GOD LEVEL Street Food in Turkey - The ULTIMATE Istanbul Street Food ADVENTURE with Mr.Taster!!!

 GOD LEVEL Street Food in Turkey - The ULTIMATE Istanbul Street Food ADVENTURE with Mr.Taster!!!

[laughter] [music] All right, check it out guys, it's Trevor James. We are with Mr. Taster. We're in Istanbul, Turkey and today Mr. Taster is bringing us to all of his personal friends restaurants and the best food of Istanbul. Yeah, now we're going to go meeting the King of Paklava, Mr. Nader, and then we're going to go to see Alistar. This is it. Istanbul. Part two: We're bringing you in deep, full on for some of the best Turkish food in the city. and we're taking you for an exclusive look at the factory of the best baklava in Istanbul. So you're going to want to watch all the way until the end. So you don't miss any of this incredible Turkish food. Let's eat. Now we go for Jackie Bob Jacob which is horizontal. uh, almost like a donor. But it's not done. It's more delicious I think. Okay, let's go Here we go. People are just drinking tea, playing backgammon on the streets. Let's go see this horizontal donor and this is it. Yeah, it's Caesar. One of the oldest John kebabs in Turkey. Let's go check it out. Yeah, let's go.

hello hi hello, How are you from? Look at this. Wow. It's giant. Yeah, it is. Oh how's that? And it's cooked over the wood fire. Wow. And it's put into a sandwich bread. Yeah, that is beautiful. Just look at the size of that. [Laughter] Wow. The owner himself. Whoa. That's when you know it's good. So it's sliced up and you can see it's still pink and juicy. Oh [Laughter] Mmm it's amazing. That is the most delicious meat ever. It smells so well fantastic. You must try it. Yeah. Must-have in Istanbul? Yeah. And he's literally just puts this poker through and then slices underneath it to get that meat off. Demo? There it goes out to the customers. Boom! And he's also making a wrap for us. Look at that with onion and tomato and kebab meat. A little bit of salt season so well that is gonna be good. Oh and they go on the grill too. Look at that for me. Yeah okay. [Music] Oh that is amazing with tomato and onion. So it gets sliced here and you can see it's still pink and juicy and dripping.

put right down here and then thrown onto this barbecue here right on the coals. Boom. Wow, that's right up the barbecue and just flipping it over and served out to the locals. Look at that. I'm gonna serve with these wraps. Boom out to the hungry locals. Oh and here we go. Meat Heaven. Thank you Kabob Heaven! And then we've got an onion salad. yeah with salmon? Yeah. an eggplant? yeah with chili? Yeah. And we've got yogurt with sachi on top and then a nice tomato salad. Yeah. Salad. Yeah. so you just wrap it in your bread like this. It's a meat glove. Yeah, little onion, some salad. Oh wow and you can just wrap it up. Let's try it out. Yeah! [Music] It's so juicy, seasoned so well. It's definitely salty, but not too salty. No, it just brings out the flavor of the meat. It's fatty as well. That is honestly some of the best meat I've ever eaten. I expected turkey to have good meat. Yeah, but this good is another level. Yeah, it's so flavorful you can just eat it off the stick. Let's go. Oh wow. Very delicious. The best of the best. [laughter] Kabob King. Yeah, thank you thank you. That's the good stuff hanging out in the back alleys of this temple. It's amazing. Delicious food, friendly people. I've got a baby! Thank you very much Thank you thank you thank you bye-bye thank you!

And next up we're taking you to the Chig Coffee King of Istanbul. One of the most iconic characters that we've been planning on visiting since arriving to see his extreme way of creating the chick coffee. A must try Street food of Turkey.

