Most EXTREME Seafood Tour of Bangkok, Thailand (INSANE) , 18 Hours of Eating Thai Street Seafood!!!

 Most EXTREME Seafood Tour of Bangkok, Thailand (INSANE) , 18 Hours of Eating Thai Street Seafood!!!


Get ready for the most insane Seafood tour of Bangkok Thailand because in this video we're bringing you in full on for the most extreme crab row restaurants. A giant seafood dishes that you're gonna fall in love with. Get ready to get hungry. Let's eat all right. Check it out guys!

Raw Flower Crab

It's Trevor James Just got into Bangkok Chinatown. Look at this street food everywhere and uh we're going full on today. First up, look at this raw flower crab right on the street. Saturday Cup! Oh wow look at these raw flower crabs with all the roll in there. Amazing! Okay so we're starting up bright and early. Guys, look at this. So many varieties of crab and they're making the sauce here. This is the sweet spicy fish sauce loaded up. Look at this. You can get raw shrimp all the different roll from crab and they're gonna load it with this so you can actually see a few different varieties of crab here. The most juicy looking ones are these ones with all of the different guts and roll and you slurp that out and they're gonna pour this raw Spicy Sweet fish sauce over it. Oh and here we go. This is the sauce so this helps ferment the row and actually cook through the meat so it's gonna make it a little bit more safe. Yeah, Mix. Here we go. She's getting the surgical gloves on. you know it's gonna be good. Whoa. Whoa. Spicy seafood sauce and I think that's a chili sugar fish sauce lime combo to go with it. so let's see how it's done.

Oh here it is. Look at the Juicy Road Luxury. Okay, so we're getting half kilo of each. Look at that raw crab in Bangkok Flower Crab. Oh she's giving some of the head. That's too. Okay, this is the moment. Look, the leg piece is coming. So there's actual guts popping out of this too. I'm a bit nervous to be honest because I've The row is actually a delicacy. Really. Umami. Real flavor, but I've always had it cooked. never raw. Oh, Chop Station To the Chop station. Oh look at the juicy row. Oh look at that. We're gonna be eating that raw, that bursting row. That's pretty intense. I gotta say. All right, Mac, right Mama Mama! Okay, Pumpkin Cup, Captain Cup. let's go look at that. That's intense. Full-on crab bro and guts. Here we go. Fully covered well and garlic. There it is. Okay. And there's a vegetable station here too. Oh, it's like papaya, bitter gourd, coriander. Okay, this is the station. The eating station here. it is. Oh my goodness. Look at the row. just bursting. She's covered it in that spicy sweet fish sauce. And then we've got this extreme chili dip here. Okay, and here it is. gonna try it out. Look at that. let's dip it in. Oh my there it is. Get the coated chili. let's try it out. Um. [Music] Look at that. You just slurp that roll. that delicious rollout. It's Subaru mommy. Those are actually the eggs in there, I believe so they have a real rich and smooth creaminess to them and then you dip it in this chili sauce. Mmm. I did not expect it to be that delicious.

All right man, that's seriously delicious. I wasn't expecting that, I was nervous. but now I'm converted. Cupcake Pet uh pet. a little bit pet nign. Little spicy, but actually quite spicy. Yeah Oh look, you want us to try the head and this is the mud crab head. butter. That's a delicacy there and she's just telling us, just load up some chili. Oh wow, take it down. It really is all about the flavor. Sweet spicy fish sauce mixed with that extreme chili Seafood cup. How do I Mac? See you again, See you again Thank you! We got our street crabs to go now! bye-bye thank you! Amazing! And next up on the seafood tour.

Deep Fried Crab

We're going in deep to a Famous Seafood restaurant serving lots of different crab raw dishes and stink bean dishes that you're gonna fall in love with. This is pure flavor. Okay here we are guys. Look at this crab Heaven. We're coming in too. Here we are guys. We're going in Seafood all day and we just got invited into the kitchen to see how it's made. Look at this big bucket of mud crab. Wow! Oh time to see The Chopping. It's all about the prep. See how? Oh here we go. Oh look at the inside. That's all the roll. Look at the belly there bulging. Okay, so he's scrubbing it. He's gonna make like a little platter here. Full of rope. Here it is. Guys, that's all pure rope. Oh beautiful. Look at that double crown. That's the King's Row right there. Okay, and here's the reduced milk here. Wow, Look at that. It's beautiful. Oh my goodness. Look at this. Here's the steamer. It's gonna go right in the steamer. Luxury. He's wearing more of that reduced milk on WOW wow And then putting it on cup.

