LEVEL 9999 Street Food in Iran - The ULTIMATE Iran Street Food Tour of Mashhad, Iran!f


LEVEL 9999 Street Food in Iran - The ULTIMATE Iran Street Food Tour of Mashhad, Iran!


All right, check it out guys! this is Trevor James. We are with Mr. Taster in Machad Iran and today we're going for a full on street adventure. We're gonna have shish kebab. We're gonna have the best lamb shank. We're gonna have four men. we're gonna have dizzy everything. Really, it's a full on Persian food adventure. Let's go check it out.

Get ready for the ultimate Persian street food adventure of Mashaad Iran because today Mr. Taster is bringing us in extremely deep for six incredible Iranian street foods that you're gonna love. So make sure to watch all the way until the end because you're gonna love the saffron ice cream factory, all of the rare kitchen access, and all of the meats.

Let's eat. We're going to have Gourmet for Sunny which is really famous in this area and we're going to have Easy as.


Oh, and it's right in here. Whoa. These are dizzy and this is supposed to be some of the best in the world. It is the best in the world. Look at the fan. Oh, look at the fat. We've got potato in there, We've got onions, we've got chickpeas, We've got beans. We've got everything. Oh, and here's the cookies. Wow. And I've heard that the lamb here is some of the best in the world. Yeah, it's all about we believe. Yeah, because of the sheep. Natural. Yeah. Best meat in the world. Oh mercy, let's try it out. I'm breathing it in. And here's the bread. We're going to be eating the meat with this bread. Look at that. Oh, look at the fat on that bone. Oh that's wonderful. Dizzy. and that's it there. The gourmet. That's the purest lamb fat you'll ever smell so juicy looking. And there they are. The gourmet and the dizzy. The famous Persian foods. This is famous, Upgraded. Yeah, right? Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Try it out. Oh, here it comes again. It's such an important part of the food. The onion, Onions. [Laughter] Oh my God. And then we've got these herbs. Yeah. Sweet basil? Yes. we got the lemon Pickled garlic. Yeah. But what about this here? Because of the pickles? Yeah. and this is the olive one. and he's gonna mash up the meat for us. Yes. Meat and bread. You have the best things in the world. Yeah, you did.

Oh, and the juice. The oil. Yeah, look at it. I love how he just drizzled it. Yeah, mercy. Wow. And there they are. [Music] You're going to have slice of bread and you can see the bacon little oil there. Yeah. juicy piece of laminate. Just take a little lamb and have some sweet basil in it and let's go for it. Go in for it. Oh yeah, that right There is all you need. The lamb fat and the bread. Adding a little piece of meat on there. it's so good. Onion is the real soul of the cuisine. here. You eat it with everything. exactly raw onion, meat, bread, onion, right? Yeah, Take it down. [Music] So we got the tomato, we got the fat. So you just mash it up, that fat just moves right into the tomatoes. and here it comes. Look at that. that's pure lamb fat. So the bread goes in and it soaks up fat. And the tomato and the tomato and the juice. [Music] Oh, that is so satisfying. It's like a lamb tomato stew. It's all about the fat though. It is so flavorful. Yeah, you can't stop eating.

And next up is the iconic Yeah, it's the best part of the meat and it's yours. Oh really yeah. and you can see the meat fibers just exactly [Laughter] [Music] And I'm in love with the flavor. how there's not that many spices. No. so you get the natural, pure, exact meat satisfaction. Oh, and it's stringy just like that right there. So we've got green chili dip yeah as well. Let's go. Wow. you can just dip it in. let's try it out. [Laughter] Next up, our trusty driver, Mr. Medi is bringing us to the most famous shrine in Mashaad.

Imam Reza Shrine

and here we are. We're just approaching the golden shrine of this beautiful city Imam and here we are just pulling up and after a quick walk through one of the most beautiful shrines you'll ever lay your eyes on the Imam Reza shrine covered in classic Persian style art, we made our way for the other five remaining Iranian foods and Mr. Taster is bringing us for more. And next up we are just driving out to a ice cream factory. Yeah, the name of the ice cream in Mashad is love to love.