Hey guys, my name is Trevor James. I'm the food ranger. Mr. Tasty is over there. Let's go and here we are. We're going for cheap day. Yeah, we're going for Chikufter. Used Istanbul. Let's go check it out. Yeah, let's go So Day literally translated as raw meatball. but here in Turkey it's made with Balgore, which is wheat flour. a type of oat flour. How are you? Thank you thank you. You're saying many customers came from Mr. Taster. Thank you Hello [Music] look at that served on top of the lettuce. Yeah, I love spicy. Okay, [Laughter] look at that lemon explosion. [Laughter] He really douses you with that lemon. and there it is. It really gets you. What's the lemon? [Laughter] So you can see it's that Belgue. Yeah, Belguer. I think it's Durham Wheat flour. Yeah. and it's very spicy. loads it up with spice, a little bit of coriander and that was in lemon. I told you. Oh wow. It tastes like a spicy oat. Like a spicy whole wheat with a freshness from coriander and a citrus from lemon. Wow! And you can see he's a total character. He really makes that with energy and he's invited us into the kitchen here. [Laughter] it's so good. I little wheat flour stuffed with spices. Oh and he squeezes chili on [Laughter] Okay here we go. Oh he's throwing. oh there we go Lettuce [Laughter] Thank you boss, Thank you. You are welcome, Thank you thank you. Let's go try it out. And there it is. He just made us a special wrap. Spicy! He's a character, a real character and you can see made with wheat and spices, lemon pomegranate sauce. and you saw they just scooped up that chili with his hand with insane speed and energy. Let's try it up!

[Music] Oh yeah, that is incredibly unique. It's like a spicy wheat with lemon, full of spice. It's burning your mouth but it tastes and feels good. Absolutely amazing and you can see the locals think so too. Heli Thank you Thank you bye-bye thank you bye-bye

And next up we're bringing you to the Factory of the Best Baklava in Istanbul at Kerokoi to meet with the baklava king himself. Mr. Nadir, You're not going to want to miss this. And next up Mr. Taster and I are going for the number one lava in Istanbul. We're going to. Yeah, we're going to Karakor Guluglu which is one of the most famous baklava in Istanbul. It's beautiful. Look at this. look at that. Istanbul is an amazing world-class city full of delicious food and it's just right up here. Yeah, yeah yeah, how are you? Okay, welcome back. How are you here? We go. We're going into the factory. okay we're going up you excited for your baklava? I think yes it's very good. Nice to meet you. Oh there we go. Thank you for doctors? Okay, Mr. Nader is taking us to the Baklava Factory. It's going to be really good to taste and see how it's all done. Welcome thank you thank you Welcome again. How are you okay

And here we are. We're going in, We're going in for [Laughter] Baklava. Wow, Look at this filo dough. We're rolling it out ultra thin and Mr. Nadir is just going to start the process right here. Show us how it's done. You have the power strength and that's just getting separated. That is one of the most incredible sights I've ever witnessed. This ultra thin filo pastry That Mr. Nadir just made for us. Wow. it is really dusty in here. You can breathe in this starch this dough in the air and we're gonna go see how the rest is made. Wow and there it is. Look how thin it is. [Applause] So we test it to see if it's thin enough by dropping a coin the King used to do that. The Party Shop. Oh really yeah. [Music] You can see through it. Thank you. It's here. Oh my God. Yeah! it's really nice [Applause] And the food. You can see through it. Wow and yells here is just showing us this pistachio section here. Yeah, Okay, so this is the filo dough. 20 layers. Oh and here's the pistachio. Early harvest, Yeah, earlier. Whoa. Look at that. Beautiful. It's a natural natural pistachio. [Laughter]

Oh and here's the ghee. Look at that. And right here is the triangular baklava. Yeah, triangular bike now in Turkish we called it stuffed with pistachio, pistachio, milk salad, cream we say kaimak in turkey and then these get folded over into triangles and you drink this with tea. Yeah, they get put right into the tray and then covered in syrup. Beautiful. and even more. baklava, more pistachio. The ghee. Oh yeah. just one layer in contrast and there it is that's a full tray. And these are the seashell. seashell covered in that milk butter. Perfect seashell baklava. And it's just one layer. Two layers, two layers. Oh, and it gets pinched into the little seashell shape. We're gonna have to get some of these. Yeah, yeah, that is amazing to see. He's the back of a champion. Yeah yeah. Nickname sugar sugar man. He is the king of baklava. Oh, and here's the slicing. So every piece has to be the same and it's covered in ghee. and then it's going to get covered in sugar. next. Wow. Wow. Thank you very much.