Next up guys, take a look at this. This kitchen is fully packed. Pie dishes, the Aromas, the the spices is just hitting the nostrils. Here we go. We're gonna get Seafood Fried rice. Look at all the eggs going in. Wow. Rice goes in. Okay here we go. A little fish sauce, soy sauce, little Msg sugar. Oh yeah, it's gonna be good. Aromatic? Okay. let's see what happens next. Oh, look at that perfect compression. Okay, that's just the beginning. Now it's time for the seafood. Duck egg, chicken, egg prawn, and crab leg. Oh that's the ultimate Seafood fried rice. Here we go. Okay, and here it is. Guys: The reveal. Oh there's the fried rice. Oh it's beautiful. Look at the way it's covered. Cup good and Cup looks so amazing. Look at that. Okay now I've been waiting for about 15 minutes. This is the final reveal Cupcake Cup. Oh they're ready. Oh true Delicacies. Those are like the sea Treasures. The sea gems. Okay, we gotta try one of those out. Look at that beauty. Those are the Treasures of the sea for sure. Okay, here's the plating. Look at that. So we've got the body pieces and then we've got the king treasure gems up there. Oh and look. he's gonna cover it with that reduced milk leftovers there. Oh there it is. Look. We got the six body pieces and three headpieces. Three mud crabs in total. There it is.

Guys, Look at that. Wow. Okay, we're gonna watch the making of the Ultimate Fried Spicy Crab Claws. Look at this. 150 grams of crab claw. Oh, look at that little chili oil. garlic, more fresh chili. Wow. Pets. Look at that. Oh, and then look at the giant scoop of chili she put in there. some coffee, lime, a little fish sauce, little soy sauce. Wow. A little sugar there. Oh, chili paste here. Beauty. Look at the color there. Look at the spices just coming out in that chili oil. Okay, here comes the Crab Claw. Wow. Okay, here comes the first plating. Look at that looks good.

Pumpkin Cup: Okay, we're gonna watch the making of the Ultimate Patai Stink Bean Fried Seafood. Now let's see how it goes. Okay, look at those chilies. Oh spicy yellow chilies? okay garlic, more fresh chili, coffee, lime. And here's the stink bean. Look at the stink Bean. That's pure sulfurous delight. Okay. A little fish sauce, little soy sauce, a little oyster, dark soy, a little sugar combo. Wow. Look at those stink beans. Oh and then here's the giant mud crab. Wow. Listen to the sizzle there. Here's the plating guys. Stink Bean Mud Crab. Wow. Wow. Oh it's pure beauty. Look at all the chili. she's loaded in fresh chili, yellow chili, tons of garlic. Okay cupcake. And then here's the steamed ones as well. Wow, look at that. Wow. it's really sulfurous and aromatic and spice pack. You can tell that's gonna be delicious. Let's go try these out.

Shopkin Cup Captain Cup. Wow! Look at this guys. Everything looks so beautiful. but I'm really most excited to try actually this. Look at that Seafood fried rice. Beautiful! And we got this fish sauce chili here. We've got this lime and cucumber that looks seriously delicious. They load it up with crab flesh and then this is the dish that we came for. Look at that. That's their signature, the mud crab row. And then we also watched the making of two spectacular dishes here. Oh, the stink Bean Is Right on top of the crab row. with the reduced milk. you can see and smell the kaffir lime. There's the roll in there that's going to be extremely potent. and then this here is her signature Spicy Crab legs and you could actually see she started off in the wok with a chili oil so that the chilies that she's throwing in are actually infused into the chili oil. You know that's going to be spicy.

But first up, but we gotta try. This is what we came here for. Wow, that's just pure mud crab eggs. Let's just take it down. This is what we came for. Mmm whoa. That's a full-on flavor. It has a definite creaminess to it. It's like upgraded scrambled eggs. It's got a slight smooth seafood crab flavor in there deliciousness with that reduced milk, so it's super creamy.

Next up guys, let's take this: Seafood Fried Rice. Giant Crab legs. Look at that. look at that. We saw her skill as she was frying this. She's a master and squeeze some lime on there and then just pour a little fish sauce, make it spicy. Just an egg. Get some shrimp, get some crab leg, get some rice, take it down. Hmm. that is seriously some of the best fried rice you'll ever eat right there. Those crab legs. they're just so burst in your mouth, flavorful. And then The Omelette over top just brings a whole new dimension to it with this fish sauce. Chili salty, spicy.