Ice Cream Factory

Yeah, pull up is a really nice one. I'm sure you're going to be surprised. Here we are. Ice Cream Factory Ice Cream Factory. Yeah, Salad. And here we are. Yeah, we're going in. The Irani Ice Cream ice Cream. Oh, so what do we got here? It's Tolab, which is three colors: Yellow, White, and brown. And there's cream in it. Oh, and it's starting right here. We're going to make this ice cream from scratch. We're going to mix it with rose water. Yeah, and some saffron. Yeah. Oh, and there's the sugar. Oh wow, that's this is enough. Vanilla. Oh and vanilla powder. This is amazing. Oh and here it goes. Look at this. that milk is starting to slowly get cracked. Hold up into the pump and it's going to turn into ice cream Over here. And Hamid, Mr. Taster and Ali Persia tour guide and I. We're just watching this all unfold before our eyes. They're making the ice cream for us for us, especially for you. and this is where it all happens. You can see this giant factory here. We've got our friends and our crew with us. All of these are full of Persian ice cream.

Wow and there it is. We're just adding in that cold milk and the solid cream. Look at this. He's making a wall out of this. ice cream. Super cool ice cream mountain. Yeah, so you can see this is where it starts. This cold milk is coming out and then over here. we add cream to make it even thicker and rub it against the wall here and it's going to make a triple layer ice cream sandwich. That's the magical saffron going right in the bucket. Look at this. [Music] Wow, that is gorgeous. There it is. We're making that second layer now. The saffron wall isn't that beautiful. It tastes beautiful. That's saffron rose water. I didn't think it would be made like this by hand. Yeah, in a freezer. Even the Mr. Taster. You don't know you're making it like that this way. Yeah, yeah. Oh, it's like a sculpture. Clearest ice cream of Trevor. Yeah, look at that amazing food ranger in Masada and the next layer is the chocolate. Yeah, it is. Yeah and he's going to add that on. Let's go try it out because we got a lot of you are late.

Yeah, Okay, let's go let's go try it out. Look at the layers. We got the chocolate, saffron and vanilla all infused with rose water. Exactly Yeah, I'm hard of hearing framing the and cream. The machadi ice cream ice cream from that and he's gonna chop it into little bricks exactly and make a sandwich Exactly oh so satisfying. Pistachio, saffron, chocolate, vanilla ice cream sandwich. you can try? Yeah, you can. it's for you Wow. We just got our ice cream sandwich and he's pulling out another layer that's a brick of ice cream. So we've got the pistachio and then we've got the plain chocolate here. Yeah, Oh, and we got the cream. We got two. Let's try the pistachio. Okay, the saffron flavor. It's quite strong. Wow. Try this one. Yeah. Cream one, Yeah. The caramel. Oh so. which one you like more? I love that pistachio and the saffron flavor is a lot stronger than I thought it would be. So because this is such a strong saffron flavor, Is this the expensive ice cream? Is this? or is this? This is not. It's not. No. So this right here is only 1.5 exactly for all of that saffron-infused ice cream. I would export this. Yeah. Bring it. I would bring it on the airplane if it didn't melt.

That was delicious and we're gonna keep going Vermont. Thank you very much. That was delicious. Thank you bye-bye thank you. It's super cool and we're exploring the streets of Mashad and right up here.

Fruit Beans

We've got fruit beans there and also sugar. Look at that. [Music] Wow. Sugar Beets. Yep. Beans. And how are these cooked? These broad beans in a vinegar? No boiling water. Oh wow. And he served it. Pepper. Pepper and Gold and gold. Yeah, that's the Persian Hog weed, right? It is. Yeah. Persian Heartbeat. Wow. And you can have vinegar on top. Yeah, Oh yeah, you're going to be good. Let's take a camera. Oh, vinegar on top. Mercy looks good. How's that? Right on the streets of Machad. And let's get a container of this too. Are these just boiled plain in their own juices? Nothing. Just yeah. Just plain juices. Yeah. Oh, the sugar beet looks delicious. Oh, there we go. So we got the sugar beets. Mercy [Laughter] Oh man, they're steaming beautiful [Laughter] Super sweet beets. That's why they're called sugar beets. Yeah, Sugar food. Merci Chef Maharaja Mama Nam get Chef Australia [Laughter] Bye.

And next up, we're going for lamb shank. Yeah, we're going to see the King of Shish Kabob. The king of shish kebab and king of lamb shank. Number one. She's kebab. Yeah, in the world in the board. Yeah, Seriously. there it is. We're going in, we are in Shandi's and we're going to go to Shayon Shandi's which is one of the most famous shish kebabs in the world.