Oh, and here's the baklava car and these are going out to the oven. Next up, we're going upstairs to see how the baklava are baked and this is the baking station. Yeah. Awesome. Okay, and here we go. This is it. Oh, fresh out of the oven and here comes that syrup. [Music] Wow. and it's a factory line of baklava here. Look at this. It's just gonna absorb that butter and that sugar and that lemon mix. and there it is. right into the tray. Okay, and here we are. Mr. Knight here is showing us all the baklava. Wow. Take a little bit, take a little water. Yeah, that's your chakra. There's the chakra chakra. Use your chakra. Choose whatever you want. Okay, how many children do we have? Zero Zero [Music] Wow that is delicious. Oh [Music] [Laughter] Look at that. It's so fluffy covered in milk cream. No, no no, no no more. Okay, take it in. [Music] No thank you. I think this may be the happiest day of my life right now. I've been here third time for a third time and every time I come to see the process. it was amazing. And you're amazing too! It's so good your mouth just tingles with baklava sweetness. It's just incredible.

There's so many of these trays and we're going to keep exploring guys. And to finish off the day we're bringing you to try some of the juiciest meat in Istanbul and some incredible Turkish Ekki ekmek pizzas. Check this out all the fishermen! We've got the beautiful Bosphorus here and what a beautiful city and here we are. Thank you! We're going for cognali lampshank which is one of the best change in Istanbul Really? Yeah, he's really famous Chef here we are. How are you Trevor? Nice to meet you, thank you hello, how are you? How are you Hello? Thank you. Oh here all over here and we're going into the kitchen. Oh and here's the kitchen. Wow! and what's this? A stuffed pumpkin? It's lampshank in there. Lamb shank in a pumpkin? Yeah. Wow. It's openly bubbling. It's hardly bubbling. So we've got the shoulder, the neck, right? the leg grips, no bones, right? Wow. That is beautiful. So we just walked into the kitchen and found the most beautiful tubs of lamb shank bobbling. Look at this ready to eat. Oh and here we go. We're going to make a egg eggplant. so that's 70 lamb and 30 beef. It's got coriander, green bell pepper, tomato and onion and onion. Oh this is amazing to see the egg mix. Good pizza. Oh and it's topped with cheese too. Oh wow. Giant wood oven one after the other that is a deep Turkish stone flame oven. Look at that. Whoa.

Oh and this is the pide. yeah. Traditional home style Turkish eggmac. four packs. Boom. It smells so delicious. Green pepper. and there it is. Finish. Yeah, that's the good stuff. Oh and this is Village Cheese. It's delicious. We got so many varieties here. Wow and there it is. Beautiful! Oh and here's the pumpkin. Look at the pumpkin facial life special pumpkin. Thank you. Oh and there's the pumpkin. Oh look inside there. Oh wow. so it's pumpkin. Honey pumpkin. Yup. Wow. Look at the lamb in there. So it's that lamb that we saw upstairs cooking in the oil, but inside of a pumpkin. Oh my gosh, Thank you. It's fatty and nice. Yeah, fatty, bubbly and you can smell the sweetness from the pumpkin. [Laughter] Oh the bone just falls out. You don't even need your teeth for this. [Music] The bone just comes out [Laughter] Thank [Laughter] How's that [Laughter] It just fantastic in your mouth. Let's push your parts. How's that? Really smooth right? Oh [Music] [Laughter] that's crazy. That is the meat right out of the oil. Turkish meat. Thank you thank you from the mountain. Wow, look at that? The neck? Yeah wow wow and it's just pure meat. That's the Mr. Taster special. Thank [Applause] [Laughter] I told you he's the king King of lampshake. Yeah, yes and you can just put the meat into this. Ekke Ekmek [Laughter] Put a little lemon on it and add a pepper. [Music] Thank you very much Thank you thank you. Go ahead thank you. Nice to meet you Bye-bye Thank you!

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and turkey. Wow! it's been amazing! Thanks a lot for watching guys.


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