicken. like definitely it's really good. Mmm. and next we can try the dunny but I just look right or just lean over that makes a sweet and savory. oh wow it's a sweet masala, hot yogurt.

And after trying each of the snacks especially the delicious and super plump syrup infused gulab jamuns we made our way back home and went out again the next evening for the ultimate local, fast breaking experience.

Right under a bridge? This is it guys. Whoa. Right across here, Sure roads you're saying this is where all the locals are going to break the fast Under on the bridge, right? Yeah with Brioni, Yeah, they're gonna be hundreds of people here. Wow, this is incredible right here. Yeah, so they're gonna do they have. They have lots of huge pots of biryani which they're gonna scoop out with probably like a big plastic plate on what you like cause big metal plate edges which will be shared by groups of three or four people. We have about 15 minutes to start. Perfect. so I think it's a good time. How are you? We're sorry. I'm gonna be here. Wow. and you've got a lot of Brioni around that chicken. For any chicken, I'm a Z and these are all the decks here. we're gonna go take a look inside. Yeah, okay. what is this? Oh, it's gonna start. Now our angle. Yeah, oh look at this case, it's tear action. Oh wow. and that looks like it's holding so many spikes in there. Oh oh yes. Wow. This is so cool and you can see their states as well scooping the dates and then all of the locals are just sitting down anticipating.

Yeah, that third is gonna get stormed in the next ten minutes or they're already down. One part. Yeah, and we're just going to scoop all of those out and get all the locals out there. Look at the color in that Brianna. If you can see if you look at the flower, look below as has chickpeas in it. Oh yes. and then you can actually see all the spices as well. the cumin and the fennel and the tomatoes. You can see all specs of tomatoes all in the flower. Look at that, look at the way he's taking it and it's all for charity. It's all for charity. So it's a family rich that's that's already in the catering business and they're just beautiful. And you can say all the locals here are just waiting to break the fast. Thank you bye Okay that's a bigger trend so we're just gonna follow. [Music] Okay okay there that Jordania Bullet. Oh okay thank you here we go. Thank you Okay thank you bye thank you. This is so amazing to see! Okay everybody here way to break the fast. Amazing look at that. Thank you. Wow! Now we just wait for the Azan for the dogs call to prayer and then we can eat that.

Very yummy Yes now yes. Awesome and that just looks so colorful. Look you can see the chicken, the chicken is the chili, the potato, the tomatoes. tomato. yeah looks amazing and this is just how it's Nagi. What do we would like? Another foot? You must be your own. for 500 ha ha. it's amazing and this is it. You can hear it from the mosque back there. so once this is over, no, we can start now. bring in start Now Yeah Yep. Oh yeah, everyone started. So what should we do? First, just start with ready. Let's go with the dates. Okay, [Music] Sweet like honey. and there it is. Look at that fuzz Matty rice, how fluffy it is. And I was just standing up because it's been steamed so perfectly and you can just see all those spices in there. And we're hungry. So let's just blow him. We're starving. Okay, let's go ahead. after 18 16 hours of no food here. Just dig in. Oh yeah, [Music] There it is. Let's try that out. Oh wow. Let's all fluffy. Well, that's actually that's really good. That isn't some of the fluffiest basmati rice I've ever tasted. It's really good. Would you say that? A better one? Better than normal? Definitely. It's lightly spiced, you can taste a bit of cumin, Maybe pick coriander seed? Yes. cool. And the best part is the puffiness.

And there's one more thing. I'm not sure what this is called in English. I may be a Bay Leaf is the daily yeah [Music] And looking out on the bus, they're throwing drinks for the people on the bus. They're throwing them that juice [Music] Amazing. Yeah, they're just throwing those drinks. so they're there. They must be going home and they must thirsty on the way. Yes, they're wiping them open. Their posture was amazing. Really good. That was truly an amazing experience.

Guys want to give a huge thank you to sure! Rose and Elisa for taking us around. You guys can also check out our merch in the description below and you guys can also get 49 percent off Expressvpn. For all food range reviewers, it's an awesome program I use a hundred percent of the time I'm on the Internet. It allows me to bypass content restrictions because you can connect to servers all over the world. So it's just like you're in that country. so you can unlock Netflix and different shows, different websites that normally wouldn't be accessible. Thanks so much for watching guys! Karachi Ramzan was amazing!

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