Shish Kebab

And also the lampshank. Salaam. [Music] Look at our face and we're going into the kitchen. [Laughter] These tomatoes are going to go right on the grill here. Oh, and here's the meat. That's the lamb shank. Yeah. Fish, Yeah. Oh, and they're going right on the grill. Yeah, Oh, this is so beautiful. What I love about Iran is not only the meat, but the tomatoes. Yeah too. So this is the shish kebab. Juicy. and you can see they've actually sort of punctured it a bit so it's got some softness to it. Yeah, it's a bit aerated so we've got chicken, we've got fillet, and we've got shish kebab. And look at that. it's pink. It's mine. And how are we going to eat this with Persian rice? with Persian rice or either with hand without it? But normally it's go with rice. Saffron rice. Um. local water, local butter. Oh butter. a special one. No butter? Yes. Oh, can we can't find it anywhere else? And this is Mr. Extra Food: Yeah, We got the lime, tomato and meat, some vegetables and veg. Oh and this is the saffron butter saffron and here it is. This is just the beginning of the meet. We're gonna go see more meat down here.

Merci Merci Oh it's a big chopping board. Oh wow, look at that. Beautiful. Every 100 kilo meats will give you 40 kilos. Shish Kebab: Oh wow. He hasn't done it for ages, but he's doing it for you. He's showing us. Yeah, he's removing the fat and really just getting the best out there they are. I know that's the shish kebab. Yeah, look at that. That's only the best piece right there. Merci Merci and those are gonna be messy. This is how they're made. Yeah, and I'll show you the secrets. That's the secret right here. Yeah, that's what gets it. tender. Yeah, Oh wow. And this is the lamb shank. full of that and you can really smell that onion. Yeah, Oh, and there's the onion. That's the [Laughter] saffron rice. Yeah, Oh wow. Oh, and that's the real man. Look at that. yeah. the crunchy bottom layer. Yeah, oh. it's like a rice cake. Oh, and then this, here. That's a barberry. Yeah. Barberry. Mix the rice with butter. So mix the rice with the butter. Yes, please. Okay, barberry butter. and we're just going to get it all melted. And that's what it's all about.

right there. The tadique. Yes. saffron rice, yogurt, and egg all on the bottom of the pot. The crispy goodness. First, one, second one. Oh. so we got our kebabs. Yeah. And then take the kebab. Oh, and go right in. Oh My. God. and have some rice. [Music] That is insane. Wow. I love how it's clean, but it's still so juicy. Stir the fat. only. try the fat only. Yeah, you're just on the edge. It's really juicy. Tourist juice is lambie. [Laughter] Sour Mac? Yeah. and then sour orange. Just put the tomato and mix it together with rice and that's it. That's the meal of champions. Welcome to Land of Meat. This is. Yeah, it's as good as it gets. Yeah, and now's the time for the one and only Lamb Jank. Look at that. That's caveman style. It's just a bone. Yeah, look at the fat here and this is the dough for you. The Duke? Yeah. The Iranian yogurt. Yeah, it's good. Look at that, you don't even need teeth for that. Luna put it on the top Something. That's the magic right? [music] The meat just keeps getting softer and softer the more we travel in.

near end. it's so perfect. That was an awesome meal. And to finish up the night when we were walking down the street we stumbled on one of the nicest desserts you can try in Iran.


So let's see. Sohan Sohan is mainly from Kom which is one hour from Tehran. Oh it's all for dessert. Yeah it is. Yeah, look at this and we're gonna go in to see how it's made. Local Dessert it is. yeah and what's it Made up? Made of flour? cardamom? We've got butter, pistachio sometimes and saffron, saffron. oh that's what you smell. Yeah, saffron. It's really good. Wow. So we were just walking down the street and we saw this joint and we thought we have to try this. I think you're lucky. Really? Yeah, I really need to see this. I was thinking we should travel to home only to see that. but but it's around here so this is gonna be made into a dough. yeah and filled with cream. Exactly. Let's watch how it's made. So he's taking this suite here. Yeah this is from Isfahan. we call it gas gas. Yeah it's really famous sweet in Isfahan and what they do and they take the gas and then around it is going to be covered by Sohan which is that which is really really famous to eat from home which is the city next to Tehran.

Beautiful. You can have it with tea. Christian Chai version. Look at that beautiful that smells so delicious you just take one down. We call it gas. It's got egg in it, it's got uh, flour in it and sugar and sugar. and it's really feminine and they put in this one. they put pistachio in there as well. [Music] Sweet, creamy, saffrony. I should have it with Persian tea that is so delicious. You can taste the cardamom and the saffron and of course lots of butter. I love how they just make it in the back. Yeah merci merci merci.

Wow! Gotta give a big thanks to Mr. Taster and of course Ali Persia tour guide from Peach Caravo land you guys can check out Come To Persia.com If you're thinking of coming to Iran they've put together this amazing itinerary for us. It's been a life-changing experience. Gotta give a big thanks. Thank you thank you so much! Thanks a lot guys. Leave us a comment down below.

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