Next up, look at this. Let's go right in for the stink Bean crab. bro. let's try that up. Oh it's so delicious. sweet spicy. It's got that extreme stink Bean Aroma. And then the crab Row in there. Of course our creamy. That's one of the best stink beans I think I've ever eaten.

And now for the final. This is her signature. She wanted us to try this one because the crab legs are so plump and juicy, loaded with chili and Cafe lime. We watch her fry it in the chili oil. Let's take it down. Wow, that's amazing. Aromatic Packers lime flavor, slightly sweet, definitely spicy and juicy. Massive crab legs. Thank you! Amazing food. All right Mac, Thank you.

Next up we're going for more Seafood. On the seafood tour Chinatown back to Chinatown. Sauerk up. Yeah, we're not. Let's go Okay and here we are with my good buddy John.

Giant Lobster

We are going for Tnk Seafood. Number one spot in y'all are at for awesome giant lobsters. We're gonna get a delicious crab Curry and it's gonna be good. It's so good this face. Yeah number one place in Bangkok. Let's go.

Okay and here we are. So we got Lobster stir-fried crab with yellow curry. I think we should get that too, right? Yeah. and then look at this guys. The steamed Sea bash is spicy garlic and lemon soup. Let's order and eat. Let's do it.

Okay, so here we are. We're just witnessing some pure magic here. Look at what they've just put on the grill here. Sweet juicy Mass lobsters. and here's another one right on the grill. So they boil it quick first and then put it over the coals. Just look at that Grill. We got Lobster. Then We got giant prawn. Wow. Look at these lobster. Look at these Lobster. He's loading it with butter. Oh oh yes, those are giant. Here's the plating. Look at that giant Lobster. Wow. We got the grilling lobsters and then I think we got the curry being made over here. Let's go take a look. Saudi Cup Saturday Cup Wow. Take a look at this. This is the yellow curry that you get with the crab, some greens, mushrooms, and I think she's gonna put the crab in next. Oh here's the egg. Here's the crab. Look at that. Look at that beauty. There's egg. There's yellow curry. All right. Mac Shopkin Cup looks seriously delicious. Cup: look at that. Oh and there it is. All right Here we are just the lime, garlic chili sea bass. Oh look at the meat. Look at the meat. Okay, let's take it down. careful of the bones of the lime sauce. Oh the lime sauce apparently is really good here. Wow. Nice chunk. Let's try this out.

[music] come out. I think the lime and Korean the combo just bring it to life. Wow. this looks amazing doesn't it? Holy. This looks like you could just put that on Rice would be amazing right? That's the beauty here. Take that one. Look at that. Look at that. Look at that. look at the meat in there. That's the body piece. Wow. let's try it out. Amazing meal and we're still waiting for the giant Lobster. First, let's try this. Yellow Curry Crab. [Music] Wow. yeah. slightly sweet. Look at that. You can just drink that. slightly sweet, slightly spicy aromatic goes really well with the crab meat. Sweet crab flesh. I think you can just drink that. There's a lot upstairs. Okay, Wow. look at that. That's what we came for. It looks so meaty and muscular. Okay, here we go. look at this. Let's go in. Oh, dig in. Like a caveman Style. Just get in there. let's try and get the whole chunked out. Oh look at that. Oh, it's still right off the coals. Look at that lobster tail. I feel like we should dip it in here. Dip it in the yellow curry. Everything should be ready. Cheers!

Oh My. God. It's so tender. Whoa. It's So Perfect. It's not chewy like other Lobster. It's so tender. Wow. it smells so good. And then just pour that yellow curry on it. That's the next level. Seriously delicious. That's the most tender Lobster you'll ever eat. So flavorful! Shout out [Music] All the flavors, so much variety it's hard to have a bad meal. Yeah and what an amazing night in China! Amazing Man John has picked up some dirty and look at that. We're in Chinatown. you can see super packed in the background and we got Ty Durian. Let's take some down look at that. Oh man what an awesome evening in Chinatown. [Music] Oh my what an amazing day! Thanks a lot for watching guys! Thanks for coming to hang out John! Make sure you guys leave a comment down below. Click the Subscribe button and I hope you enjoyed the video. Lots of good food in this video.

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